Is Norse Airlines Safe

Norse Airlines is a very young airline with no accidental record. It took its first flight in 2022 and is just a year old. Obviously, the flights and passengers flown by the airline are very few. Also, it flies to shorter distances. Hence, it is too early to determine is Norse Airlines safe. 

For now, those passengers who have flown with Norse Airlines state it as a safe and average airline in terms of quality. The majority of comments are in favor of the airline, while the rest seemed disappointed with the staff performance and delivery of quality. But, none has particularly complained about any unsafe feeling during the flight. Surely enough, you must have heard the name of this new airline and must be curious about the quality and safety standards of the airline which is very obvious. It is actually unknown to many people. Indeed, in order to, let’s understand its beginnings and overall progress.

Brief Discussion On Norse Airlines And Its Safety Standards 

Airline AddressFløyveien 14, 4838 Arendal, Norway

Norse Airlines was launched and took its flight in 2021 and. 2022 respectively. So far, the airline has flown and landed safely. Since it is a low-cost airline, the service quality has not been too desirable for the passengers. Yet, people can rely on it in terms of safety. 

Originating from Norway, Norse Atlantic Airlines flies to Europe and parts of North America. Individuals who were searching for is Norse Airlines safe can refer to the briefly discussed points to decide whether or not to fly with the airline. 

Norse Airlines Fleet and Staff Performance 

Norse Airlines Fleet and Staff Performance 

As per the current data, Norse Airlines has leased 10 planes which are Boeing 787-8 and 9 series. These aircrafts are known to be efficient, and technologically advanced to automatically handle minor issues and increase overall convenience with the features deployed in it. 

The Norse Fleet is completely reliable. On the other hand, it is true that such aircrafts have been part of many accidents before with other airlines. Hence, its efficiency is incomplete if the pilot and crew are not well trained to predict the risk on time and manage it in a way to ensure, negligible to less fatalities and injuries. 

Norse Airlines Founders and Subsidiaries

Norse Airlines was founded by Bjorn Tore Larsen, Bjorn Kjos, and Bjorn Kise in 2021. They hold minor stakes in the airline. Alongside, they tend to work with Norwegian Airlines to learn and gain expertise well to deliver a smooth journey experience to its passengers.

Norwegian Air Shuttle, a start-up known as Flyr, is two of its partners. As the airline grows in the future, more collaborations and changes in its functional procedure can be seen. That is why it is repeatedly said, it is early to predict if Norse is a safe airline to fly or not. 

Norse Airlines Safety Record

Norse Airlines Safety Record

As mentioned again and again to the readers, Norse Airlines is a new airline and has only 1 year of experience. There is very limited data, but if the performance of the airline has to be judged then there has been no issue covered by the news and passengers that can nullify the fact that it is a safe airline. The fleet used is also promising along with the pilot flying the plane well, no injury or fatality has occurred yet. 

Overview of Norse Airlines


Norse Airlines is a Norway-based airline that started its operations in mid-2022. The airline seems to be safe as per the current record and data. In one year, all the passengers who have flown have said the flight felt safe. While some had complaints about the service quality but none about the safety. So, those who are concerned about whether or not is Norse Airlines safe must read the above content and compare the performance and price with other airlines to decide if they want to fly with Norse. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Norse Airlines?

Norse Airlines is owned by Bjorn Tore Larsen, Bjorn Kjos, and Bjorn Kise in 2021 which offers flights to parts of Europe and North America. 

How old is Norse Airlines?

Norse Airlines is almost 1 year old as it started its operations on 14 June 2022.

What is the fleet size of Norse Airlines?

Norse Airways has 10 Boeing aircrafts on lease currently. It offers long-haul flights at lower or affordable rates. 
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9 months ago

helpful. What do you mean about On the other hand, it is true that such aircrafts have been part of Many accidents before with other airlines” i wish i could hear more about it. Are the planes they use known for a lot accidents?