Scoot Airline is a moderately safe airline. Every year, the airline captures headlines for minor accidents. However, no major instances of mass damage and fatalities have occurred so far. Still, ignorance and lack of attention to passengers’ safety can be concluded at many times. With its improved structure and detail to safety measures, Scoot Airlines has now gained good recognition for its safety and hygiene standards.

 All in all, the airline safety rankings are decent. Individuals who recently learnt about the airline and were searching for Is Scoot Airlines safe can refer to the following points to evaluate the actual performance and reviews of the passengers. 

How Safe Is Scoot Airline?

How Safe Is Scoot Airline

Scoot Airlines is the first low cost and budget-friendly airline to receive safety and 5-star ratings. It has also earned Diamond status for its safety standards by APEX Safety Health Audit. 

The airline is a subsidiary of the flag carrier airline of Singapore. It was launched with a vision to offer a low cost travel experience to the passengers. Its total experience in the industry is around 11 years as it was started in 2012. The airline is going good and receives mixed reviews for its services due to the limited budget and amenities. 

However, in terms of how safe is scoot airline, then, in that case, the airline is regulated by the civil aviation authority of Singapore and it is unlikely that it would risk its reputation and provide its passengers with an unsafe flight.

Scoot Airlines Fleet

Scoot Airlines Fleet

Scoot Airlines owns a fleet of 57 aircraft with an average age of 5.5 years. It surely depicts the young and maintained airplanes that are considered mostly safe. Also, planes like the Airbus Neo series are less in age ensuring advanced technological features that are equipped with risk assessment and informing abilities that allow the pilots to take quick actions to avoid potential accidents. The airline also ensures regular maintenance and repairs of the airline for safe landings of the passengers. 

History of Scoot Airlines

Overview of Scoot Airlines History

Scoot Airlines was started by the major Singapore flag carrier airline to provide low cost flights to its passengers. The amenities in the airline are surely quite limited but it promises to keep safety as its priority. Its overall performance is also rated as good and safe to fly. Many International organizations have also approved its safety measures and standards. Even more, it is the first budget-friendly airline to receive 5-star ratings.

Safety Measures by Scoot Airlines

Scoot Airlines has dedicated protocols and guidelines to ensure passengers’ and staff’s safety. It has a frame structure to maintain and ensure passenger safety which includes young and regular repairs of the fleet, pilot and crew training, and timely updates in the policy. Also, as the airline evaluates the existing protocols and the inefficiencies occurring in the current plan and restructures the rules to improve the overall safety standards. 

Crew Training and Performance

Crew Training and Performance

Scoot Airlines gives due attention to its crew’s training and expertise of handling or managing the risks. The employment of the staff is done in accordance with various international guidelines and standards. Firstly, the crew is experienced enough to handle and take swift decisions to overcome or reduce the impact of the potential accident. Furthermore, training of the new era for the pilots and the crew members is part of the Scoot Airlines safety plan in order to be aware about the emerging threats of an air journey and how to manage them efficiently. These two major and mini steps allow the airline to ensure the safety of the passengers and the staff. 

Scoot Airlines International Recognitions and APEX Certification

Scoot Airlines is amongst the safe airlines according to various ratings and reviews. It is the first low cost carrier to receive 5-star ratings for safety. Even more, APEX has ranked or awarded it with Diamond status for its Health and Safety. It is an independent body or organization which uses various factors including consumer reviews and international standards to evaluate and award an airline. Its rankings and awardings prove its good safety performance. Scoot Airlines can hence be concluded as a safe airline based on these factors and rankings.

Accidental History of Scoot Airlines

Scoot Airlines has witnessed a range of tragedies. Recently, a power bank spark and explosion led to the death of two passengers. There have been cases where the airline should where ignorance of the airline was responsible for the cause. Whereas, on the other side, the majority of the accidents occurred due to various technical or unprecedented issues.

The airline has improved its measures and has increased its attention to removing any sort of negligence toward safety. The good thing about Scoot Airlines safety is that there have not been many deaths but there have been various accidents and incidents every year due to various minor to major reasons. That is why it has been able to retain good rankings despite being surrounded in the news. 

Overview of Scoot Airlines


Scoot Airlines is a completely safe airline to fly and is also a 5-star rated for its hygiene and safety standards. Passengers who are searching for is Scoot Airlines safe can refer to the above-stated content to learn more about the reasons that define why Scoot Airlines is safe to fly and decide finally whether or not to book the ticket. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Scoot Airlines Safe?

Scoot Airlines is a safe airline and is the first ever low-cost airline to receive  5-star ratings. 

Does Scoot Airlines offer safe flights at International locations? 

Scoot Airlines offers safe flights to more than 56 destinations, including national and international locations. 

How is Scoot Airlines ranked? 

Scoot Airlines is a 5-star rated airline and also has a Diamond Status for Health and Safety. 
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