Is Latam Airlines Safe

Yes, LATAM Airlines is completely safe to fly. Its recent two accidents in 2022 raised concerns among the passengers. However, there is not much to worry about as both incidents did not involve fatalities. Even one did not involve severe injuries.

External factors like storms in the LATAM Airlines case lead to aircraft damage and an emergency landing. Another accident that occurred with the airline was when the plane hit a firetruck. Investigations are still going on and reasons ranging from miscommunication to pilot’s fault are being speculated. 

Nonetheless, LATAM Airlines is a safe airline. It has been rated at the top in Latin America in terms of Safety and Hygiene. Carefully read the next few points to find out Is LATAM Airlines safe.

Latam Airlines Contact Details

AddressSantiago, Chile.
IATA codeLA 

Detailed Analysis On LATAM Airlines Accidents And Safety Record 

LATAM Airlines has a good safety record but is going through a financial crisis. Yet, the operations are not affected by it. It is still one of the largest airlines in Chile and has the best safety standards in Latin America. 

Even LATAM Airlines excels in safety and service quality, both. Wider and comfortable seats with more leg room, any access to priority check-in and boarding is given to both its classes. Additionally, priority Baggage and other services are also given to the Business class passengers. So, concluding, it has improved cabin seats with Premium Economy and Business class.

It is also certified by independent International organizations for its safety. Description about the Diamond title, it received and the IATA membership is given the next few points. As an individual who is planning to fly with the airline, accident news causes a dilemma and makes us rethink if it is safe to fly with the airline. So, here are a few indicators that are well discussed in order to predict if LATAM Airlines is safe for you and your family. 

LATAM Airlines Safety Standards and International Recognition

LATAM Airlines is an International Air Transportation Association that analyzes airline performance from the very beginning of manufacturing, and assembling till the end of departure and landing where the staff and crew skills are judged in order to rank the airlines as safe or not. Fortunately, LATAM clears the test with high scores and is an IATA member. Importantly, this 2-year valid audit allows passengers to trust the airline until the new results are declared. 

The accident record of LATAM Airlines is fairly moderate in numbers but has low fatalities. The recent accident occurred while flying an Airbus aircraft. It is a trusted company in terms of safety and convenience.  So, it is not fully right to judge an airline’s safety based on the accident, fleet, or any. It should be a bunch of external, internal, or both factors that lead to mysteries. In the LATAM Airlines case, the accidents were not due to ignorance and were handled really well ensuring no fatalities.

Diamond Rated LATAM Airlines 

APEX or Airlines Passengers Experience Association awards LATAM Airlines with the highest title known as “Diamond” for its excellence in Safety and Hygiene. It has the highest safety standards in Latin America and is the only airline to receive this recognition.

To qualify for the Diamond title, the airline must clear the APEX audit. It includes a set of questions and a careful analysis of its operations beginning from On ground services to a safe landing. Not only this, the airline has performed really well during the COVID pandemic. 

LATAM Airlines COVID-19 Precautions and Performance 

LATAM Airlines COVID-19 Precautions and Performance 

These days another important criterion to judge Is LATAM Airlines safe or not is by evaluating its Performance and customer feedback who flew during COVID. The APEX award mentioned above has also given recognition for LATAM high safety standards during the pandemic.

Hygiene was completely ensured with masks, proper sanitization, and other timely actions suggested by international health organizations and local authorities. Additionally, LATAM’s aircrafts are installed with HEPA filter which clear and renews the air every 3 minutes ensuring the contaminated virus air doesn’t stay in the flight affecting more people. 

Not just in the accidental record but in terms of hygiene, LATAM Airlines is concluded as a safe airline.   

LATAM Airlines Fleet and Crew Performance

LATAM Airlines Fleet and Crew Performance

LATAM Airlines fleet includes Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. In total, there are 307 planes with an average age of 11.8 years. These are surely not the youngest but still are not old and can be termed as safe. Given that the airline’s maintenance and repairs are taken seriously. The life of aircraft increases with proper care. 

Qualifying the international set guidelines signifies that its fleet is safe to fly. The second factor that makes sure that the fleet is safe is its cabin crew and pilots. The LATAM staff is well equipped and trained to handle common to unpredictable risks smartly ensuring the least damage possible. The customers have shared their experiences of a smooth and safe landing. 


Overall, LATAM Airlines is safe. Like any other airline, it has also witnessed major to minor accidents. However, the fatalities count is zero in most recent cases with passenger injuries. At times, there are certain reasons why such incidents occur which are sad to hear but can be improved. LATAM Airlines is not a repeat offender and customers review it as safe for flying. APEX and IATA like International organizations have also awarded it with certification and titles for maintaining good safety standards. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are LATAM Airlines’ ratings?

LATAM Airlines is a 3-star rated airline according to online reviews and has received a Diamond title for its Safety and Hygiene. 

Is LATAM Airlines safe to fly? 

Yes, LATAM Airlines is a safe airline to fly with a good safety record. 

What is the safest airline in Latin America?  

LATAM Airlines is the safest airline in Latin America awarded by APEX.
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