Does Sun Country Fly to Hawaii

No, Sun Country does not fly to Hawaii at present. The airline used to offer flight service to Hawaiian destinations via Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Honolulu. However, the airline declared suspension of the route in an April 2022 statement. Wendy Burt, Sun Country Airlines spokesperson, stated that this was done for the betterment of flight operation and also apologized for the sudden changes. Besides, flights to Fairbanks, Alaska also got terminated on the same day. 

Why Did Sun Country Stop Flying to Hawaii?

Why Did Sun Country Stop Flying to Hawaii

Sun Country stopped flying to Hawaii because of pilot shortage and high fuel costs. These factors have forced the airline to terminate long-haul flights to Hawaii. The spokesperson of the airline stated the following details while announcing the suspension –

“Anticipating that we will continue to be operationally constrained by workforce shortages, including crew, Sun Country is adjusting our summer flying schedule to align better with staffing and aircraft availability. We are eliminating service to Fairbanks and Honolulu – two long-haul flights that will also save on high fuel costs. We apologize to our guests for the change.”

Sun Country was to return to Honolulu services in 2023 summer however, that was not the case anymore. The flight schedule for 2023 did not show any listing of Hawaiian destinations.

Sun Country High Fuel Cost Affecting Honolulu Flights

The cost of jet fuels is rapidly rising, it was $2.23 for a gallon in November 2021, which increased to $3.48 a gallon in a year. Afterwards, Russia’s War on Ukraine highly affected the fuel price and it reached $4.85 a gallon. Now, Boeing 737-800 requires about 6,800 gallons of fuel for flight operations. A rise in fuel cost by $1.22 means the airline would need $8,387.50 additional money to fill the tank. This would also increase the flight prices as the cost is added to each passenger ticket. 

Hence, Sun Country stopped flying to Hawaiian destinations as it no longer could provide affordable tickets. This would make the competition tough for the airline and would be out-priced. Sun Country is a good airline and has chosen to focus on its new routes and aims to better its flight operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Sun Country fly to in Hawaii?

Sun Country used to fly to Honolulu at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

Does Sun Country still fly to Hawaii?

No, Sun Country no longer provides services to Hawaiian destinations. 

Will Sun Country start flying to Hawaii?

Sun Country was to restart the Hawaii services in 2023 but no actions were made from the side of the airline. 

Why did Sun Country withdraw flights to Hawaii?

Sun Country stopped flying to Hawaii because of pilot shortages and the high cost of jet fuel.
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