How to Change Name On Lufthansa Ticket

Lufthansa Airlines allows ticket name change for legal and minor reasons only. A complete name swap or change is not permitted by the airline. Documents with valid proofs justifying the name change and reason are compulsory along with the name change request.  The step-by-step guide on how to change a name on Lufthansa Ticket has been described in the later section. 

Before that let us verify if you are allowed to change your name under the valid documents described by Lufthansa Airlines. 

Can I Change Name on Lufthansa Ticket?

Yes, You can change the name on Lufthansa Ticket only if it is a genuine or legal reason. The name on the booking ticket and the identity documents should be the same. That is why it is essential for travelers to inform the airline and get the necessary changes fixed before flying. Else the access to fly with Lufthansa can be terminated for that particular flight.

Read the conditions under which the Airline permits the passengers for a name change. 

  • Changes due to marriage, gender reassignment, divorce, or any other legal reason are accepted by the airline to undergo a change. Resultantly, allowing the passenger to fly with a new name on the original or former bookings.
  • In case you committed a minor spelling error and are looking for ways to fix it. Then such changes are applicable under the Lufthansa name change policy. Not more than two letters can be swapped when making minor name changes due to spelling mistakes. 
  • Inverted names with the surname first and name last are also allowed for a change after complete verification.  

Complete name changes are not allowed by the airlines. Also, if a person attempts to change a completely new name in an attempt to transfer the original bookings to another, then it is not allowed. If your situation is similar to the above-stated reason, then follow the steps to get a name change on Lufthansa Ticket. 

A Definitive Guide on How to Change Name on a Lufthansa Ticket?

How to Change Name on Lufthansa Ticket

Name change on Lufthansa original ticket booking is allowed if it is due to legal purposes or before the booking has been confirmed. Spelling errors informed days after the booking can only be allowed via rebooking for a chargeable fee.  That is why it is recommended to confirm the name and other details to avoid such instances or get a change for free. 

There are online and offline ways to get a name change or correct the spelling mistake on Lufthansa Ticket. You can call, message or visit the website to inform and request a name change for the ticket.  


  • Navigate the Lufthansa Airlines website online.
  • Click on the Manage My Bookings Tab and log in with the booking reference and surname. 
  • Upon logging in, the screen will reflect the flight details with options to cancel, name change or add other services. 
  • Click on the Name Change option.
  • The website will ask for the reason of the change and the documents stating the reason of the change. ( It can be a marriage or divorce certificate and a new identity card regulated by the local government authority with the new name)
  • Further, follow the instructions and attach the required documents. 
  • Concluding the steps for the name change, the screen will reflect the charges if applicable. These are generally for bookings that request for change after a few days of booking the Lufthansa ticket. Accept the payment condition.
  • Finally, your request will be approved if it seems valid to the Lufthansa authority.  

These steps are only applicable for individual tickets and not for group reservations. The name change for group bookings is subject to other conditions that are resolved after meeting the authority at the office. These are not approved via the online portal or the mobile application. 

How Much Does Lufthansa Charge for a Name Change

Marriage, Divorce, and other legal reasons for name change are allowed for free by Lufthansa Airlines. Minor spelling changes if informed on time before the ticket confirmation also qualify for a free change. Only bookings with the need to rebook a new ticket for the same flight are charged 25 Euros or 35 Canadian Dollars. Readers are suggested to carefully check the conditions for name change and to quickly inform about the required changes to avail of the name change service for free. 

Lufthansa Airlines gives due consideration to the legal changes with genuine reasons and do not charge any additional fee. The only requirement is valid and authentic documents that contain the reason for the name change along with the new identity cards with the new name or surname. 


People who were wondering how to change the name on the Lufthansa ticket can read and follow the steps defined for your reference. The airline allows free change for reasons like marriages, minor errors, divorces, and other legal reasons, and before flight confirmation changes. Passengers must immediately inform the concerned authority to get a free name change. For corrections, always mail the airline with the correct name to avoid misunderstanding leading to other errors in the name. Lufthansa will not allow you to board the flight until the name is not exactly the same as the documents approved by the government of the passenger’s origin country. While the name change is possible online, it is better to first inform the authority for clear instructions to be taken as per Lufthana’s current protocols. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Change Name on Lufthansa’s Ticket after marriage? 

Carry a marriage certificate and an identity card with a name or surname change to get a name change on the Lufthansa Ticket for the upcoming flight.

Is it possible to change a name on a Lufthansa flight?

Spelling errors of up to two words or name and surname changes due to legal reasons are permitted for change by Lufthansa Airlines.

How much does it cost to change a Lufthansa Ticket?

Lufthansa Ticket name change can be free for certain conditions or for changes with rebookings applied, it costs around 25 Euros or 35 Canadian Dollars.

How many times can I change my name on a Lufthansa Ticket?

Name change is allowed only once on each ticket of Lufthansa Airlines.
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