When Can I Pick My Seat On Southwest Airlines? Latest Info When Can I Pick My Seat On Southwest Airlines? Latest Info
Southwest Seat Selection Policy

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to choose their seats during the boarding process, which typically begins 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. This process is known as “open seating.” Passengers can check in online or via the Southwest mobile app exactly 24 hours before the flight and select their seats in order of check-in. The earlier you check in within that 24-hour window, the better your chances of getting your preferred seat. If you have a specific seat preference, it’s a good idea to set a reminder to check in as soon as the 24-hour window opens to increase your chances of securing your desired seat.

Southwest Seat Selection Policy

Southwest Seat Selection Policy

Southwest Seat Selection is carried out in a way that no passenger is assigned a seat at the time of booking the flight. The airline is famous among travelers for its open seating system as well as budget-friendly tickets. Southwest Airlines follows an opening seating policy for boarding. Unlike, traditional seating, the airline gathers passengers into different boarding groups according to the time they check in. The different Southwest Boarding Groups are A, B, and, C (boarded in the same sequence) and are positioned from 1-60s after checking in.

How to Select Seats on Southwest Airlines?

How to Select Seats on Southwest Airlines

How Do I Pick My Seat on Southwest? You can select your preferred seat once you board the plane. Passengers may go through the following steps since there are no assigned seats on Southwest Flights:

1. Travelers can check in online or offline to get the boarding classes. You may check in 24 hours before departure through Southwest Official Website. Passengers can also check in at the airport through self-service kiosk, ticket counter, etc.

2. Southwest Boarding Pass will be assigned to the listed boarding group. The agent will call out the boarding group to assemble in the designated column representing the boarding position. Similarly, when your group is called know it’s your time to board the plane. 

3. If you purchased Southwest Business Select Seats, Anytime, or a rapid reward member then the airline will reserve your boarding position automatically 36 hours prior to the departure. You have to physically check in 24 hours prior to departure to get the Southwest Boarding Pass.

4. Once you board the plane, you can simply select the available seat on Southwest.

How to Get a Better Boarding Position on Southwest Flights?

Consider the following ways to get a better boarding position on Southwest and hence a better seat on your next Flight:

  • Download Southwest Airlines Mobile App

As we know early boarding can direct impact the seat selection process. The application helps you check in on time by reminding you through push notifications.

  • Purchase Southwest Premium Ticket

Southwest Business Select is Worth it as it ensures automatic check-in 36 hours prior to departure and A1-A15 guaranteed boarding meaning you board first. Thus, this also improves your Southwest Business Select Seat Selection Process. You can also purchase the upgraded boarding position 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Purchase Southwest Premium Ticket
  • Purchase EarlyBird Check-in

Purchasing this feature allows passengers to automatically check-in before the traditional check-in. However, it does not guarantee listing on the ‘A’ boarding group but boards you earlier on the plane first. 

Southwest Business Select Seats

southwest Business Select Seats

Travelers can purchase Southwest Business Select Seats to get priority boarding. With the premium ticket, passengers are listed from the A1-A15 boarding group. Thus, overall improving the Southwest Business Select Seating process. 

What is Southwest Family Boarding?

What is Southwest Family Boarding

As the name suggests, it’s a separate boarding group formed for people traveling with families. Such passengers can board the plane after the ‘A’ group but before group ‘B’. Passengers fulfilling the following conditions can board during Southwest Family Boarding and select their preferred seats on the flight:

  • A family of two adults with a child (six years or younger) can use family boarding.
  • However, if the family is already listed on the ‘A’ boarding group then can board first rather than waiting for family boarding. 

Southwest is a good airline providing flexibility and personalization in its Seat Selection Policy. Southwest Airlines Open Seating system allows passengers to secure the best seat by checking in early, purchasing EarlyBird Check-in or Business Select Southwest Seat, or through family boarding. The airline seating policy ensures an enjoyable and comfortable journey with a seat that meets passengers’ travel preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Southwest not assign seats?

Southwest Airlines believes in open seating policy as it speeds up the boarding procedure and thus it is popular among passengers as well.

Does checking in early get you a better seat on Southwest?

Apparently yes, checking in early will list you on the first Southwest Boarding Groups. After which you can board early and get a better seat as well.

How do you get seated first on Southwest Airlines?

You can get seated first on Southwest Airlines through early check-ins and listing on the ‘A’ boarding group or by purchasing Business Select seats that ensure A1-A15 boarding.

Is it hard to get a seat on Southwest?

No, Southwest follows an open seating policy that lets passengers select any available vacant seat.

Are all seats on Southwest the same?

Almost every fare class offers the same seat on Southwest flights. Seats located at the exit row have more legroom than others. 

How much faster is Southwest boarding?

Southwest boarding system is about 47% faster than those airlines following traditional boarding procedures. 

Is boarding Group C good for Southwest?

‘C’ boarding groups are the last ones to board the plane. So, by the time you get on the plane, people would have already taken the best seats. 

Who gets priority boarding on Southwest?

Passengers flying as a family and with Southwest Business Select Seats get priority boarding.

How many boarding does Southwest have?

Southwest has three boarding groups – A, B, & C. These groups are boarded in the same sequence. 
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