Is Turkish Airlines Safe

Yes, Turkish Airlines is a fairly safe airline. Their safety standards are recognized by IATA as safe. It has a safety record with minimum accidents. Turkish Airlines is an 89 years old airline and uses its experience to create a safe experience for its passengers.  One of the major accidents Turkish Airlines faced had killed 938 passengers. After this accident, Turkish Airlines brought a  major change in their new safety protocols. The travelers who will soon be flying with Turkish Airlines must be concerned about how safe is Turkish Airlines.

IATA accepts international standards to qualify any airline as safe to travel. It follows provisions set by ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization) for airlines to create safe aerospace. These protocols and guidelines are international standards which all airlines around the globe are expected to follow. 

Following the protocols and qualifying the IATA examination, airlines become members of the IATA.

Turkish Airlines is one among the 300 airlines who qualify to be part of the IATA membership. Indeed, it is a clear signal that Turkish Airlines is safe. 

How Safe is Turkish Airlines? 

How Safe is Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines holds 89 years of experience of carrying passengers around the globe. Nothing like it has not met any accidents, but has learnt from them. The reevaluation and renewing safety standard by the airlines calms the alarming question of is it safe to Travel with Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines has witnessed around 19 accidents in its entire carrier. However, the airline has continuously worked on learning from the fatal incidents and establishing better protocols to avoid any such in the near future. 

Henceforth, it can once again be retained that it is safe to travel with Turkish Airlines. Its fleet quality and other international recognitions also define how safe Turkish Airlines is. 

How Safe Is Turkish Airlines Now? 

Turkish Airlines’ modern aircraft fleet is another star determining how safe Turkish Airlines is now. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Boeing 777-300 ER, Airbus A350-900 l, and many others are modern, aircrafts that ensure safety and offer additional features that make air journeys more comfortable. 

Aircrafts, their quality and maintenance are huge indicators of an airline’s safety. However, safety is not merely accidental safety but also health safety. For Turkish Airlines to qualify the safety standards with flying colors, it should qualify for the health and safety equally. Keep reading how safe it is to fly with Turkish Airlines during COVID? 

How Safe is Turkish Airlines During COVID? 

How Safe is Turkish Airlines During COVID

Turkish Airlines has received  Diamond Status from APEX for offering safety equivalent to hospital-grade health safety. Overall, it has received three awards from APEX for performing outstandingly and maintaining a great health and safety standard for its passengers. 

Importantly, Turkish Airlines was honored with the  World Class Rating award. This award has been introduced for the first time and has successfully been added to Turkish Airlines’ awards list. 

APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) is a Non Profit organization that works on establishing higher international standards, enhancing passenger’s air journey experiences. It can be defined as an information portal about the performance of airlines around the world. 

APEX rates airlines based on passenger’s feedback. It is an independent and unbiased body.  It has an alliance of airlines connected with it which is the largest in the world. APEX is determined to expand, gain recognition, and build international standards to enhance the passengers’ experience. 

Surely, Turkish Airlines has performed well and received great customer feedback to receive three awards from APEX. Even its first ever award, World Class Ratings was also awarded to Turkish Airlines. Moreover, Turkish Airlines has been honored as Five-Star Global Airline by APEX for the fifth consecutive year. Obviously, there is no doubt that Turkish Airlines is good.


IATA membership and APEX five star ratings prove that Turkish Airlines is a safe airline to fly with. The quality and quantity of services both impress the passengers. Online reviews and feedback of people who have flown Turkish Airlines state it to be a great and fabulous airline. It has thousands of staff and crew that offers a safe, hygienic and quality service. Passengers planning to fly with Turkish Airlines can rely on the reviews and ratings and book their flights. Passengers can complete the booking process to avoid any contact. Also, before flying, verify if Turkish Airlines require COVID test or mask.

 Is Turkish Airlines Safe? (FAQs)

What rank is Turkish Airlines? 

Turkish Airlines is a Five Star Airline that has recently received a World Class Rating’s Award   by the APEX organization that gathers unbiased feedback and judges the overall performance before awarding any airline.

Is it safe to fly through Istanbul Airport?

It is definitely safe to fly through the Istanbul Airport which is a hub for the majority of the Turkish Airlines stopovers and connecting flights.

How safe is it to fly Turkish Airlines?

There is zero risk involved when flying with Turkish Airlines. It is very well recognised internationally and clears safety standards of IATA and APEX. 

Is it safe to travel with Turkish Airlines for international flights? 

Yes, all domestic and international flight trips are safe to fly with the Turkish Airlines. 
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10 months ago

I had a great experiece.. Employees are very attentive, efficient & knowledgeable. The Aircraft was very clean. The new airport is the best I’ve seen so far,; however, getting frm one gate to another is quite a chore; a marathon. Allow ample time. Hope this helps.

Peter Heinemann
Peter Heinemann
10 months ago

Turkis Airlines hast the worst safety record of all EU flag carriers. Crews who dont speak nproper English, lack of education and company climate of fear.
I personally would never fly TK.
Peter Heinemann, Former Flight Instructor at THY

8 months ago

I have never witnessed or seen any human for that matter without any empathy or support towards a pregnant woman with a infant, child. Airline crew members refused to help in front of me kept hearing “its not my job” poor woman I just grabbed her bags and walked them out of the plane to the security checks. Insane people this was at Istanbul airport.