Baggage Allowance for Turkish Airlines

Baggage Allowance for Turkish Airlines offers the right to carry certain bags with restricted dimensions to be carried for free. Surely, Turkish airlines is a good airline that provides affordable  tickets and free baggage allowance. The fee for carrying a bag  is included in the ticket fee. If the bag dimensions exceed the defined limit then there are additional charges applied. 

Turkish Airlines baggage policy  is quite flexible and allows passengers to carry various items under distinguished categories. The Baggage policy for the national flights adult passengers can carry upto  15 Kg of weight while 10 kg is the limit for infants. While the Baggage allowance for international flights is 20 Kg. 

There are slight changes due to numerous factors. The changes occur in terms of the dimensions of bags and items allowed to be carried in the cabin or as check-in bags. Flight type, route, total weight, and  cabin type are factors for the change in policy. Also, the partner airlines policies are different. When a traveler is flying with the partner airline, then it is a must to check the respective airline site and the boarding pass. The prices even change based on the policies of the Star Alliance members. To evaluate the exact value, the passengers must use their reservation number and check the details. 

Star Alliance is the largest group of airlines with 27 airlines working together to expand their network. Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance. Henceforth, to determine baggage allowance for other airlines is different from the Turkish Airlines. 

As mentioned, Turkish Airlines allows a limited  number of bags to be carried by one passenger. Further, weight and size limits are also imposed on these. Alike other airlines, all the dimensional limit is to ensure safety of the passengers. If a passenger  intends to carry a heavier or larger size bag, then extra baggage fee is applied by Turkish Airlines. 

In order to avoid extra charges,pack your bags as per the baggage allowance of Turkish Airlines. Firstly, let’s determine how many bags are allowed on Turkish Airlines.

How Many Bags Are Allowed on Turkish Airlines for Free?

How Many Bags Are Allowed on Turkish Airlines for Free

Turkish Airlines allow a number of bags to be carried for free. Only checked and cabin bags are allowed for free. Importantly, the defined dimensional limit under Baggage allowance for Turkish Airlines international and national flights remains the same. Instead,The limit differs on the basis of cabin type and the partner airlines’ policies. 

The checked and cabin baggage have separate dimensional limits.Also, sporting, musical and other items are allowed under the baggage allowance for Turkish Airlines. 

Including the above mentioned other items, there are four major categorizations of baggage and conditions are ruled for the same. 

Furthermore, rules for these four categories are different for passengers traveling in different cabins. The flexibility to carry the number of bags and their weight increases. 

Charges are applicable for items defined under the sports and musical items list. Whereas, the two main check-in and carry bags are transported for free.  These bags  are transported for free if they qualify under the following dimensions. 

How Many Cabin Bags are Allowed on Turkish Airlines? 

How Many Cabin Bags are Allowed on Turkish Airlines

Cabin Baggage: Passengers carrying bags in the cabin can carry two bags. One is the personal item bag and the other is the carry bag. There is no exact list to be carried in the carry bag. However, the dimensions are surely defined. The limits are different for the Economy and upper cabins.

Carry on and personal item bags are allowed to economy class passengers. Read the restrictions below. 

Personal Item: One personal item will be counted as a bag. Laptop, tablets, kids essential, etc are to name a few

This one personal item bag cannot be larger than 40x30x15 inches and heavier than 4 Kg. 

Carry Bag: Per Turkish Airline passenger traveling in economy class can carry only a carry bag. This bag cannot exceed dimensions more than 23x40x55 inches and 8 Kg. 

Business Class 

Turkish Airlines’ business class passengers enjoy additional baggage allowance.  However, the bags allowed are carry bags and personal item bags. It is only  the dimensional limit that increases with the privileges of flying in business class of Turkish Airlines. 

Personal Item: One personal item as a bag can be carried for free by business class passengers. The bag should not be more than 40x30x15 inches and 4 kgs. 

Carry Bag: Two carry bags are allowed to be carried by business class passengers. The limit is the same for international and national flights’ passengers. One single person can carry these two carry bags, weighing not more than 8 kgs each and size limited 23x40x55 inches. 

How Many Checked Baggage are Allowed on Turkish Airlines?

How Many Checked Baggage are Allowed on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines each passenger can carry one check-in luggage for free. Even here, the restrictions are subject to the cabin type. Also, these restrictions shall not be true for the partner airlines. Keep scrolling to know the checked baggage allowance of Turkish airlines. 

Checked Baggage :Unlike the Cabin bag, the rules for the checked bag are slightly different for international and national flights. While the dimensional limits remain the same for the bag, there is an additional piece concept for international flights. 

 Piece concept can make the baggage allowance rigid. According to this concept,the extra bag fees will be applied 

if the number of bags are more than the defined limit regardless of the weight not exceeding the limit. So, passengers flying to domestic destinations can avoid the piece concept and follow the dimensions. Whereas, the international route passengers eligible for the piece concept need to be extra cautious.  Check dimensional limits for bags allowed on Turkish Airlines. 

Economy Class 

One piece of bag not weighing more than 23 Kg and with a maximum length of 153 cm are allowed for Turkish airlines economy class passengers.

Business Class

Each passenger can carry one checked bag of length not more than 153 cm and maximum weight of 32 Kgs. 

Following the free baggage allowance based on the cabin type, there are separate limitations for different age group passengers. Read the details.

Infants:  One bag not heavy more than 10 kg  is permitted for each infant traveling with the Turkish Airlines. A stroller of maximum height 115 cm are also allowed on board. 

Adults and Children: Passengers crossing the age limit of infants can carry a bag weighing not more than 23 Kg.

Want to carry more bags for free? If yes, then you must be the Star Alliance Gold card holder. Baggage allowance is stretched  more for the gold card holders.

How Many Kgs Does Turkish Airlines Allow to Star Alliance Gold Card Holder? 

 The limit extended is for Gold card holders only. Economy and Business Class passengers both enjoy the benefits of the extended limit depending on the cabin type.  The content defines the extra access to carry more checked bags and cabin bags for each cabin separately. 

Cabin Baggage

Cabin Luggage is allowed in a subcategory of two bags, i.e. personal item bags and the carry bag. While economy passengers can carry each of these bags. Business class passengers can carry two carry bags and one personal item bag. Further, the free baggage allowance policy is extended for the gold card holders.

Economy Class 

Economy class passengers who own a Star Alliance gold card can carry an additional bag of dimensions restricting to nothing more than 23x40x55 inches and 8Kg weight. 

Business Class 

One additional personal bag and two more carry bags are total bags allowed to the business class passengers who are Star Alliance Gold card holders. 

So, if the bag weighs within the defined limits then it is carried for free. Apart from this there is an extra baggage  fee imposed for every extra Kg of bag.

Checked Baggage

Star Alliance Gold card holders are entitled to one extra bag in piece and extra 20 kg in weight, according to the piece concept.

While readers might be glad to know about the free baggage allowance,  there are items that are paid bags. Also, charges are applied if the limit exceeds the permissible limit.

Turkish Airlines Extra Baggage Policy 

Extra Baggage is only applicable if the bag weight and height exceeds the permissible limit. On international routes, checked bag allowance has a piece concept where charges are applied if either the height or the weight exceeds the limit. 

Passengers can calculate the overall cost by using the Turkish Airlines ” Extra Baggage Calculation Tool“.   Enter details and calculate the extra  charges to be paid by visiting the embedded link. 

The charges will be reflected on the screen, and pay the permit to carry extra baggage. Students and soldiers can enjoy the special charge of 20 Turkish Lira (TRY) for every Kg. This special discount is only for these two categories and only on Turkish Airlines. It is not available on other partner airlines.

Passengers who will have to purchase the extra Baggage allowance must remember to check Turkish Airlines extra baggage  terms and conditions on the official site. 

Finishing here, there remains another two categories of items that are chargeable.

Two Categories That are Payable under Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Sports and Musical Equipments 

Sports equipment  are allowed to be carried on the aircraft but are payable. Also, Sports equipment can only  be carried as checked baggage. Only a few like tennis or squash equipment are allowed as cabin bags, provided the items are completely sealed.  

The cost of carrying the sports equipment is 209 Turkish Lira.  Ski, snowboard, golf, surfboard and many others are in the list that are carried for the mentioned price.  

To calculate the price to be paid for their sports equipment, passengers can  enter their ticket reservation number and surname and enquire details in the dedicated section of the official site. 

Musical Instruments 

Musical Instruments can be boarded as cabin bags but paid. The paid bag carrying the musical instrument can not exceed the weight more than 75 kg and height more than 140 x 42 x 25 cm. Much larger musical instruments like contrabass are carried by airlines in the aircraft hold as a checked bag.  Hard covers must be used to pack these instruments to ensure safety and avoid damage.

The least amount charged for such bags in economy class is 200 USD per route. For business class the amount is 500 USD per route. The passengers are required to inform the airlines 48 hours prior to flying and purchase an extra seat for space. (Online booking for instruments is not possible.) 

Indeed, Baggage Allowance for Turkish airlines is quite reasonable and flexible. Firstly there are no extra charges for  permissible limit bags. Post that there are varied provisions to carry heavy items like musical and sports equipment. 

To maintain such flexibility, the airline needs to work under terms and conditions to protect the procedure from misusage .  

Turkish Airlines Baggage Terms and Conditions 

There are certain restricted items that are prohibited to be carried by passengers for security reasons and other international protocols.While there are few items like beverages and alcohol that are permitted in restricted quantities. Confirm what you can pack in the cabin and check -in  bag. 

General Terms and Conditions 

  • Certain items are prohibited in specific countries and should not be carried by the passengers.
  • Firearms and ammunition are not permitted to be carried on the aircraft. Only those used for sporting or hunting purposes can be boarded.
  • Alcoholic drinks can be carried as checked and cabin bags, both. Given, the alcohol percentage in the beverage should not exceed more than 70%.  Each passenger can carry 5 liters of alcohol.
  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to refuse or reject carrying any object.
  • Smart bags that contain lithium ion operated batteries are allowed only under desired conditions. Firstly, the battery must be removed and packed in its original packing to ensure no short-circuits. 
  • Secondly, spare lithium batteries of 100-160 Wh capacity can be carried in the hand bag. 
  • Only the owners of the identification tag and the bag coupon are qualified to pick bags from stopovers or destinations. 
  • If a passenger does not have the coupon and identification tag then the valid proof must be submitted to receive a bag from the transporter.
  • If no  complaints are raised while accepting the bag then it is considered to be delivered safely without any damage.  
  • Not all purchased bags are refundable.
  • Turkish Airlines will follow its regulations to refund the amount if it fails to carry the luggage or passenger requests for changes in the scheduled reservation.  
  • If the payer of a ticket and the passenger are different and there are restrictions on refund on that particular ticket, then the refund goes to the payer account.
  • Refunds will only be issued after the submission of the receipt except for tickets lost.
  • If the person claims to be the individual eligible to receive a refund and submits the receipt or unused flight coupon, then upon refund, he /she shall not claim further for any refunds.

Conditions for Checked Baggage 

The points listed below are the terms and conditions ruled by the Turkish Airlines. 

  • Medical oxygen cylinders must be empty to be transported on the aircraft.
  • Only sealed and leak proof bottles or containers for liquids and semi solids are allowed. If such items are at risk of leaking then they will not be allowed to be carried. 
  • A maximum quantity of 5 liters can be carried in a checked bag which is completely sealed in a container of 1 liter bag each. Water with additives is an exception to the provision. 
  • If a passenger is carrying a stove then it should be emptied and dried 6 hours before the flight. 
  • Dry Ice of maximum quantity of 2.5 Kg is allowed as a checked bag. 
  • Each passenger can carry 5 Kg gross in the check-in bag.  
  •  The checked bag will be refused to carry, if not properly packed. 
  • International flight passengers of Turkish Airlines with different reservation numbers are not eligible to combine their check-in baggage allowance. 
  • Again passengers of international routes do not have the baggage allowance for the Ecofly packages. 
  • Also,  swords, knives and other antique weapons will be allowed as checked bags if qualified under the carrier’s regulations. However, these are not allowed in the cabin. The quantity of these weapons is limited to two items per passenger. 
  • Jwells, electronic items, important documents, passports and other essential, fragile and perishable goods should not be packed in the checked bag.
  • The bag is carried on the same aircraft as the passenger. Yet, operational concerns can lead the bag to be carried in other aircraft. Such bags either reach the airport or to the passengers’ address. 
  • Toy guns or gun shaped lighters are allowed as checked bags. 
  • Wheelchairs and other movement aids are only allowed as checked bags if they are leak proof.

Conditions for Cabin Baggage 

  • All the items in a cabin bag must be properly packed and closed. 
  • Maximum 100 ml Bottles or  containers of contact lenses, perfume, and deodorants are allowed in the carry bag. 
  • Respiratory apparatus like an inhaler is absolutely allowed in the flight. 
  • Lighters are allowed only if they are carried as an item in the cabin bag and not as a weapon. 
  • Makeup related products are also allowed on board.  
  • Shaving foams and toothpastes are also allowed. 
  • Sports equipment like tennis or squash can be carried inside the aircraft only inside the special bags. 
  • Cabin bags are the complete responsibility of the passenger and must be placed under the seats or extra cabin space offered on the aircraft. extra seats must be purchased  for instruments that require extra space.
  • Wheelchairs or other movement aids can only have lithium ion batteries or standard batteries to be boarded in the cabin.

Key Takeaways

Baggage Policy for Turkish Airlines allows certain bags to be carried for free under a permissible limit. If the limit exceeds then extra baggage fees are applied. Also, Turkish airlines charge fees for musical and sports items. The fee can be calculated with the bag calculator. 

Passengers must pack their bags according to the airline’s policy to avoid refusal for carrying the luggage. 

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