How to Change Lufthansa Flight

Lufthansa flights change with fare differences due to increased distance, higher class cabins or any other additional service are payable. The airline offers offline and online ways to change Lufthansa flight date, seat or any other. Always remember, additional charges are applied as per the calculated fare differences between the two bookings. 

Changes can be easily made on Lufthansa airlines. Paying the difference of charge between the new and the old booking. The charges vary for each condition as per the changes. Earlier in 2020 and 2021, Lufthansa allowed rebooking for free for specific destinations. Indeed, it is advised to check the current norms as the airline keeps updating its policies. Also verify if the rebooking or flight change is allowed on your ticket .If you are also concerned about how to change the Lufthansa flight, then check the information below for detailed guidance.

Lufthansa Change Flight Process

Lufthansa Change Flight Process

Lufthansa change flight process is not an herculean task but can be done in few easy steps. If you are also looking for ways on how to make changes like date, seat or cabin on Lufthansa, then follow the guided steps. 

  • Visit Lufthansa official website.
  • Click on “Manage Booking”/Check-in option 
  • Enter “Last Name” and “Booking Code” 
  • A new screen will appear with the flight details
  • Check for Cancel/Change Flight option 
  • If change or rebooking is visible on your screen, then your ticket can undergo changes. 
  • Select change flight and choose the desired change. The price will be shown alongside.
  • The date or any other changes will be approved by the airline and mail informing about the prices for the same will be reflected.
  • Agree to the conditions and pay the price to change Lufthansa flight. 

Finally, you will be able to board the new flight as per the changes. You can also call or visit the Lufthansa office to request for changes in the flight. Remember to keep  the booking code and the changes required handy for the staff to process it easily. Find the details to contact Lufthansa airlines. 

Ways to Change Lufthansa Flight

Ways to Change Lufthansa Flight

Apart from the online process to change lufthansa flight, there are many other ways as well to do the same. All of these ways to change the flights are:

1. Mobile App
2. By Phone
3. Visiting Office

Change Lufthansa Flight through Mobile App

If we talk about the mobile app flight change process for Lufthansa Flight Change, it’s an another ways to get it done quickly. To make it happen in no time, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Open the Lufthansa App
  2. Enter Name and Booking Code
  3. Click “Find Bookings
  4. Select the Itinerary to change
  5. Follow the prompt to change flight
  6. Pay the charges if applicable

Lufthansa Flight Change by Phone

To Change Lufthansa Flight by phone, one can directly call at 1800 102 5838. Guest Care Staff will connect and help the passenger. Provide all the necessary details to them and confirm the change in the end.

Lufthansa Flights Change by Visiting Office

If one is unable to make the changes or follow the above mentioned processes, there is another way by visiting the office directly. Most passengers prefer personal visit if they are available in any nearby location. To change flight at office, inform the Guest Care Staff about the change. They might ask for some information to make the change from their side. After providing the details, confirm the change and pay the amount if applicable.

Lufthansa Change Flight Date

Passengers might face issues with their travel plan and ask for a change in date as well. For this situation, Lufthansa change date of flight facility is available and can be done in easy steps. These steps are as follows: 

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Login
  3. Click on “My Bookings”
  4. Enter “Booking Id” and “Date of Journey”
  5. Select the booking
  6. Change the date if eligible
  7. Pay the charges if applicable

Confirmation email or message receives when the process completed.

Things to Remember While Lufthansa Flight Change

If the passengers follow all the guidelines provided by the Airlines, then the process will be very smooth and hassle-free for them. To make the process as easy as possible, one can remember these points while making changes in Lufthansa flight tickets. 

  • Always keep the booking code and the new changes like date and seat already prepared in mind. Note them in case you will forget.
  • Cancel the ticket and rebook if the ticket was booked within 24 hours or less and has more or equal to 7 days. 
  • You can chat with the online AI chat box for any queries related to flight change. 
  • Connect to representatives for changes in group reservations or meet the concerned authority in person.
  • Involuntary ticket cancellations are allowed to be rebooked for free.
  • Log in from the Manage Booking section and verify if your ticket qualifies for change. 
  • Remember, Lufthansa airlines charges the fare difference between former booking and newer as per the changes requested. 

Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

By simply following the terms & conditions of Lufthansa Airlines, anyone change make the changes. The Lufthansa Changing flights policy allows the passengers to make changes within the given timeline and clear all their doubts to tackle all the future issues while traveling. Below are the policies:

  1. Passengers can only make the changes in any booked flight before the boarding time.
  2. Change within 24 hours of reservation will not costs a single penny and not even the administration fee
  3. Passengers can make the changes directly by calling or online channels if they booked the flight from Lufthansa Airlines
  4. If the booking has been made through any 3rd party, then they will not be eligible to make changes by themselve and can contact the 3rd person to do the same
  5. If the passengers made a group booking, then no changes will be done for individual flight bookings
  6. Even if the passengers making changes to the a group, charges will be applicable to each passenger in the group

24 Hours Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

As similar to other airlines, Lufthansa Airline also provides a 24 hours flight change policy. Understand all the policies to get the changes done as quickly as possible without any hassle. Check all the 24 hour Lufthansa Flight Change Policy below:

  • If the changes made within 24 hours of the reservation then there will be no charges applicable
  • EUR 50 will be chargable if the passengers make changes to to the flight after 24 hours of booking
  • Desinations, Travel Class, Date, and Name can be changed in Lufthansa Airlines flight ticket
  • Flight ticket can be changed up to 4 hours before departure
  • No charges will be applicable if the changes made due to medical emergency and passenger will have to provide the document to avoid the charges

Lufthansa Flight Change Fee

Changing the flight or anything in your booked ticket is mostly a charges-based process. Lufthansa Airlines usually charge between $300 USD – $750 USD for Lufthansa Flight change fee from United States which also depends on the travel class of the flight. Also, the original and new ticket upgrade difference amount is applicable. The Lufthansa Airlines policy allows passengers to cancel within 24 hours of reservation and 7 or more days to departure. 

Lufthansa Economy Class Change or Rebooking Fee (Flights from US)

There are many types of Economy Class in Lufthansa Airlines. These classes are Saver, Basic, Basic Plus I, and Economy Flex II. The change fees are applicable based on these classes as well. 

Economy Class TypeChange or Rebooking Fee
Economy SaverNot permitted
Economy BasicUSD 300
Economy Basic Plus IUSD 300
Economy Flex IIFree

Lufthansa Premium Economy Change or Rebooking Fee (Flights from US)

Premium Economy Class has 3 types. Basic, Basic Plus I, and Premium Economy Flex. Check the fees in the below mentioned table:

Premium Economy Class TypeChange or Rebooking Fee
Premium Economy BasicUSD 300
Premium Economy Basic Plus IUSD 300
Premium Economy Flex Free

Lufthansa Business Class Change or Rebooking Fee (Flight from US)

Business Classes are one of the most expensive classes in Lufthansa Airlines. Business Basic, Basic Plus II, and Flex are these classes which are chargeable for making any changes. 

Business Class TypeChange or Rebooking Fee
Business BasicUSD 450
Business Basic Plus IIUSD 450
Business Flex Free

Lufthansa First Class Change or Rebooking Fee (Flights from US)

Lufthansa First Class is the most expensive and premium class in Lufthansa Airlines. The changes in flight are also chargeable for most of the classes. Charges are mentioned in the table:

First Class TypeChange/Rebooking Fee
First BasicUSD 450
First Basic PlusUSD 450
First Basic Plus IIUSD 750
First FlexFree

Change Lufthansa Flight for Free

Economy Light class fares are only for originating flights from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to the United States. Passengers who make any reservation through the official website at least 7 days or before the departure can cancel and get the refund within 24 hours of booking without any fees. 

Lufthansa Airlines Contact Details:

Lufthansa Airlines                                                                                       Contact Address 
Phone 1800 102 5838
Mail lufthansa-group(at)
Twitter @lufthansa
Lufthansa German Airlines
Customer Relations
1640 Hempstead Tpke
East Meadow, New York 11554
Fax: (516) 296-983

Follow the above steps to learn how to change Lufthansa flight.  It is a reminder call to always keep the booking code and the desired changes list handy. Passengers with less than 24 hours of time to change can cancel the Lufthansa flight. Changes in Lufthansa flights are subject to additional charges as per the fare differences. In case of Involuntary cancellations, the tickets can be rebooked for free. Always verify if the ticket is eligible for changes and then proceed further accordingly. Passengers will get all the required details including the change process, Lufthansa flight change policy, fares, and contact details to stay away from any unplanned hassle. Happy Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions on Lufthansa change Flight

Can I change Lufthansa flight?

Yes, Lufthansa flights can be changed with the same route and the ticket type is not charged. Yet, any additional service causing fare difference is payable.

How to Change my Flight date Lufthansa?

Visit the Manage Booking section to change the date for your scheduled flight. Select the Itinerary, change date, and pay the charges if applicable.

Can I change my return flight date with Lufthansa?

Yes, changes in date of return flights are allowed by Lufthansa airlines.

How to rebook flights canceled by Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airlines allows free rebooking on involuntary ticket cancellations.
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