Turkish Airlines cancellation policy

Turkish Airlines cancellation policy has separate rules for cancellation and refund for each fare type. The refunds are also impacted by the timing of cancellation. Not every ticket is eligible for the refund. There are restricted tickets that come under the non refundable category and are only allowed for changes. On the other hand there are tickets eligible for refunds but receive a deducted amount, subtracting the taxes and cancellation fee. The eligibility criteria for refunds is defined in the later section.

How Does the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy Work?

How does Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy works

Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy considers time  and reason of cancellation, fare type, and the route for refunding the amount post deductions of taxes and fines. There are very few cases where the full amount is refunded to the individual’s account. One such is the 24 hours cancellation policy that is applicable to all tickets. Turkish Airlines 24 hours Cancellation Policy enables individuals to receive a full amount in refund.

As per the policy, If a booking with 7 days or more departure time left is canceled within 24 hours of purchase, it is eligible for full refund. Both the conditions, that is the departure time should be 7 days or more since the day of booking and the cancellation must be within a day to receive the full amount in your account. 

Other than this, there are emergency and genuine conditions like demise of a close relative of passengers, health and medical related problems, which Turkish Airlines accepts and refunds the amount without charging any fine or deducting any fees.

Concluding the full refund offered by Turkish Airlines. The next passage highlights the terms and eligibility criteria required for generic cancellations. If a person does not follow or qualify the defined norms, then he/she will not be able to claim for the refund. 

Who is Eligible to Receive Refund From Turkish Airlines? 

Receive Refund From Turkish Airlines

People who have booked directly from the official website of Turkish Airlines can claim a refund if their tickets are refundable.

Group Travelers can seek refund but after visiting the office as there is a procedure for a bunch of bookings, all canceled at once. The fine charges shall be different for the same. 

Apart from this are the ticket types purchased through different modes of payment like cash, credit, cheque or any other. For these the refund policy decides whether or not the tickets are refundable. If the tickets are refundable what amount will be refunded after deducting a specific amount for each fare type.

Turkish Airlines Refundable Ticket Policy

Turkish Airlines allow refunds for the award tickets  in terms of miles and cash refunds for the other forms of tickets. If there are future plans for the same planned trip, then rebook the flight by re-scheduling or booking an entire new flight. There shall be differences in the fare charges and must be separately. Also, not the entire amount will be refunded, fines will be charged according to the rules dedicated for each ticket type and the  time of cancellation. Evaluate the deductible charges for your ticket type from the below listed content.

Award Tickets Cancellation Policy

The Award tickets are refunded with miles if the ticket is valid for refunds. Cancellations can be done through an online and offline mode. However, individuals who did not pay their VAT via the Miles are not eligible for online cancellations. Offline ticket counters are open for cancellations of award tickets whose  VAT is paid separately by cash or credit, instead of the Miles. 

The refund rules and norms are different for the same cabin but different routes. The flexibility for cancellation is very different for the International and national routes. The wide difference in the amount deducted and fine charged is also clearly visible. 

Turkish Airlines Domestic Fares Cancellation Policy

Domestic fares of Turkish Airlines qualification for refunds on the various types of the seat and ticket types. There are four ticket types and each have a separate refund and cancellation policy. Read the policies of the ticket you purchased from the following information. 

Eco Fly:

  • Cancellations with more than 12 hours of departure are charged with a fine of 300 TL. 
  • (Q/T/L/V/P/W/U classes are non refundable) 
  • Routes between Republic of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-Ercan can not be for flights with less than 12 hours of departure. However, for more than 12 hours of flight time left for the respective routes, 400 TL is deducted from the original amount. (Non refundable classes under this category are L/V/P/W/U).

No Show: Only landing charges will be refunded

Extra Fly

  • 250 TRY will be charged for cancellations within less than 12 hours of departure.
  • The fine reduces to 150 TRY for flights canceled with more than 12 hours of departure time.

No Show: Apart from the landing charges, No Show tickets are non-refundable.

Prime Fly

TRNC-Erans flight cancellations are not allowed.

  • Rules for connecting flights of Turkish Airlines and the Anadolujet Airlines, the fare rules shall change.
  • 1 hour flight cancellations for this ticket are not permitted
  •  TRY 300 shall be fined on flights canceled within 1-12 hours of the flight departure.
  • If the departure time is more than 12 hours, a  250 TRY charge will be applied.

Business Flexible

  • 450 TRY will be deducted from the original amount for cancellations made with less than 1-12 hours of time left.
  • TRNC-Erans tickets do not have the eligibility for 1 hour  cancellations. But, if the departure time is less than 12 hours and more than 1 hour, then 500 TRY will be fined.
  • Connecting flights of AnadoluJet and Turkish Airlines will undergo separate rules.

No Show: Only the tax amount will be refunded and the cost of the ticket can not be retrieved back. 

Turkish Airlines International Non Branded Flight Cancellation Policy

Ticket TypeRefunds Policy
PromotionNon refundable but taxes are refunded 
Semi FlexiblePartial flight: Refunded amount will be original amount minus the distance covered fare.
Before departure: Fines and charges applied but refundable
FlexiblePartial Flight: Cost of flying the partial distance will be deducted from the refundable amount
Before departure: The refundable amount is subject to fine and other charges deductions
Business PromotionsOnly tax amount is refundable for this fare type
Business Semi- FlexiblesPartial Flight: The amount of the flight used will be deducted from the total cost
Before departure:  Final amount will be issued after subtracting fines and charges applied on the original amount
Business FlexiblePartial Flight: The cost of flight taken is deducted from the original cost
Before departure:  Fines and charges are levied on the original ticket fee

Turkish Airlines Branded Fares Cancellation Policy 

Turkish Airlines Branded fares are majorly divided into four categories. Further, these major categories are subdivided into other fare types. The norms for the cancellation and refunds differ for the sub categories. Read the details below. 

Ticket TypeRefunds Policy
Economy ClassEco FlyNon-refundable
Extra FlyNon-refundable
Prime Fly120 Euros (140 USD) will be fined on Prime Fly tickets
EconomyClass ExceptionalEco FlyNon-refundable
Extra FlyNon-refundable
Prime FlyRefundable but charges will be levied on the original amount.
Business ClassBusiness FlyNon-refundable but reissued for 60 Euros
Business PrimeRefundable and full amount will be refunded. No charges are levied on Business Prime Tickets.
BusinessClass ExceptionalBusiness FlyNon-refundable
Business PrimeFull amount refundable with zero fine applied.

AnadoluJet Domestic Cancellation Policy 

These rules apply for tickets with connecting flights or codeshare flights with the AnadoluJet Airlines. The refund rules are specific to the domestic fares.

AnadoluJet Standard

TRNC-Ercan flights

Promotional Fares (F/U/W/P/V)

450 Turkish Lira will be charged from the passengers. The fare difference is not refundable for the class’ fare difference.

Flexible Fares (B/M/A/H/S/O/E/Q/T/L): 
  • The time duration left for departure is the deciding factor for refunds  when canceling this fare type.
  • 400 TRY will be charged for cancellations before 2 hours or less of flight take off.
  • Cancellations within 2-12 hours of flight departure left are charged for 250 TRY.
  • Fine of TRY 220 is for flights with more than 12 hours left.

Flexible Fare Classes (B/M/A/H/S/O/E/Q/T/L):

If the flight is canceled when less than 12 hours are left, then the money is non-refundable.

However, 250 TRY will be deducted and the rest will be refunded for flight with more than 12 hours left.

Promotional Fare Classes(F/U/W/P/V):

Only Taxes are refunded and rest is non-refundable.

AnadoluJet Extra Jet 

Check the cancellation and refund policies for promotional and flexible under two major categories.

TRNC-Ercan flights

Flexible Fare Classes (B/M/A/H/S/O/E/Q/T/L):

Flights can be canceled within 12 hours or more and will be charged 400 TRY. 

Cancellation is not permitted for flights less than 12 hours. Yet, the taxes are refunded which do not include the petrol and other charges.

Promotional Fare Classes (F/U/W/P/V):

  • Only taxes will be refunded for cancellations with less than 12 hours left. 
  • 350 Turkish Lira will be charged for canceling the flight with more than 12 hours left. 

Flexible Fare Classes (B/M/A/H/S/O/E/Q/T/L):

  • 250 TRY is levied for tickets with more than 12 hours of departure time. 
  • Less than 12 hours cancellations are only eligible for tax refund which does not include calculations for petrol and other charges. 

Promotional Fare Classes (F/U/W/P/V):

Only tax amount will be refunded irrespective of the time duration.

TRNC-Ercan flights

Flexible Fare Classes (B/M/A/H/S/O/E/Q/T/L):

  • 2 or more hours of flight canceled  will be refunded with zero penalty.
  • Less than 2 hours cancellations are subject to 400 TRY charges and the class fare difference is not refunded. 

Promotional Fare Classes (F/U/W/P/V):

  • 0-2 hours time left flight cancellations will receive tax as the refunded amount. 
  • 2-12 hours cancellations are fined for 200 TRY. 
  • No charges are deducted for flights more than 12 hours departure time. 

Flexible Fare Classes (B/M/A/H/S/O/E/Q/T/L):

  • No charges are levied for cancellations made within 2 hours.
  • Only tax will be refunded for 2 hours less cancellations.

Promotional Fare Classes (F/U/W/P/V):

Class difference is not refunded and even charged if it was not done yet. Rest the entire amount will be refunded for 2 or more hours flight cancellations. 

AnadoluJet International Cancellation Policy

If you booked an international route trip, then confirm if it is a codeshare or interconnecting flight. If it is , then rules of cancellations will apply according to the AnadoluJet Airlines. Majority  tickets will be fined for a charge specific to the situation and the refunds will be accordingly. The refund rules of these tickets can be clarified via a customer care call or by visiting the website. 

Involuntary Cancellations and Refunds 

Weather disruptions, emergency situations, operational default are few of the reasons due to which an airline has to cancel the flight. Here the travelers themselves do not intend on canceling the flight. Hence, it is called the Involuntary cancellation and change.

Individuals have the right to claim the original amount due to the cancellation. At times, the airline offers alternatives of the scheduled flight with a different time or date. Turkish Airlines tries to offer the next best possible flight to reduce the inconvenience caused to the passengers. 

However, if the other flight schedule or route does not suit your timings then you have the right to cancel the flight and claim a refund. At times the changed flight is over the budget due to the fare differences, in such case scenarios, cancel the flight offered and get the money refunded. 

In case if the Airline is unable to offer any alternative, then it directly redeposits the amount in the payer’s account. 

It is not necessary that the entire amount will be refunded. In case of delays the airline repays deducted after calculating the delayed timing. Else, the option to book the alternative is still applicable. 

 Turkish Airlines official site states that not the entire amount will be refunded for cancellations under extraordinary situations. 

The Airline defines certain circumstances as Extraordinary and do not guarantee full refunds for such instances. Pandemics, diseases, earthquakes, floods, other natural calamities that are termed as emergency situations fall under this category. 

How to Claim Refund from Turkish Airlines for Involuntary Cancellations? 

People can visit the website, mobile application or the ticket counter for claiming the refund. The Turkish Airlines will notify via an email or text message that the flight has been canceled. Firstly you can check the next available option from the ‘ Manage Booking’ tab. If it suits then the problem is resolved.

If not, then stay on the same Manage Booking section and request for the refund. The airlines after calculating the amount will credit the amount in the bank account.

 Remember to keep the bank details ready to submit if the transaction was made through cash. Online payment methods receive the amount back in the original form of payment.  

Key Takeaways

Turkish Airlines has a very detailed cancellation and refund policy. It restricts and allows refunds to specific categories of ticket type based on various factors. Fines and charges are also deducted on the majority of the tickets. A category of business class tickets enjoy full refund. While many Economy class seats fall under the non-refundable category.

Passengers can claim the refund by following a few steps. Online Turkish cancellations can be made by visiting the website or the  mobile application. The airlines shall regarding the refund process and send an email after crediting the amount. The passengers whose flight got canceled due to emergency situations or airlines operational issues will be informed a few hours prior to the flight and the amount will be credited in the account. 

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