How to Book Turkish Airlines with Miles

Turkish Airlines awards its passengers for flying with it or using their services. It can be said as a source of income while spending money on the Airlines and its following services. 

The Miles and Smiles awards and the United Awards are the primary award points that passengers can earn easily. Frequently flyers receive exclusive offers with premium benefits deriving from the later awards. Also, Turkish Airlines Star Alliance member airlines tickets can also be booked with miles, if approved by a specific airline. 

To book a seat with Turkish Airlines, passengers can use the awards as a mode of payment. While for taxes the payment needs to be done in cash or credit. However, it is a minimal amount and the larger amount of the ticket is booked with the Miles and Smiles Awards. 

Moving forward, let us learn how to redeem the  Miles and Smiles reward points. Post that the content details about the eligibility criteria to earn, use and redeem the Turkish Airlines points.

Step by Step Guide to Redeem the Miles and Smiles Award Points 

The process remains entirely the same, the only alternation  in the steps occurs with the mode of payment. At the  end when the screen reflects the final amount, pay it with the award points to book Turkish Airlines with miles.  Read the steps to book the flight  on the Turkish Airlines page.

  • Navigate Turkish Airlines official page.
  • As you enter the link to the page, the screen brightly displays the Flight option. 
  • Next up is the sub options available under the “Flight” option. The three options are One Way, Round Way and the  third is Award Ticket- Buy a ticket with miles. 
  • Choose the Award Ticket- Buy a ticket with miles option. 
  • Post choosing the option , a pop up with two boxes asking for the Membership Number and Password will appear. Fill in the required details to further book flight. 
  • (The Membership Number could be the Membership number, Email address, Mobile number and Turkish ID number)
  • After filling the details, click on the Sign In option. 
  • Signing in will redirect you to a new page. 

Note: The steps for how to book Turkish Airlines with united miles remains the same. Kindly refer to the miles balance required to book the flight for desired destination. Use the united miles as a mode of payment just like the Miles and Smiles Awards. 

Benefits of Earning Miles and Smiles Awards 

 The benefits of earning these miles points is not limited to booking flights on Turkish Airlines. Instead, there are many others, configured to the following list to know the other various ways to use the earned Miles and Smiles Points. 

  1. Cabin Upgrades are easy with the miles earned.
  2. Pay no additional fee to enter and rest the Turkish Airlines lounges. 
  3. Using the miles, passengers can shop products for them and their dear ones by visiting the website. 
  4. Earn the Miles and Smiles award points from Turkish Airlines and use them to book flights with its partner Airlines. It works in partnership with 25 airlines under the Sky Alliance membership. Know more about the Turkish Airlines Sky Alliance membership here. 
  5. Claim the access to carry the additional weight under the extra baggage allowance by Turkish Airlines.

Who is Eligible to be a Member of the Miles and Smiles Membership?

From a child to an adult anyone who is 2 years or more is eligible to be a member of the airlines. Given that the country of an individual allows its citizens to be part of the special privileges programs.

The ones that do not qualify for the Miles membership are the groups or legal entities. Also, obvious fact of rejection comes for the candidates whose personal account credibility does not qualify as per the rules and regulations. 

Turkish Airlines has the full authority to reject an individual’s application  requesting to join the Miles membership. There are specific reasons as to why this could happen. One such is described in the last line of the above passage. 

Not only this, Turkish Airlines states it has the rights to suspend or terminate accounts. Not to worry is that it informs the individual with a 2 week notice. Sadly, there will be no justification offered by the Airlines. 

Legal Actions Taken By Turkish Airlines for Misusing the Miles Points 

If a member tries to benefit from the miles program through illegal means. Further, any false information on passengers can lead to the termination or suspension of the membership. 

Passengers found abusing or harming the staff or the other passengers shall be liable for their actions. This behavior won’t be tolerated at any time before or during the journey when flying with Turkish Airlines. 

The faulty members who will receive the notice period of two weeks will lose the rights and privileges of the members. Once the termination duration ends, then the rights can be used for a period of six months. 

The rest of the rules shall stay in place and will affect the deadline and shorten the validity to exercise the rights and privileges. 

How to Join Miles and Smiles Club? 

If you clear the above stated eligibility criteria for earning miles, then learn here how to join Miles and Smiles Club.

  • Sign up to become a member of the Miles and Smiles and enjoy the exclusive benefits. To sign up follow the detailed process defined below.   
  • Enter the First and Surname.
  • Choose the language you speak and understand from the drop down menu.
  • Scroll down and  fill in your details about the Language, Nationality and Date of Birth.
  • Pick the Title( refers to your gender) from the given options. 
  • Next up fill the necessary Contact details the form asks for. It requires your postal address,Email ID, contact number and importantly the country of origin. 
  • Completing the details, jump to the next section and create a password. Also choose a security question.

If you have the Miles and Smiles member number, tick mark the box and fill in the number. If you don’t have the number then leave the section without selecting it. 

Finally, scroll down slowly while reading the essential information. At the bottom, there will be three points confirming that you agree with the terms and conditions of the airlines. 

While the first box confirms agreement to the general terms and conditions to enter the Miles and Smiles membership. The other two require permission to send promotional content of the Turkish Airlines, its partners and use the information of the individual for marketing activities.


Review all the steps above to learn how to book Turkish Airlines with miles. The eligible travelers can also use the United miles to book with Turkish Airlines. These are awards offered to appreciate the passengers using  the service with Turkish Airlines. To earn and use the miles, individuals will have to sign in to the Turkish Airlines account. Upon signing up, the airline credits some miles for joining the group. Further points will be added every time with new reservation with Turkish Airlines.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to book Turkish Airlines with Miles?

Simply use the miles as a mode of payment to book the next flight with Turkish Airlines. The booking procedure is exactly the same, only the medium of payment changes to miles. 

How many Turkish Airlines miles do I have?

Log in to the Turkish Airlines account to check the miles balance. 

How do I join Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles?

Sign up is required to join and earn the Miles & Smiles Award points. 
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10 months ago

I have never had so much difficulty making an award reservation! Despite what they state on the website, and confirmed through on-line chat, it is not possible to book an award flight on line unless you are traveling yourself. I had to call customer service to reserve two seats for friends. That was simple enough, but then they told me that they could not accept payment over the phone, and I must pay through the website. Unfortunately, they have the most dysfunctional website on the planet, and I could not pay on line. I called customer service again. They went through the motions of collecting my credit card info, but then told me that the passengers would need to present the same credit card at the airport before flying. For several reasons, that is difficult: 1) I am not flying, 2) the passengers live thousands of miles from me, and 3) the passengers do not have MY credit card. One of the passengers made the long drive to BOS today to pay for the ticket herself. She was treated rudely, and the agent said they had no idea what she was talking about, and she could not accept payment at the airport. After calls to the supervisor, she was told that I need to email photos of my ID and credit card to TK. Seriously? In 2023? Had I not already transferred 90,000 Citi points to TK, I would have switched to another airline long ago. It is simply not worth the hassle.