Lufthansa Cancellation policy applies differently to each ticket type. The fine applied for canceling a ticket is specific to each travel class. Also, not all Lufthansa tickets are refundable. 

Firstly, it is suggested to check if the ticket is eligible for a refund. The penalty charged by the airline is also reflected along with the eligibility of a ticket for cancellation. To determine how much does it cost to cancel a Lufthansa flight, read the next passage.

Evaluate How Much is Lufthansa Cancellation Fee? 

Evaluate How Much is Lufthansa Cancellation Fee

Lufthansa Airlines refunds the full amount including the taxes on cancellations by the airline or under the 24-hour policy. Yet, the airline does not repay the value of additional services like WiFi, baggage, and others on cancellation. Only the ticket fee is returned.

There are a variety of provisions for various situations and tickets under the Lufthansa cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel tickets and redeem the refund.

  •  Some conditions like medical reasons and cancellations within 24 hours and 7 days of departure are fully refunded. These are applicable for all tickets including non-refundable and refundable tickets.
  • The full refund is processed after calculating the amount of the used ticket. For instance, there are partially used tickets where the remaining amount for the rest of the journey is only refunded.
  • There is no refund for flight cancellations that were pre-informed to the passengers at least 14 days prior to the departure or were because of the absence of the passenger at the scheduled time.

There is no exact value of the penalty that will be charged for canceling the ticket. It varies on a bunch of factors including the travel class. For instance, Lufthansa charges €50 for Award ticket cancellations. To know how much it will cost for you to cancel your scheduled flight, you must log in to manage bookings on the Lufthansa website or mobile application. 

How to Determine if the Ticket is Eligible for Cancellation? 

A Cancellation button represents that the flight is eligible to be canceled. Once you click the Cancellation button and verify all the details, a notification mail approving the cancellation will be sent by Lufthansa. If a penalty is chargeable on your ticket, it will appear before asking for the final confirmation of cancellation. 


The passengers can refer to the above points to calculate How much does it cost to cancel a Lufthansa flight. The airline offers an opportunity to redeem a full refund under its 24-hour policy. The airline applies a penalty on refundable tickets canceled due to passengers’ failure to board the flight. Call, or visit the website online or at the nearest Lufthansa office to claim for a refund. If the airline canceled the flight, then it will pay the refund for last-minute cancellations due to various operational issues on behalf of the airline. But it will never pay for reasons beyond its control like natural calamity, curfew, state emergency, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Lufthansa cancellation fee?

Lufthansa Airlines cancellation fee is variable to the ticket type and the circumstances stated by the airline policy.

Does Lufthansa charge cancellation fees?

Lufthansa Airlines charge cancellation fees on tickets with no show or where a passenger was late to board a flight. Also, refundable tickets that do not qualify under the 24-hour policy are fined by the airline.

Does Lufthansa refund no show ticket?

No, Lufthansa Airlines does not offer refunds for tickets with no show.

How much does Lufthansa charge for award ticket cancellation?

Lufthansa Airlines charge 50 for flights 

Can I cancel a single from a group reservation?

Presently, Lufthansa Airlines policy does not allow single cancellations, entire group reservation has to be canceled for even a single ticket cancellation.
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