Is Turkish Airlines Good

The quality and quantity of services Turkish Airlines offer are  indicators that it is a good airline. Any passenger likes to cross check the quality of services offered for the money being charged. Afterall, the value of money is what matters.

Turkish Airlines has around 89 years of experience. Started off as a national carrier of Europe, it has extended its wings to places across the border. Turkish Airlines does fly to more than 200 destinations. Increasing credibility, its safety record is a valid proof that Turkish Airlines  is a good airline. While there are negatives and positives of each airline, it has occupied a good space in the Airline industry. 

Its services are impeccable when it comes to affordability. Compare and confirm the quantity and quality of services to know how good is Turkish Airlines economy and business class.

How Good is Turkish Airlines Economy Class?

Turkish Airlines Economy Class

Turkish Airlines economy class is packed with features to let passengers experience comfort. At affordable prices with the option to purchase additional services anytime, economy class can be a great choice. Passengers have defined expectations in their head before purchasing a seat in any cabin. Check the services  to determine how good Turkish Airlines Economy class is. 

Seats: Economy seats come with 79 cm leg space and are 46 cm wide.  The seats can be reclined to 15 cm and have movable armrests with adjustable headrest. Turkish Airlines passengers can stretch their legs and fly comfortably on economy seats.

Amenity Kit: Passengers flying with Turkish Airlines in their economy cabin do not need to carry any travel kit. Toothpaste, sleep mask, socks, lip balm and an ear plug, combined in a kit is offered to the passengers. This is perfect for long flight hours where these are absolutely essential. 

Entertainment: Onboarded passengers can keep the entertainment going and watch various programs on the screen. A 11.3 display screen is attached in front of the seat for passengers to watch anything and everything. 

Wifi: Free Wifi is available for passengers  flying in economy seats who are Miles and Smiles card holders. While the rest of the economy passengers do not qualify for the free Wifi. However, individuals can buy any of the data plans offered as per their requirement. Know about who else can enjoy free wifi that Turkish Airlines have.  

USB Ports: USB port is attached to the back of the seat. Charge your smart devices using the USB port.

Dine-in: Cuisines inspired from around the world are served in Turkish Airlines economy class. There are several options cooked focusing on the health requirements of individuals. Meals, snacks and hot or cold breakfast is offered with  a variety of options. Passengers can choose from the many that suit their taste and health. 

How Good is Turkish Airlines Business Class?

Turkish Airlines Business Class

Turkish Airlines business class offers an additional set of services as compared to the economy section. While the economy section is sufficient to offer comfort but luxury is what added, rely on the business class. 

Seats: Seats stretching to  193 cm and turning into a bed with a width of 66cm. Turkish Airlines passengers can lie and relax onboard in the business class. 

Attachments to and around the seat: Touchpad seat control panel, cocktail table, a  51 tray table that adjusts and rotates are perfect synonyms to the comfort of being lazy. A mirror is also present to keep reminding the passengers of their beauty. 

Adjustable headrest, comfortable cushion supporting the back make the seat more cozy and comfortable. Moving ahead is the suit hanger place, massage features that are surely a mark of luxury. Such amenities are only possible in the business class. 

Storage space: Passengers can store their essentials in the storage space offered in the business class seats of Turkish Airlines. The storage is a closed space that can be locked for privacy. 

Entertainment: Firstly, the Denon headphones are present there to cancel all the noise and direct the focus on work or any show, whatever is preferred. Setting the atmosphere, a 4 inches screen with touch IFE control is employed for business class passengers ensuring entertainment with comfort. 

Wifi: Free wifi is for all business class passengers. Indeed, Turkish airlines business class is as good as economy class, but a lot better with extra benefits. Here, 1 GB data is free for all the business passengers with accessibility to smart devices from mobile phones to laptop. Moreover, passengers who own a Miles and Smiles card plus travel in a business class are eligible for unlimited Wifi. 

 Charging Points: Turkish Airlines has an all access power outlet and USB charging points, offering a wide variety for charging points without a discontinuation in work, entertainment or both. 

Reading Lamb: A perfect solution for the readers, workers is the reading lamp. It saves the eyes from stressing from continuous extra focus required to work in the dim light. 

Dining: Turkish Do&Co. is the entity that works to prepare meals for the passengers of Turkish Airlines. It promises to offer exclusive taste from around the world. Travelers covering routes to and from Istanbul receive the flexibility to order any time at night.  The airline asks passengers to choose their meals and preferred timings  to serve them anytime at night. Rest passengers not traveling these routes must pre order from the menu available on the website and mobile application. 

Coccinelle and Hackett: Adding aesthetics to the necessity Turkish Airlines offer products necessary for travel packed in Coccinelle and Hackett bags. These kits contain different products catering to each gender’s needs. Male passengers  receive the Hackett bag with amenities based on their needs. Similarly, the female passengers receive the Coccinelle bag carrying the products of their need. Focusing on the fashion taste of men and women, the bags are of different brands.

Lounges: Lounges access is included in the ticket price of business class passengers. Passengers can enjoy  a gentle massage, taste some of the sample dishes. Ensuring no boredom enters the waiting area, cinema,video games, children’s play area, golf simulator, and media screens are available in the lounge area. 

Priority Check-In: The privilege of traveling in Turkish Airlines business class begins at the airport prior to the departure. Passengers can avoid the long check-in lines and enter priority lines for business class passengers. 

Extra Baggage Allowance: Turkish Airlines business class passengers enjoy extra baggage allowance along with priority bag pick ups. After landing passengers can collect their bags more quickly than the others. 

Paying extra over the economy class brings extra comfort to the passengers. While economy class passengers even enjoy a bunch of benefits that ensure comfort. Surely, both travel classes offer as per their charges. Indeed, without disappointing, it can be said that Turkish Airlines is a good airline. 

Is Turkish Airlines Good and Safe? 

Turkish Airlines is both good and safe. Turkish Airlines is a good airline can be determined by the above mentioned details. While directing attention to the question of Turkish Airlines’ safety, the detail goes by: 

Turkish Airlines has witnessed 19 accidents in their 89 years journey. This number although seems big but is low when it comes to a total of 89 years. Also, the airline works constantly on improving the safety standards to avoid any accidents.

Turkish Airlines has designed its guidelines that requests contributions from passengers and the staff. Passengers get to contribute by following the bags limit and other air journey related protocols. Apart from accidental safety , it is also careful about the health and hygiene of its passengers. During the COVID peak, it strictly adhered to authorities’ protocols. Even presently, it follows the COVID policy as stated by countries it flies to. 

Passengers planning to travel with Turkish Airlines must go through the current policy to know does Turkish Airlines require COVID test.

Summing up the details of Turkish Airlines, it can be said that yes Turkish Airlines is a good Airline.

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