Turkish Require COVID Test

No! Turkish Airlines do not require COVID test. It is the countries that require negative COVID reports and vaccination certificates. It is to ensure no passenger becomes the carrier of COVID virus. While some countries have removed Quarantine rules or  have reduced the number of days, some strictly adhere to it based on their country’s health condition. 

Although the COVID protocols stay similar for the outsiders to an extent, it relaxes or gets strict based on the country of departure or the passport a passenger owns. 

Turkish Airlines can visit the official site of a specific country to know about the travel restrictions and requirements. It lists the documents required to be submitted for traveling in that specific country. Moreover, there are forms that need to be submitted hours or days before for advance documentation of the passengers visiting the country.

These rules apply for the passengers who are traveling back to their country or visiting a foreign nation for work or vacation purposes. The only difference lies  in the country you departed from and your country of origin. 

While it is very hard to visit a country’s website and locate all the necessary travel requirements and documents required. Turkish Airlines’ Passengers can use the feature available on the official website. Below is a step by step guide that informs how to use the Turkish  Airlines’ feature and know all the document requirements.

Turkish Airlines’ feature will help you to know about the current rules applicable in that country, vaccine certificates and COVID PCR test requirements

COVID PCR test requirements

Click here on the link which will redirect you to the Turkish Airlines’ ‘ Travel Rules of Countries’ page. 

Here, Passport, Departure, Destination and Travel Type, four filters of these categories will be marked.

Select the details from the selective filters and apply the filters to know country specific COVID travel documents requirement.

Lastly, below these four filters is a question if you are vaccinated or not. 

If you are vaccinated,slide to the right, if not then slide the bar to the left.

Finally, the feature will be able to offer you a personalized response for the travel restrictions, rules and the COVID test and vaccination related documents for that particular country. In case a form is to be filled, it shall notify you about the same. Turkish Airlines is very particular about the passengers’ safety. Read here about Turkish Airlines Safety standards and  clear your concerns.

Turkish Airlines Covid Test Requirements [FAQs]

What are the rules about Turkish Airlines COVID test 72 hours? 

There are no current rules for the 72 hours COVID test reports by Turkish Airlines. However, during the peak COVID times, the airlines might impose such rules to carry healthy passengers with negative reports only. It is advised to visit their Travel Restrictions page for the latest updates.

Does Turkish Airlines accept a rapid COVID test?

Since Turkish Airlines does not require doesn’t have any specific COVID related test requirements, the COVID rapid test acceptance is subject to individual countries protocols. Turkish Airlines offers you details while booking the flight or separately through a feature specially designed to notify about the COVID related travel restrictions. The maximum the airline does is verify the documents before boarding the passengers on flight or mandate the use of masks in flights and at the airport. 

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