What is Swoop Airlines Cancellation Policy

Swoop Airlines Cancellation Policy states that no cancellation will be permitted outside 24 hours of booking the ticket.  Passengers are not liable to pay any charges for dropping their travel plans. Passengers have to follow the Swoop Cancellation Policy in case of uncertainty in travel plans. It is a Canadian low-cost carrier which is owned by WestJet. Passengers fly to destinations across North America and the Caribbean. The airline maintains its ultra low-cost business model with its simplified cancellation policies. Passengers may check certain rules and guidelines pertaining to Swoop Flight Cancellation. 

Swoop Cancellation Policy

Key Highlights of Swoop Cancellation Policy

Swoop Airlines Cancellation Policy does not include a flight cancellation option once the grace period of 24 hours is over. Passengers can simply decide not to show on the day of the flight. The airline does not charge any penalty for no show. However, your fare amount will not be refunded. Passengers only have the option to change Swoop Flight when faced with uncertain events. 

If you cancel your flight within a day after purchasing the ticket from the official website or by contacting the airline then no fee is charged. In addition, the airline will refund the ticket amount to the original form of payment. The flight can be canceled from the managed booking section. It is available right after purchasing the ticket and up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Swoop Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Under 24 Hours Swoop Airlines Cancellation Policy, passengers must have bought a ticket 168 hours prior or a week before the scheduled flight. If these conditions are met then the passenger is eligible to cancel Swoop flight within 24 hours of booking. No fee is charged from the passengers and the complete fare amount is refunded back to the payment source. If the grace period is over then you’re left with the option to change Swoop flight and adjust your travel itinerary. 

How to Cancel Swoop Flight Online for Free?

How to Cancel Swoop Flight Online for Free

Passengers can head to the official webpage and cancel their flight. Online instructions are provided on screen during the cancellation procedure, passengers can follow them easily and cancel their flight. The following are the steps according to the Swoop Airlines Cancellation Policy:

  • Visit the Swoop Airlines homepage with this link www.flyswoop.com
  • Navigate the page and click on the “My Booking” option.
  • Enter your reservation code and last name then click on the “Find My Booking” button.
  • Select the relevant flight and click on the cancel option.
  • The airline will cancel your flight and send a confirmation on your registered email address. 

Cancel Swoop Flight via Customer Care Support

Cancel Swoop Flight via Customer Care Support

If you are facing trouble while cancelling the ticket online then this is the option for you. Passengers are allowed to contact the customer care department via travellersupport@flyswoop.com and request Swoop Flight Cancellation. If you are eligible, the agent will cancel the flight on your behalf. The service is available 24/7 with a dedicated team. Agents will also inform you regarding the refund procedure. Just make sure to provide the correct flight details for a seamless procedure. 

Does Swoop Cancel Flights Often?

Does Swoop Cancel Flights Often

Unfortunately, even though the airline prefers not to cancel tickets, they do happen. Cancellation occurs due to air traffic routes, on airport requests, construction, security purposes, and due to other market forces. The airline notifies passengers as early as possible in the event of flight cancellation to minimise the inconvenience. Swoop Airlines make sure to convey the message clearly along with the reason to cancel the flight. The following are the various methods through which passengers are informed regarding flight cancellations:

  • Via email
  • On the official website by checking the flight status.
  • At the Airport
  • Through mobile app notifications. 
  • Text messages

Compensation for Canceled Flights 

Compensation for Canceled Flights 

Swoop Airlines compensates passengers when the flight is canceled from its end. The airline will do its best to get you in your way and provide the following options:

  • Provide your ticket to the next available flight as soon as possible. 
  • Transfer you to the WestJet flight, if available. 
  • Cancel the flight and claim a refund to the original source of payment. 

The airline try to put these options in the email while notifying the passenger. These options may change according to availability of flights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does Swoop cancel flights?

Swoop flights are canceled due to air traffic, airport requests, construction, and due to other uncontrollable factors like weather conditions. 

Does Swoop have free cancellation?

Yes, Swoop Airlines provide free cancellation if requests are made within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. It should be purchased seven days or more before the scheduled departure. 

Can I get refund from Swoop?

Yes, Swoop Airlines refunds for flights canceled under 24 hours of reservation. The amount is refunded to the original form of payment.

How long do you have to cancel a Swoop flight?

Passengers have to cancel Swoop flight within 24 hours of booking. Otherwise, no cancellations are permitted by the airline. 

How do I speak to someone at Swoop?

You can contact Swoop Customer Support by dropping a message at the official website or via Customer Care Support.

Can I cancel the Swoop flight after 24 hours?

No, cancellation outside 24 hours of booking is not permitted. You can miss the flight as the airline does not charge for no show. 

How to cancel a Swoop flight online?

Passengers can cancel Swoop flights online by visiting the official website and clicking on the “my booking” option. This feature is available right after buying the ticket and up tp 24 hours before the flight takeoff. 

Does Swoop charge for flight cancellation?

No, the airline does not charge penalties for flight cancellations done according to the policy. 
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