Is Lufthansa a Safe Airline

Yes Lufthansa Airlines is a safe airline with a fairly good safety record. The airline has witnessed a bunch of accidents. Lufthansa’s most popular and recent accident that occurred in 2015 was really fatal. But since this accident, major changes have been adapted by the airline.

Still, Lufthansa Airlines is recognized as safe because of low fatalities compared to other airlines in the industry. Also, there are indicators like its performance, fleet and others that help determine is Lufthansa safe to fly.

Key Factors Indicating How Safe is Lufthansa Airline

How Safe is Lufthansa Airline

Lufthansa Airlines qualify the International Safety standards with valid certification and membership access from IATA. It is a regulatory authority that judges the overall performance of an airline beginning from the aircraft manufacturing, maintenance to crew handling efficiency. 

If an airline qualifies the audit of IATA, then it is rewarded with the membership and certification. This audit occurs every two years, ensuring that the current safety audits of any airline are known to the people.

Hence, implying  IATA recognition is a clear signal that Lufthansa airline is safe to fly with. Here is a list of the indicators that organizations use to audit any airline. 


One major indicator that determines an airline’s safety is its fleet. Lufthansa Airlines has recently sold its old aircrafts and is continuously  adding new technologically advanced aircrafts. As per 2022 data, the airline owns 710 aircrafts with an average age of 13.1 years. Lufthansa’s Fleet includes a wide variety aircrafts of different sizes according to the route and safety guidelines requirements. Here, the airline has clearly qualified the benchmark of International safety standards.

Operational and Staff Efficiency:

IATA uses a bunch of criteria to judge the overall performance of the crew flying and assisting the passengers. Firstly, it looks for experienced staff that can handle the situation efficiently without the advanced technology of the aircraft. It is to test the worst possible cLocalase scenarios action plan designed and implemented by an airline. Lufthansa to ensure its passengers safety trains its pilots and staff to handle any form of unprecedented situation in the most efficient manner causing the least damage. 

Authority Approval and Certification

It is essential for an airline to be approved by its local authority that audits the safety measures and performance of its regional airline. Lufthansa Airlines being the national carrier of Germany scores significantly in this criteria equally. The airline is also not blocked or banned by any other country and flies to more than 211 locations in the world. Moreover, it is regulated by the Lufthfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA-‘Federal Aviation Office), which is a local authority in Germany that oversees and maintains all aviation related matters. 

Indeed, Lufthansa Airlines is a pretty safe airline to fly with. Its fleet, performance and IATA certification are the key indicators that clearly justify why it is safe to fly with Lufthansa Airlines. Another major factor is the Customer review about the airline. Lufthansa Airlines is a recognised airline in the industry that receives good feedback. While it is impossible to have positive reviews from all  the passengers. An overall review about the airline is safe and good.

Lufthansa Airlines During COVID 

Lufthansa Airlines During COVID 

As much as accidental safety is questioned. Nowadays with the emergence of COVID, health and hygiene are equally big concerns when traveling.  

Lufthansa Airlines mandated the masks and COVID tests during the peak of the pandemic. Still, it follows the guidelines of the local authorities from where it operates its flights. Also, the cleaning and air filtration process in the aircraft cabins has increased by the airline to avoid the spread. The airline even formed a checklist informing the passengers about the necessary steps to be followed amidst the COVID. 

According to online ratings, Lufthansa is even rated as a 4-star COVID airline. Its measures during the pandemic were appreciated and being a leading airline, it flew passengers with safety norms in application. 

Key Takeaways 

Lufthansa Airlines qualifies the International standards and criteria of a safe airline. Also, its maintenance and regulation by the Lufthfahrt-Bundesamt answers the question about whether Lufthansa is a safe airline. Its fleet, crew performance, training, health and hygiene measures have resulted in achieving the IATA recognition and membership. Airlines that qualify this benchmark are considered relatively safe to fly. Lufthansa Airlines accidents list is also comparatively low. Only one 2015 crash where no one in the plane survived was one of the biggest fatalities that occurred in Lufthansa’s history. After that changes were made accordingly to avoid such accidents in future. Definitely, the implementation is visible with no more reports of Lufthansa major accidents. Also, it played an efficient role during the pandemic by following local authorities guidelines, mandating the masks, testing and increased timely cleaning of the cabins in the aircraft.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lufthansa a good Airline for Safety?

Yes, Lufthansa airlines is a safe airline certified by IATA and regulated by the local federation of Germany.

Is Lufthansa a Trusted Airline?

Lufthansa Airlines is a trusted airline with good customer feedback.

Is Lufthansa a 5 star Airline?

Lufthansa Airlines is a 4-star rated  airline according to SkyTrax.

How Old is Lufthansa Airlines Fleet?

Lufthansa Airlines fleet is 13.3 years old on average.

Can I change my Flight if I have Covid Lufthansa?

Yes, If a  Lufthansa passenger is suffering from COVID, then he/she can change their tickets with no rebooking fee, irrespective of the original norms of cancellation. Only the additional fee for the fare difference shall be applied.

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