Does Lufthansa have a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa Airlines does not apply fine and offers full refunds on 24-hour cancellations since booking. An additional condition is that the ticket must have 7 days or more of departure time. Both conditions must be true to receive a full refund from Lufthansa Airlines.

There are other conditions under which you get free cancellations with zero penalty charged. If you cancel a Lufthansa ticket after 24 hours without a genuine reason, then a sum as fine will be deducted from the refundable money. Moreover, only flexible or refundable tickets will be applicable for refund after 24 hours. Read the details to find an answer can you cancel the Lufthansa flight within 24 hours? 

Can You Cancel Lufthansa Flight Within 24 Hours?

Can You Cancel Lufthansa Flight Within 24 Hours?

All ticket types can be canceled under Lufthansa 24 hour cancellation policy. Call, mail, or visit the online website or the offline office of Lufthansa Airlines to cancel the ticket. If two conditions on your ticket, then you can cancel your non-refundable ticket for a full refund. See the terms and conditions for the 24-hour cancellation policy. 

  • Firstly, the Lufthansa ticket should be canceled within 24 hours of booking.
  • Secondly, the departure time of the scheduled flight should be equal to or more than 7 days. 

Both these conditions when combined qualify for a full refund under Lufthansa 24 hours cancellation policy. If your ticket qualifies the above-stated terms, then visit the official website to cancel the Lufthansa ticket. There is another provision under the 24-hour policy which you can use to get a full refund. 

If you are unsure about your plans since the beginning but want to reserve a seat for the desired flight, then there is a solution that will allow you to get a full refund. Lufthansa Airlines allows you to hold the ticket reservation for up to 24 hours. Anytime between these 24 hours, inform the representative and do not pay for the flight. This way no fine will be applied as you never paid the booking fee. 


Does Lufthansa have a 24-hour cancellation policy can be confirmed by the information shared above. If your plans get canceled, then do check that the flight departure has 7 days or more departure time left. If yes, then you should immediately cancel the ticket to redeem a full refund according to Lufthansa’s cancellation policy. For cancellations only after 24 hours, the full refund is offered for genuine medical and other reasons. Rest other refundable tickets will be canceled after a fine reduction from the original amount. You can anytime verify if your ticket is eligible for flight cancellation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Lufthansa do full refunds if canceled in 24 hours?

Lufthansa Airlines offers a full refund only if the ticket booking is 24 hours or less old and has 7 or more departure times left. 

How to request a refund after canceling a Lufthansa ticket?

 Lufthansa airline will send a confirmation mail after which you will receive the refund in a few days. There is no additional step required to claim a refund. 

Does Lufthansa have a 24-hour free cancellation?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel the ticket with a full refund, if it has 7 days or more of departure time.

Why is there no “Cancellation” button when I display my booking online?

If the cancellation button is not visible then it means your Lufthansa ticket is non-refundable.
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