Royal Air Maroc at JFK

John F. Kennedy Airport is the biggest International Airport in New York. Currently, there are seven airports running in the city. Millions of Tourists mark a tick after visiting New York and enjoying the vibrant culture. The Airports are always occupied here with millions of passengers yearly.

JFK Airport is the busiest Airport amongst all the seven airports and ranks as thirteenth in the United States. More than 90 airlines operate from this airport. Today’s focus is on Royal Air Maroc Airlines. Stay tuned if you will be flying with the airline soon.

Where are Royal Air Maroc Services Located?

If you are wondering about what terminal is Royal Air Maroc at JFK, then you have landed on the right page. This article covers a detailed description of which terminal and gates of JFK airport, the Royal Air Maroc services are located.

Yes, the airline offers flights to and from  New York. Royal Air Maroc (RAM) uses terminal 1 at JFK Airport. After clearing the security, passengers can move for the check-in and departure from following levels at the Royal Air Maroc JFK Terminal.

Royal Air Maroc Departures at JFK Terminal 

Departures at JFK Terminal 

At Level 3 of terminal 1 is the departure for Royal Air Maroc airlines situated. The passengers must visit the airport on time to be able to board the plane on time.

Arrivals of Royal Air Maroc Flights at JFK Airport 

The flights of RAM (Royal Air Maroc) will arrive at terminal 1 of JFK Airport. While the Level for International and domestic could be different. Level 2 is a dedicated channel on terminal 1 JFK for International arrivals.

Royal Air Maroc Check-in Terminal at JFK 

The check-in office and kiosk for Royal Air Maroc Airlines is close to the Departure. The passengers are advised to carry all the mandatory documents stated by the airline to board the flight hassle-free. Otherwise, a long procedure has to be followed to clear up the process. Moreover, it could lead to flight cancellation.

Royal Air Maroc Lounge 

The business class passengers of Royal Air Maroc are eligible to use the Air France Lounge. The Airline shares the access due to partnership ties. Currently,there is no mention of the Royal Air Maroc private  Lounge on JFK Airport. Yet,  the airline keeps updating its services on a regular basis. That is why it is better to re-confirm the current status of the services offered by Royal Air Maroc.

Contact Address of Royal Air Maroc at JFK Airport 

Contact Address of Royal Air Maroc at JFK Airport 

 For any other queries, travelers should feel free to dial the customer care office of the airline. There are various ways to connect with the airline. Read the table below for the contact address of Royal Air Maroc Airlines.

Medium of Contact Address
Phone Number(800) 344-6726
Terminal Terminal 1,JFK

Moving Ahead, the last passage focuses on reflecting what other services you can find at the airport. The waiting time is too long a lot of times, especially when boarding an international flight. Due to this, the travelers get bored and look for options to keep them busy. Here are a few suggestions based on the services offered at the airport to spend the remaining time in a more meaningful manner.

  • Shop from the high end value branded shops at JFK Airport. Duty Free is the favorite space of all the travelers.
  • If you are on a trip to meet your family members or dear ones, then shop gifts and flowers from the stores available.
  • International flight passengers will require money for the destination they are flying to, and find the closest  Currency Exchange to get the money converted. 
  • Connecting flights passengers who will be spending hours can book the nearby hotel to freshen up.
  • If flying with a pet, then you can straight away move to the Pet Relief Areas 
  • If it’s time to worship the lord, then there are Worship Areas available throughout the day for the airport visitors. 
  • Passengers with planned  meets and work schedules can relax in the lounge or escape in the news reading and magazine for a silent space
  •  The WiFi is free at the airport for passengers to connect to their devices. 
  • One very eye pleasing way to spend the time at the airport is to take a round of the JFK terminals and watch the art on the walls sketched and painted by the local artists depicting the culture of New York life.  

The variety of options to use the time at the airport is wide and endless to an extent. As per the preference of an individual, you can explore the various options by visiting the ‘At The Airport’ Section on the official website. 

Key Takeaways 

The intent of this article is to inform passengers about what terminal is Royal Air Maroc a JFK. The airline uses the same terminal for all its services. Airport maps and directions at the airport guide people to reach their desired place. Also, terminals are bound to change at times due to various operational concerns at the Airport. It is advised to check the current status of the upcoming arrivals and departures on the flight tracker. It details the terminal the airline will land or take off from. The boarding pass also carries all the essential information to board the plane.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Royal Air Maroc have a lounge at JFK? 

The Air France terminal can be used by Royal Air Maroc passengers. 

What Terminal Does Royal Air Maroc Use?

Royal Air Maroc reserves Terminal 1 for all ots Departures and arrivals at JFK Airport

What to Do at JFK for 7 hours?

Passengers can relax, work, watch a movie on their personal devices using JFK Airport free WiFi. There are many stores for shopping and restaurants and cafes for eateries.

What is the Flight Code for Royal Air Maroc Airport? 

AT is the flight Code for Royal Air Maroc Airlines.
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