Is Porter Airlines Safe

Yes, Porter Airlines is a safe and reliable option for travel adventures. It is rated 4/7 for safety by the airline rating website, which is quite good, to be honest. Porter Airlines is FAA-certified and received a category 1 IASA Rating. This implies that the airline religiously follows aviation safety standards in accordance with the ICAO. In addition, frequent flyers always consider the airline as a reliable choice. However, passengers who have never flown the airline before will question if Porter Airline is safe for travel. This page explores the important factors that state the spotless safety record of the airline. 

What Makes Porter Airlines Safe for Travel?

What Makes Porter Airlines Safe for Travel

Porter Airlines never faced any major accidents since the commencement of its operations in 2006. The airline strictly complies with the safety regulations set by the aviation authorities. It always meets the requirements of Transport Canada, which is a federal department of transportation in the country. Porter Airlines puts emphasis on a safety culture for its employees and passengers via leadership and goal-setting. The safety management system of the airline includes the following points:

  • Ensuring that safety practices are taken throughout the organization and work is performed safely. 
  • Safety concerns are identified and resolved proactively and effective measures are taken. The audit process is conducted to determine the effectiveness of corrective measures. 

Porter Airlines Details and Safety Ratings

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Porter Airlines is a good carrier that has a safety rating of 4/7 by the airline ratings website which ranks the airline’s safety standards. The ranking is based on an analysis of recent crashes, pilot-related incidents, and safety audits. These ratings are given by considering the Porter Airlines audits from the International Civil Aviation Organization. Since the airline is well-analysed, passengers can consider Porter Airlines a safe option for their next trip. 

Porter Airlines Fleet of Efficient Aircraft

Porter Airlines Fleet of Efficient Aircraft

Porter Airlines consists of 49 aircraft including Bombardier Q400 which is famous for performing safely in rough conditions. The airline newly added the 132-seat Embraer E195-E2 jets. In addition, Porter Airlines is also planning to introduce new planes to its fleet by 2024. The following is the current fleet size of the airline:

AircraftIn service
De Havilland Canada Dash 8 Q40029
Embraer E195-E220

Porter Airlines Hire Qualified Pilots Only

Porter Airlines Hire Qualified Pilots Only

Porter Airlines hires pilots who are well-qualified and meet the long list of requirements. It is not easy to clear the selection process, the ones who qualify are determined as Porter Airlines Pilots. Each and every pilot goes through extensive training sessions for the initial years of employment. Moreover, the airline has introduced several programs to maintain and enhance the efficiency of its pilots. Moreover, Porter Airlines organized the following programs to keep for the upcoming pilots:

  • Under the First Officer Recruitment Program (PAFOR), graduates get to interact with highly skilled pilots and learn useful tips. 
  • A mentorship program called Destination Porter is organized for student pilots.
  • Lastly, the Data Entry Captain program helps in hiring qualified captains for Dash 8.

Porter Airlines Reviews Posted By Trusted Passengers

Porter Airlines Reviews Posted By Trusted Passengers

Frequent flyers of the airline give 7.8/10 ratings for Porter Airlines Reviews. The rating is submitted by considering the remarkable services and safety standards of the airline. Passengers feel safe and relaxed while traveling with Porter Airlines. Many passengers believe that the airline has a spotless safety record because of the comfortable travel experience. 

Porter Airlines Incidents and Accidents

Porter Airlines has kept a good safety record with no major incidents or accidents in the past. According to our research, the airline has experienced only one fatal crash ever since its operation. The airline learns from its mistakes and takes effective measures to avoid such incidents from occurring. Thus, there has been no record of such incidents since the last one. The airline has had some minor incidents here and there such as runway overruns that happened recently this year in April. Porter Airlines managed to minimize the risk and no one was injured during the process. Porter Airlines states that the safety of passengers is at the top of their priority list. The authority keeps engaging in healthy flight programs, including improved systems for check-in, boarding, and inflight services. 

People Also Ask – FAQs

Why Is Porter Airlines Safe?

The airline has a safety management system that ensures safety is a systematic part of company operations.

Is Porter Airlines a safe airline?

Yes, Porter Airlines is considered a safe airline by many passengers as it follows all the necessary safety standards.

Why do people like Porter Airlines?

Porter Airlines is famous among passengers for its good safety records and outstanding products and services.

Did Porter Airlines face fatal crashes?

Porter Airlines has not faced any fatal crashes in the last five years, it keeps an impressive safety history.

What is the safety rating of Porter Airlines?

Porter Airlines has a 4-star safety rating received by the airline-rating website. 
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