Qatar Airways Have WiFi

Qatar Airways does have Wi-fi access on its flights. It offers high speed Wi-Fi to its passengers ensuring entertainment, connectivity with friends and family is available throughout the trip. 

Moreover, Super Wi-Fi is the wifi available on Qatar Airlines to enhance the passengers’ experience. Flying to more than 140 destinations, it ensures connectivity throughout the air journeys.  

Qatar Airways Have WiFi

Qatar Airways is the only Airlines to offer WiFi service in 100 aircrafts. It has achieved a huge milestone despite being a younger airline as compared to others operating. 

What is Super Wi-Fi Qatar Airways? 

Super- Wifi available on Qatar Airways offers exclusive connectivity with 10 times speed than the normal internet. This internet speed allows passengers to SMS,watch movies, and work anything online interruption free. Presently, the Super Wifi at Qatar Airways is available on all Boeing 777 and A350 aircrafts. Slowly it shall be available on the rest of the flights.

This premium quality internet is available at an additional cost. Also its validity is for one year from the date of purchase. However, it can be used once only.

The cost of availing the wifi is very minimal and affordable.While some Qatar passengers can enjoy this benefit absolutely free. Keep reading the next section to know the cost and how to get free wifi on Qatar Airways. 

How Much is Wifi on Qatar Airway?

Qatar passengers can avail the Super wifi for USD 8-10. Pre purchase the service to buy it at such a low cost of USD 8. If purchased after boarding the flight the price to be paid is  USD 10.  As previously determined the wifi is not accessible on certain flights, passengers must pre-confirm the wifi availability to purchase the latter. Contrary, the premium ticket passengers  receive the Super Wi-fi is complementary. After Confirming availability of Super Wifi passengers can easily purchase the Wifi.  

While some lucky passengers do not need  to buy the WiFi. The WiFi is a complementary service on behalf of Qatar Airways. Check how you can get the free WiFi on Qatar Airways.

How to Get Free WiFi on Qatar Airways? 

Qatar Airways complements its selective passengers with Super Wi-Fi to ensure connectivity throughout the air journey. Currently, Super WiFi is available on 100 Qatar Airways’ aircrafts.To get free WiFi passengers must fall under the following categories:

Students who have joined the Students Club of Qatar Airways board with complementary Super Wifi.

Premium and Business class passengers get to use WiFi for free.

The Super Wifi is free for a bunch of aircrafts flying to and from Pacific locations. Check the list here.

The rest of passengers need to purchase the Wifi. However the WiFi is offered at a feasible rate and can be purchased easily. Check how to buy  WiFi on Qatar Airways, also you must know where does Qatar Airways Fly globally.

How To Buy WiFi on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways offers multiple channels to purchase the Super WiFi at different times.  The WiFi can be purchased anytime from the booking to the boarding stage.  Here is a step by step guide on how to buy WiFi on Qatar Airways.

Pre Purchase 

Qatar Passengers can buy the Super WiFi while booking the flight. 

Manage Booking 

Purchase the WiFi later from the ‘Manage Booking’ section. This section is available on the official website and the mobile application.  

Enter the Booking reference number or the E- ticket number in the ‘Manage Booking’ section.

Next, click on the ‘Find Booking’, a red color bar at the right bottom part of the page. 

Your booking details will appear on the screen, select and purchase the Super WiFi accordingly.  

In Flight 

After boarding even the Super Wifi is available for purchase.The Wifi can be purchased while traveling in the flight for USD 10.

The buying process ends here, now while boarding enjoy the super speedy WiFi and fly  while getting entertained in the Sky.

How to Connect WiFi in Qatar Airways?

 After boarding the flight connects with Super Wifi within a few minutes. To connect with Super Wi-Fi on Qatar Airways follow any one of the steps detailed below:

Visit the Portal 

 Enter the Wifi Code on the Wifi portal available in the flight. 

( The Wifi code is sent on the email of the user)

Instantly the wifi will connect with the device. 

Connect with Oryx Comms

Connect your device to the  ‘Oryx Comms’ network. 

A login page will appear, enter the Wifi code. 

Remember: Only one device can be connected with the Super Wi-Fi code.

Take Off

This content briefs everything about the Qatar Airways WiFi. Every query is addressed from does Qatar Airways have Wifi to how to buy Wifi on Qatar Airways. The WiFi Speed is promised to be 10 times than the normal speed. If there are interruptions in the connectivity, passengers can easily register their complaint. Either the connectivity issue will be resolved during the flight or the WiFi code can be used in another Qatar Flight. 

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