How to Get a Refund from Qatar Airways?

Submit a request to cancel and receive a refund of your purchased ticket. Either cancel online or offline and request for the refunds. Qatar Airways accepts the requests and refunds the amount.

How to Get a Refund from Qatar Airways?

Passengers can cancel and request for refund within the duration of 12 months. These 12 months begin from the date of booking confirmation. For partially flown flights, the 12 months deadline begins from the ticket’s first uplift date. 

Are Qatar Airways Tickets Refundable?

Not all Qatar Airways Tickets are refundable. There are both, refundable and non- refundable tickets. 

Passengers with refundable tickets do not receive a full amount as there are deductions following the Qatar Airways Cancellation and Refund Policy. 

There are passengers who neither board the flight or cancel it, but ask for a deduction. In such case scenarios there is No- Show penalty applied. 

There are some cases where the full amount is refunded. These are involuntary cancellations or changes that are due to flight delays or any other unforeseen conditions. Other than that, voluntary cancellations on passenger’s end due to medical or other reasons are eligible for complete refunds.

Terms and Conditions to Get a Refund from Qatar Airways

There are several such conditions  that can either ease or restrict the refund process. Passengers must carefully go through these while requesting a refund.

Read the detailed points elaborating the Qatar Airways terms and conditions.

General Provisions for Refunds

For non- refundable tickets, YQ and YR( taxes) are not refunded. However, YQ and YR is refunded if the laws of the concerned passenger’s country have laws to refund this amount. 

Contrarily, if the non- refundable tickets are not at all utilized, then the taxes are refundable. 

If the non-refundable fare type is upgraded to a refundable fare, then the original amount for the non- refundable ticket still can not be refunded.

Only the additional amount paid to upgrade to a refundable ticket is payable as a refundable amount.

Cancellation charges levied on tickets are the same for all categories from Children to Adult. Only infants who travel with no additional seat reserved are exempted from the cancellation and no show charges.

Also, Cancellation fee is levied from passengers who couldn’t travel  due to insufficient documents.  Passengers  without Visa, passport, etc. won’t be allowed to enter the premises leading to flight cancellation for that individual.

Beyond the expiry date, the refund requests will be denied.

Refund requests are the most restricted on combination tickets. Tickets with minimum 2 fare basis combined are considered under this provision.

If a ticket has already undergone changes numerous times  and is now canceled, then the cancellation fee will be more for such tickets due to several changes.

In case a passenger doesn’t show or cancels the flight, then either No show or cancellation fee, whichever is higher is deducted from the fare amount.

Fully refundable tickets that are canceled before departure are refunded after cancellation fee deduction.

Tickets partially used are refunded after cancellation fee and distance used fee deduction. 

Provisions for Refund Requests under Exceptions

At times there are situations where the general provisions do not give complete justice, then there are provisions designed catering to that specific situation. 

Relaxed Restrictions for Special Cases 

Refunds are considered for refundable and non-refundable tickets if: 

  • If Qatar Airways’ flight is delayed and the alternatives offered by the team doesn’t suffice the passenger’s schedule leading them to book an alternative on their own. 
  • Passengers who were denied a visa by the Qatar authorities are recognized under this category to receive a refund despite restricted ticket type and documents.
  • Medical reasons are given due attention. If the passenger or their close relative fall ill before the departure then it is applicable for refund.
    • Important to remember is that medical documents must be submitted as an authentic proof.
  • Unforeseen situations causing flight cancellations receive a refund from the Airlines.
    • Such situations include natural calamities that are considered as Act of God, political tensions, War or any other unavoidable circumstances. Brief policy is designed for such a special scenario by Qatar Airways to repay the amount.  
  • Blacklisted passengers are not allowed to fly with Qatar Airways and receive full refund after getting a flight canceled from the airline’s end. 
  • If due to Qatar Airways’ error a passenger misses his/her flight, then no charges are levied and the amount is refunded completely. 

There are certain provisions that are created to abide by different countries’ laws. In such cases the Qatar refund policy goes through following changes.

Although Qatar Airlines offers the flexibility to collect the refunded amount from any country different from the country of ticket purchase. There are country regulations that stop the airlines from offering this flexibility to passengers of certain countries.

Authorities of the following listed 12 countries do not allow refunds to be made in other countries. These expect the country of refund to be the same as the country of payment. 

  1. Tunis
  2. Suda
  3. Algeria
  4. Eritrea
  5. India
  6. France/Benelux
  7. Greece
  8. Brazil
  9. Malawi
  10. Nigeria
  11. Iran
  12. Morocco

Exceptions with Deadline Extending to More than 12 Months

There are cases when the deadline to receive refund shortens to 12 months because:

  • If the heirs of a deceased passenger who could not board the flight wants refund, then the deadline is extended beyond 12 months. Dead certificate is required as a proof for legal procedure. 
  • When the authority to repay the amount as refunds shifts from Qatar Airways to local authorities of a specific country. 

After reading the terms and conditions, which conditions apply the best for their situation, claim the refund from Qatar Airways. This is how to get a refund from Qatar Airways. 

How do I Claim a Refund From Qatar Airways?

To cancel offline, visit the closest Qatar Airways office and share your details to cancel the flight. Else, log in to your Qatar Airways account or visit the Retrieve booking page on the official website. Further, enter your booking reference number or the E- ticket number and your last name. If you booked the flight through a travel agent, inform the agent early because there is a determined deadline for such tickets.

How do I Claim a Refund From Qatar Airways?
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If the ticket is refundable then the final amount after deducting the cancellation fee will be credited in the individual’s account. 

How Long Does Qatar Airways Refund Take?

Qatar Airways refunds the amount within 5-7 business days post acknowledging the request. The acknowledgement process could take 12 hours. As soon as the refund request is accepted, an email acknowledging the same and sharing the details is sent.

Finally,It pays back the final residual value through the same medium as the original value was received. 

Amount Credited 

If your ticket is refundable then the refunds are easy. While for non-refundable fares it is more fun to know if due to the Qatar Policies, the amount is refunded. Once the refund request qualifies for the refund process, the credited amount will be reflected in your bank statement. Passengers must be cautious and carry required documents. Otherwise, the ones who will not carry sufficient documents will be restricted  from the refundable amount. Importantly, do not forget to carry health documents like COVID negative report and other related. Before finalizing the documents, also confirm if Qatar airways require COVID test.

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