What terminal is Jetblue at MCO

JetBlue Airways is the only U.S based airline that is managing all its operations from Terminal C at Orlando International Airport. Jetblue Airways is one of the major airlines in the industry which offers applaudable services to its passengers. So, for passengers wondering what terminal is Jetblue at MCO, this is your guide to know that Jetblue uses Terminal C at MCO. 

All arriving and departing flights of Jetblue Airways take place from MCO Terminal C. Additionally, the terminal also helps some other major airlines to operate their arrivals and departures at Orlando International Airport. Let’s dig deeper into the details of Terminal C.

What terminal is Jetblue at MCO?

Terminal C at Orlando International Airport is one of the three terminals at the destination. It is part of the South Terminal Complex. The airport’s expansion is due to increased passenger traffic to that destination: the new terminal at the airport has 15 more gates.

Terminal C, which is adjacent to the MCO rail, is part of the South Terminal Complex. Parking C is a new exclusive parking facility for Terminal C. Aer Lingus, Azul, British Airways, Caribbean, Emirates, Gold, Icelandair, JetBlue, Lufthansa, and Norse are some of the airlines that operate from MCO Terminal C. The levels and services of the terminals are as follows: 

JetBlue MCO Terminal Levels

Levels at Terminal C MCO

Every airport contains some levels on each terminal. Similarly, there are four levels at Terminal C, Orlando International Airport. 

  • Level 1: Level 1 allows the passengers to access transportation services. 
  • Level 2: Level 2 is the departure area which consists of check-in counters, and gives access to concourses. 
  • Level 4: Level 4 allows passengers to access exclusive parking at Parking C which also links to terminal A and terminal B. 
  • Level 6: Level 6 is the arrivals area for the passengers which allows the passengers to access baggage claim and custom services as well. 

MCO Airport Information

Airport Name Orlando International Airport (MCO)
Airport CodeMCO
Airport Address1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, USA
Website www.orlandoairports.net
Twitter https://twitter.com/MCO

Facilities at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Terminal C at Orlando International Airport (MCO) is one of the busiest terminals in the airport, serving primarily JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines. Here are some of the amenities and facilities available at Terminal C:

  • Check-in Counters: There are several check-in counters on Terminal C’s ground level. Passengers can check-in for their flight, drop off luggage, and obtain boarding passes at the check-in counter of their airline.
  • Security Checkpoint: Terminal C’s security checkpoint is located on the ground level, next to the check-in counters. The checkpoint has several lanes and is manned by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers.
  • Food and Beverages: Fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and sit-down restaurants are available at Terminal C. Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chick-fil-A, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and other restaurants are among the options.
  • Shopping: There are several shops in Terminal C that sell a variety of goods such as books, electronics, souvenirs, and snacks. Hudson News, Universal Studios Store, and Magic of Disney are among the stores.
  • Lounges: There is no dedicated lounge for JetBlue Airways or Southwest Airlines passengers at MCO’s Terminal C. There is, however, a shared airport lounge called “The Club MCO” located near Gate 91 that can be accessed for a fee or through certain membership programmes.
  • Charging stations and Wi-Fi: Throughout Terminal C, passengers can use charging stations and free Wi-Fi.
  • Restrooms: Several restrooms, including family restrooms and accessible restrooms, are located throughout Terminal C.
  • Information Desk: Throughout Terminal C, there are information desks where passengers can get assistance with directions, flight information, and other general inquiries.

Overall, Terminal C at MCO provides a variety of facilities and amenities to make passengers’ travel experiences more comfortable and convenient.

Overview of Jetblue Terminal MCO

Transfer Between Terminals At MCO

Yes, you can transfer between terminals at Orlando International Airport. At MCO, there are several options for transferring between terminals:

  • Automated People Mover (APM): MCO has an APM train system that connects the main terminal building (which includes both Terminal A and Terminal B) with Airside 1, Airside 2, and Airside 3. The APM train runs continuously and is free to use.
  • Walk: You can walk between the terminals if you have enough time and prefer to do so. It takes about ten minutes to walk from Terminal A to Terminal B.

Bottom Line

JetBlue Airways primarily operates out of Terminal C at Orlando International Airport (MCO), which provides a variety of facilities and amenities such as check-in counters, dining options, shops, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi. JetBlue is the only US based airline which is operating from Terminal C at Orlando International Airport (MCO). Transferring between terminals at MCO is possible via the Automated People Mover (APM) or walking. JetBlue’s assigned terminal is subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances. It’s always a good idea to contact Jetblue in order to obtain information about your arriving and departing flights. This page will help you understand and find what Terminal is JetBlue at MCO, its services, amenities and other related information. Read the complete details before planning your next trip with Jetblue Airways for hassle free experience.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which Terminal is Jetblue at MCO for domestic?

JetBlue Airways operates from Terminal C at Orlando International Airport (MCO) and is the only US airline operating from Terminal C. 

Is Jetblue terminal A or B at MCO?

JetBlue Airways is neither Terminal A or B at MCO. JetBlue Airways manages all its operations from Terminal C at MCO. 

Is JetBlue moving to Terminal C at MCO?

JetBlue has completely shifted to Terminal C at Orlando Airport (MCO).
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