Does Volaris Airlines Have WiFi

A common query of concern among Volaris flyers who need internet access for work or in-flight entertainment is whether Volaris Airlines has wifi or not. The ultra low-cost economy airline Volaris flights currently operate without providing any on board Wi-Fi internet facility to the passengers. However, passengers can avail basic online services like checking emails, know about inflight services and get detailed airport information by downloading the Volaris Airline app which is free to download. 

Does Volaris Airlines Have WiFi

Being an ultra-budget airline in Mexico, Volaris doesn’t offer inflight Wi-Fi facility on board except for the application. Customers can download the application for free and it is suggested to download the application before you board the flight. 

Brief Information About Volaris Wifi

Airlines Name:VOLARIS (Y4)
Wi-Fi Network Connection:Passengers don’t get any paid or free Wi-Fi networks. However, it is possible to use the flight’s Wi-Fi connection to only download the Volaris app for free or to get the flight’s information card.
Name of The Application:VOLARIS Airlines
Application Provider:VOLARIS (Y4)

With the above mentioned information, travellers know whether Volaris airplanes have wifi access on flight or not? Being an affordable airliner in Mexico and Southern region, there is no Wi-Fi facility in flight, except for the flight app Volaris. The application is free to use, and passengers can download it before boarding the flight. Volaris is expected to provide WiFi access to its passengers in the future but overall there is no Wi-Fi access and the internet features are limited in the app. 

So currently, there is no free or extra-cost WiFi facility on Volaris flights, so travellers must consider it before they book their flights.

Does Volaris Have WIFI on the Plane?

Does Volaris Have WIFI on the Plane

Volaris does not have wifi on the plane, but before boarding their flight travellers can access the flight’s Wi-Fi networks and enjoy inflight entertainment services to check mails, airport information, flight information, etc.

With the following information we understand whether volaris offers wifi at all or not.

  • Wi-Fi Connection: No availability of free or paid inflight Wi-Fi connection.
  • Access Process: Through the free Volaris Airlines free App, passengers can access network connection.

To resolve any issues in network connectivity and know more in detail about the availability of internet access on volaris planes, travellers can call the customer care number of Volaris – 855-865-2747.


Thus, currently no Volaris plane has in flight Wi-Fi facility, but the airline plans on introducing Wi-Fi internet facilities in the near future. As of now, passengers have access to limited features like checking emails, airport information access, and checking inflight services. To avail the benefits of all these features, passengers must download the free app Volaris Airlines.

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