Passengers who book Sun Country flights with departure or arrival at the Minneapolis airport can know about the current status of their flights. Sun Country Airlines flights depart and arrive using the H gates of MSP Terminal 2. However, the terminal is subject to change under certain circumstances. To know about the arrival or departure flight status or any flight terminal changes, you need to check with the airline staff at the terminal.

Minneapolis−Saint Paul Airport Contact Details

Airport NameMinneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport
Saint Paul Airport Address4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul, MN 55111, USA
Saint Paul International Airport Website
Airport Contact Number+1 612-726-5555
Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport CodeMSP
WMO Code72658

Sun Country Airlines At MSP Terminal Arrivals

Sun Country uses MSP Terminal 2 for arrivals. However, the flight terminal is subject to change under certain circumstances. To know about any changes in your Sun Country Terminal MSP for arrivals, you need to carefully listen to all the flight announcements and arrival notifications.

Sun Country Airlines Departures At MSP Terminal

Sun Country Airlines uses the same Terminal 2 at Minneapolis Airport for departures. However, the Sun Country MSP terminal for Departures can change anytime under particular circumstances. Any such changes are informed to passengers via announcements or notifications prior to the flight boarding. 

As Sun Country flights occupy T2 (Terminal 2) at MSP airport, all its flights are expected to board from there. Further, to know about the terminal status of Sun Country at MSP or any upcoming terminal changes, passengers can contact the official customer support of Sun Country Airlines.

Sun Country flies to different destinations from Terminal 2 at the Minneapolis airport so passengers need to board using the H Gates. However, this can be changed depending on the situation. Sun Country Airlines uses MSP Terminal 2 for the arrivals and departures using the H gates. You’ll need to board your Sun Country flight on Terminal 2 at the departures section at the Minneapolis Airport. However, in rare instances, the boarding and arrival status of Sun Country flights might change to terminal 1. Yet we are certain that most likely you’ll arrive at or board your booked Sun Country flight using H gates of Terminal 2. 

With the aforementioned information, passengers boarding Sun Country flights in Minneapolis can know what terminal Sun Country in Minneapolis. While flight timings with departure and arrivals are subject to change, you must enquire about the same at your Airline counter in the airport. You can also check the status of your arrival and departure flights at the official website of Sun Country Airlines or at the Minneapolis Airport. 

Tour of Terminal 2 at MSP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which terminal is Sun Country at MSP?

Sun Country Airlines uses H gates of Terminal 2 at MSP.

What is the full name of MSP airport?

Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport is the official name given to MSP in 1948.

What star rating is Sun Country?

Sun Country is a low-cost airline with a 3-star rating.

Is Sun Country Terminal 1 or 2?

Sun Country uses terminal 2 at MSP Airport for all international and national flight routes.
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