Does Qatar Airways Have Premium Economy

No, Qatar Airways do not have Premium Economy class and neither interested in launching one. Whereas, other airlines find Premium Economy to be adding up to their profits. So, how is it that the airline does not feel the need to offer Qatar Premium Economy to its customers? Let’s discuss further on Qatar Airways Classes. Aside from this, check What are Different Economy Classes on Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Premium Economy

Qatar Airway Premium Economy

Recently, the CEO of Airways, Mr. Akbar Al Baker shared his thoughts on premium economy class in an interview. He believes there is no need for launching Qatar Airways Premium Economy. The airways already offer fare class with higher comfort that too at a reasonable price. Qatar Airways is surely against having premium economy class. Middle East Airlines has only three Qatar Airways Classes that are further divided into categories.

Initially, the CEO was attacked with criticism from competitors but eventually, they started looking up to him. Many companies started following in his footsteps. British Airways also have two to three classes offered to its customers. Airways focuses more on elevating customers’ experience than anything else. With that in mind, Qatar Airways provide a luxurious experience to its customers with reasonable products and cabins. 

Why is There NO Premium Economy on Qatar Airways?

In other regions like America, the premium economy is the best alternative to the business class. Passengers seeking comfort but not willing to pay business class fare often gravitate towards the premium economy. Now the question arises; Why is there no premium economy on Qatar Airways?

The Qatar Airways CEO does not believe in the concept of Premium Economy Class. Middle East Airlines offers better seating and inflight services than premium economy. Additionally, all these services are offered at a reasonable price. Hence, the airline will never Qatar Airways Premium Economy Class.

What are the Different Economy Classes on Qatar Airways?

What are the Different Economy Classes on Qatar Airways

The airways have three Qatar Airways Classes: Economy, Business, and First Class which fly to over 170 destinations. Recently, introduced Lite Fare Family services to eligible passengers within Economy and Business Class. By now, it’s clear that the Qatar Economy Class is the most affordable flight yet gives a luxurious experience. Qatar Economy Routes are initiated from nine cities in the US. Hence, providing affordable options to US passengers to visit Middle East locations. When booking Qatar Airway these are the following things you can expect with economy classes.

  • Fare Class: Qatar Economy Classes have four different fare classes; Lite, Classic, Convenience, and Comfort. 
  1. Classic Fares are the cheapest and earn you less award miles. These seats cannot be chosen. 
  2. Convenience Fare earns you more miles and can be chosen as per preference.
  3. Comfort Fares is the best among all, you can choose your preferred seat as well as earn award miles more than any other fare classes. 
  4. Now passengers can opt for Lite Fare Family services within Economy and Business Class. 
  • Passenger Baggage Rules: The baggage allowance per person depends on the selected routes. Qatar Airways has defined weight limits for certain routes while all the other locations have common limits. The following table will help you understand the baggage pieces and weight a person can carry. However, do check the baggage regulations defined on your booked ticket.
Passenger Baggage Rules
Economy LiteClassicConvenienceComfort
All Destinations20kg25kg30kg35kg
Africa & AmericaOne Piece
Two Pieces23kgTwo Pieces
Two Piece
Hand BagOne Piece
One Piece
One Piece
One Piece

Qatar Airways Contact Details

Qatar Airways HeadquartersDoha, Qatar

Overview of Qatar Airways Economy Class

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Qatar Airways have a premium?

No, Qatar Airways do not provide an Economy Premium option to its customers. Its economy inflight services are way better than economy premium. 

What is Qatar’s Economy Comfort?

It is one of the fare classes that provide options to choose a preferred seat and also earns customers more award miles.

Will its launch Qatar Airways Premium Economy in the future?

CEO Mr. Akbar Al Baker shared in an interview that Airways will never launch its premium economy class. 
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