Does Turkish Airlines have Premium Class

No, There is no premium economy on Turkish Airlines. There was a time when the airlines started the premium economy section on their 777-300ER aircrafts.  

Turkish Airlines premium economy was launched in only one aircraft series. Soon it was also discontinued due to lack of sales and operational concerns. There must have been various reasons for the airlines to exclude the economy premium seats.

What Was Premium Economy on Turkish Airlines?

Premium Economy on Turkish Airlines

Economy Comfort was the name given to premium economy seats of Turkish Airlines. The cabin was launched, joining the trend with the leading Airlines. Many airlines offered and are still offering an upgraded version of the economy cabin with extra leg space and comfortable seating. 

Unfortunately, Turkish Airlines could not suffice with the trend and decided to maintain quality service with the Economy section without any other section for premium economy class.

According to many sites, the comfort was surely offered with Turkish Airlines premium economy seats. The seats had  46 inches long extra leg room and 19.5 inches width. Surprisingly, now the seats available in the Turkish Airlines Economy section are almost the same width. The economy section seat is 18. 11 inches approximately. 

Probably, passengers opted for the basic economy to keep the price low. While others who wanted an improved seating area with extra amenities opted for the business class. Resultantly, the sale never went higher for the economy premium of Turkish Airlines. 

Nonetheless, although, Turkish Airlines does not have premium economy, it has equally competitive seats with comfort and space

Even long haul flights’ passengers get to enjoy amenity kits and other services along with fine dining.  Turkish Airlines Economy can even be booked by passengers who are looking for the premium economy class because the services offered are equally competitive in the standard cabin. 

Compare and determine  the difference between  features of Turkish Airlines Economy and the services offered. 

Seat: Turkish Airlines seat offers 79 cm(31.10 inches) leg space and  46 cm (18.11 inches)  width. The leg space offered is very less as compared to the 46 inches offered back when the premium economy seat existed. Yet, the seats are quite comfortable given the affordable ticket price of Turkish Airlines. The seats are reclinable to 15 cm with 4 way adjustable headset. 

Entertainment:  Apart from comfort, for entertainment an 11.3 inch screen is deployed, right in front of the seat. Charging ports are also available to keep the entertainment going on personal devices. 

Amenity Kit and Dine: Passengers of the long haul receive amenity kits to keep the hours refreshing and even the skin hydrated. 

Other than this Dining section is another fine experience. There are several cuisines of various ethnicities and countries to give distinct flavors for satisfying taste buds of its diverse passengers. 

Key Takeaways

The intent of this content is to inform passengers that Turkish does not have premium economy class. There are passengers who must have enjoyed this service for a while, but presently it is no longer available. The Economy Class excellent services are compensation for the premium economy cabin. Travelers willing to travel with Turkish Airlines can book the standard Economy class. If you are a frequent flyer and have Miles and Smiles reward points, then use them to book a seat with the Airline. 

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