Does Turkish Airlines have Wifi

Yes, There is Wifi on Turkish Airlines  with speedy connectivity throughout the trip. The Access to WiFi is available on all international routes. Currently, more than 170 aircrafts of Turkish Airlines are equipped with an internet network.  It allows accessibility to all smart devices, from smartphones, tablets to laptops, for work and entertainment purposes. 

Moreover, Turkish Airlines offer Live TV and International Roaming services on selected aircrafts. Passengers traveling on  A350, A330, B787, B777 type aircrafts will be able to enjoy live channels like CNBC, BBC, TRT World, Sports 24,etc. 

Also, the SMS can be exchanged with its international services onboard.

Does Turkish Airlines Have Free Wifi? 

Does Turkish Airlines Have Free Wifi

Turkish Airlines have free Wifi for passengers who are either traveling in business class or are Miles and  Smiles card holders. These both categories are liable to enjoy free Wifi that Turkish Airlines offer. However, each category is offered a limited quantity of internet data.  Unlimited Wifi is accessible for passengers who are union of both the categories, that is, passengers flying in business class  and holding Miles and Smiles Cards. 

Check the data quantity to each category of passenger flying with Turkish Airlines: 

Category Internet Data Quantity 
Business Class 1 GB
Miles and Smiles Elite  and Elite Plus Card holders  400 MB
Miles and Smiles Classic and Classic Plus Card holders 10 MB 

For other categories flying in the economy class or without the miles and smiles card will have to purchase the Wifi separately. If interested, individuals can buy the miles and Smiles card to use Wifi for free. Otherwise, individual data plans are available to use the internet while flying. 

Internet Data Fees
20 MB299 USD
50 MB 499 USD
100 MB799 USD 
250 MB1499 USD
500 MB2499 USD

How to Connect With Turkish Airlines Wifi Onboard?


Turkish Airlines Wifi Service is available as soon as the passenger boards the flight. To purchase, the passengers can visit the official site of the airlines. Rest, others can use the WiFi by enabling the WiFi detector in their mobile phones. Turk Telekom WiFi Fly will appear on the screen in the available WiFi list. Select the WiFi, connect to it  and enjoy the data and speed accessible to you. The speed offered by Turkish Airlines is fast and interruption free. Incase of any interruption,  inform the staff to resolve the issue. Turkish airlines is a good airline and is amongst well known names in the market.

Does Turkish Airlines Have Wifi? (FAQs)

Is there wifi on Turkish Airlines on Domestic Flights?

Turkish Airlines only specifies WiFi service for international routes and has no mention about the domestic routes. Hence, it is not clear if all domestic flights of the airline have WiFi access or not.

Does Turkish Airlines have wifi onboard for Economy class?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers Wifi onboard but with charges applied. The passengers can choose the internet plan as per their needs and purchase accordingly.

Does Turkish Airlines have free wifi?

No, the WiFi is not free for the Economy class passengers of Turkish Airlines. The free service extends for the business class and the Miles and Smiles card holders.


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