Is Southwest Airlines Safe

Definitely, Southwest Airlines is a safe airline with a minimum fatalities record. The operational safety of the airline is  reliable. The major reason for the accidents has been due to sudden technical issues in the aircrafts. Indeed, there is no second thought on Southwest Airlines safety performance. 

Each life flying on the plane is really important. There is no doubt that the Southwest has the least number of deaths in its overall working experience. However, those few people who died even matter. Hence, it becomes really important to evaluate why and how is Southwest airlines safe in order to ensure our safe landing.

Why is Southwest a Safe Airline?

is Southwest a Safe Airline

Southwest Airlines is a United States carrier that has been flying since 1971. In over 52 years of experience, it has met 3 major accidents which led to the death of 10-11 passengers. There was no mass damage. Also, the injuries were minor apart from one or two. While this might seem like a clarification, the truth is that all airlines have met accidents that led to such unfortunate consequences. However, to determine, the reasons must be clearly verified as certain risks like sudden weather change, engine failure are not under complete control of the crew or the airline. 

What should be considered is the ability to manage such situations that can ensure a safe landing with the least number of deaths and injuries. Here,Southwest Airlines has been really successful. Its trained pilots have handled all major to minor situations efficiently with minimum damage. 

Southwest Airlines  has been rated as the top 20 airlines in terms of safety and security. Customers review the on-board experience as safe. Let’s discuss the next few points to find out the reasons why is Southwest a safe airline. 

Southwest Airlines’ Accidental History and Records

Southwest Airlines has majorly met 8 accidents in 52 years of duration of its working experience. The last accident where there were zero fatalities but a few minor injuries was in 2018. It has a really commendable safety record which is constantly praised by the passengers. Its customer centric approach has always worked in favor of it.

Southwest Airlines Fleet

Southwest Airlines includes 739 Boeing aircrafts as members of its fleet. It is the largest owner of the Boeing series and since its launch has relied on this brand. It owns the latest range of these that are very efficient in reducing the issues of an air journey like jet lag, noise eruptions etc. 

The name of Southwest Airlines is very familiar in the industry and to the passengers. Yet, those who have doubts on whether Southwest Airlines is safe must rely on the overall data and experience. The airline frequently keeps reviewing and updating the active safety standards. 

Pilot and Crew of Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines employs a trained and skilled set of pilots and crew members that have together managed to create a good safety record for the airline. Even International standards state that the crew must be capable of handling the risky situations well without the technological presence of the new-generation aircrafts. This is to ensure that if there is technical error, the staff is equipped enough to cater the situation well. 

Certifications and Memberships

Sadly Southwest Airlines does not have any internationally recognised certifications that could strengthen the trust on the airline. However, given its track record of 52 years and it’s popularity in the U.S., it is safe to fly with Southwest Airlines. 

For Instance,IATA (International Air Transportation Association) certifies airlines but it is an involuntary audit. Hence Southwest Airlines being a part of it or not optional. Hence, its safety record is still valid. 

Southwest Airlines COVID Safety Protocols and Hygiene

Southwest Airlines has strictly followed the COVID norms ensuring passengers’ safety at every phase of the journey. International and local authorities’ rules were combined and adhered to. Cleaning and sanitization after every landing was a must to reduce the spread of virus along with mandatory testing and masks. Certain rules are still in action as per the situation and destination requirements. 


Southwest Airlines is a sincere airline that focuses on planning and implementing safety protocols. These guidelines are evaluated on a timely basis and the errors or gaps are rectified in order to enhance the overall quality. It is a very dedicated airline which has managed to maintain a much trustworthy record in the industry as compared to other airlines. 

Although there is no international award or membership like IATA backing up the safety standards of Southwest airlines, it is still amongst the best airlines to fly in terms of a safe and secure landing. Customers have also shared positive reviews about the same. Review all the above points and calm your concerns regarding is Southwest airlines safe. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Southwest the most reliable airline?

Southwest Airlines is a very reliable airline and has a good safety record. 

Why is Southwest Airlines so successful?

Southwest Airlines’ working mechanism is very detailed and it is very customer oriented, ensuring good quality services at reasonable rates and assured safety.

Is Southwest Airlines IATA approved?

No, Southwest Airline, a carrier of the U.S.A. is not part of the IATA membership.

Is Southwest a safe airline?

Yes, Southwest Airline is completely safe to fly.
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