Silver Airways is safe as it is Wyvern Wingman PRO-certified. It is also certified by IS-BAO Stage 2 which rates airlines’ safety management system. Silver Airways is certified as a 3-star airline by Skytrax for quality services and has a safety rating of 6 out of 7. Silver Airways prioritize passengers’ safety above everything else. The airline strictly adheres to safety measurements and aviation guidelines. Silver Airways stick to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations for safety. The airline puts plenty of money into training the pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff for proactiveness in any situation that may arise during a flight.

Silver Airways is a well-known name in the aviation industry and have been serving travelers for years. With its vast route networks, competitive prices, and strict safety measures, many passengers consider Silver Airways safe. It is natural for anyone to assure their safety first before anything else. On this page, we will delve more into the aspects that make Silver Airways Safe for Travelers.

Silver Airway Safety Measures & Compliance

Silver Airway Safety Measures

Airlines Safety Measurement is one of the primary concerns of travelers. Rest assured, Silver Airlines comply with guidelines set by FAA and other administrative body. It is among the few airlines that allow FAA to access its advanced record-keeping software and track air fleets and crewmembers uninterruptedly. Hence, Silver Airways ensures the protection of sensitive information and human safety.

Being said, Silver Airlines strictly follow COVID-19 instructions and maintain security of passengers and crew member by taking following actions:

  • Providing limited access to the aircraft, only selective personnels are allowed to have access to the cabin. 
  • Effective cleaning and sterilization of every corner from main cabin to tiny baggage compartment to protect from deadly viruses and infections. After cleaning, every door get security seal to eliminate unauthorized access.
  • Silver Airways Pilots and Cabin Crew are well trained to handle emergency situation rationally. Whether its minor incidents or rare emergency it’s always maintained a satisfactory Silver Airways Safety Record.

Silver Airline Fleet Development

Silver Airline Fleet

Silver Airlines conduct a uniform inspection to maintain the fleet’s airworthiness and safety. In addition, the aircraft undergo a thorough check before every flight to ensure inflight safety and good condition of the system. Commitments to such maintenance standards contribute to Silver Airways Safety Record. The Silver Airlines’ Fleet includes the following aircraft:

AircraftIn Service
ATR 42-60008
ATR 72-60006
Total Fleet Size14

Silver Airlines partners with Wyvern and IS-BAO-certified operators while operating charter flights outside its fleet to maintain Silver Airways Safety Record. Its global networks are evaluated continuously to ensure uniform safety precautions and services to its passengers. 

Safety Protocol of Silver Airways

Every Silver Airways Flight goes through Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) during the planning process under its Safety Management System protocol. This helps crew members in assessing the potential risks for every trip. Furthermore, a review process is conducted accordingly and strategies are made to minimize or eliminate any arising safety risk.

Incident History & Safety Innovations

It is also important to assess Silver Airways Plane Crash and Incident History. The history of recorded accidents is relatively moderated with lesser notable incidents related to safety. Silver Airlines conducted thorough investigation of occurred incidents and implemented corrective techniques to prevent such incidents i furture.

Over the years, Silver Airways has brought safety innovation and advanced technology onboard to enhance flight operation. It has state-of-the-art aircraft that has advanced safety system for

Safety Record and Audits

Silver Airways safety measurements and techniques are evaluated by independent organization’s thorough audits. Its has safety certification from Wyvern Wingman PRO & IS-BAO Stage 2. Additionally, Silver Airways completed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which defines standards for Airlines Safety Management and successfully joined the IOSA Registry back in 2014.

Customer Reviews & Feedback on Silver Airways

Customer Reviews

What is a better way for evaluating airlines safety and overall performance through customer review & feedbacks. Although individual experience may vary but passengers generally rate Silver Airline a reliable choice for travel. Many customers praise the airline for its budget-friendly tickets, sanitized cabins, dedicated staff, and smooth flights. After analyzing every aspects, passengers can consider Silver Airways Safe choice for travel.

Silver Airways Related (FAQs)

What is Silver Airways known for?

Silver Airways is known for low-cost flights, quality service, and its defined safety standards.

Is Silver Airways FAA certified?

Yes, Silver Airways comply with FAA rules and regulations. Its is also certified by IS-BAO Stage 2 which checks airlines’ safety management system.

Are Silver Airways planes safe?

Yes, Silver Airways are considered safe to fly and has 3-star ratings for quality services.

Has Silver Airways ever crashed?

As per our research, there is no recorded incident of Silver Airways Plane Crash.

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