Can I Track My Baggage on Southwest

Unfortunately, Southwest Airlines does not have the baggage tracking feature. Passengers flying with Southwest Airlines don’t have the facility to personally track their checked baggage. Travelers have to visit Southwest Baggage Service Office in person to report baggage concerns since there is no tracking facility by SWA. However, Southwest Airlines is mostly ranked low in mishandling baggage as per the Air Travel Consumer Report. So there are fewer chances of losing your luggage.

Anyway, it is suggested to keep your confirmation number, and baggage tag number, and be aware of departure and destination airport names. These details would come in handy while successfully locating your baggage on Southwest. Whether the bag is delayed or lost, passengers can reach out to the Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Office for any baggage-related queries. 

How To Track Your Bag on Southwest?

How To Track Your Bag on Southwest

Passengers can reach out to the Baggage Service Office or dial Southwest Phone Number for Lost Baggage concerns depending upon the present situation. Complete instructions will be provided on Southwest Baggage Tracking after you report to the concerned authority. If your luggage remains unlocated even after five days then you must download a claim form from Southwest Baggage Claim Web Portal. You can access this portal with provided incident number.

Southwest Baggage Tracking Rules

Southwest Baggage Tracking Rules

Passengers must know that Southwest Airlines is not accountable for manufacturer defects and minor scratches, cuts, and dirt on the luggage. In addition, the airline is also must not be held accountable for carry-on bags considered overstuffed. Read out the following points and take action accordingly to initiate Southwest Baggage Tracking.
Whether the baggage is lost or delayed, you are required to locate the baggage claim or ticket counter to reach the Southwest Baggage Service Office. If you exited the airport then dial (888) 202-1024 and report your concern. 

  • Passengers flying domestically must notify the authority regarding the claim within four hours after one of the following:
    i. Arrival of flight where the damage or the delay of baggage has allegedly occurred.
    ii. Baggage Receipt
  • In the case of international travel, passengers must contact the authority within seven days for damaged baggage. Whereas, reach out within twenty-one days for baggage delay.

Can You Track Bags on Southwest App?

Can You Track Bags on Southwest App

Now, the passengers are curious to know whether they can Track Bags on Southwest App. However, Southwest Baggage Tracking is not possible on its mobile application. It only started to tally the number of bags per flight by computer scanning a few years ago. Overall, Southwest is Safe to Fly, it may not use the tracking technology now but can be expected in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to track your bag on Southwest?

Passengers do not have access to the Southwest Baggage Tracking facility. You have to report to the Southwest Baggage Service Office.

Does Southwest compensate for delayed luggage?

Southwest Airlines compensate for only reasonable damages done to luggage due to delay.

What happens if my baggage is never located?

In that case, you have to download a claim form from Baggage Claim Web Portal by entering the file id or incident number.

Can you track bags on Southwest?

No, Passengers cannot track their individual bags personally. 
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