Does Volaris Charge For Baggage

Volaris Airlines offers free bags for all its fare types. The quantity and weight restrictions differ for each. Additional charges shall apply for extra bags or luggage that exceed the permissible dimensional limit. 

The Volaris Airlines baggage allowance varies on the basis of the destination or route and the cabin type. After purchasing a ticket, we look for the complimentary benefits. One such is the baggage allowance. If you are also curious to know does Volaris charge for baggage, then refer to the next section for specific details for each fare and flight type. 

Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy – What is it?

What Is Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Volaris Airlines’ baggage policy fairly offers free luggage permission. You can carry a free carry-on and checked bags according to your ticket type. Still, if there are more bags, then add them as extra. The prices that Volaris charges for extra bags start from 800 Mexican dollars and vary according to various factors including the weight and the peak seasons. 

It is essential to pack the bags within the dimensional limits prescribed by Volaris Airline. Otherwise, the charges shall be applicable as per the excess baggage policy.

Dimensional Limit for Checked and Carry-on Bags for Each Fare Type 

Dimensional Limit for Checked and Carry-on Bags for Each Fare Type 

There are three seating options offered by Volaris Airlines. The luggage rules vary for each one of these. Furthermore, baggage policy new updates and changes were issued by Volaris Airlines on 23 February 2023. The tickets booked on or after this duration will be eligible for these new provisions. Review the size and weight limit for each travel class or cabin. These rules are the same and eligible for international and national flights. 

Zero-V-Club: Only one personal item or bag is allowed for the passengers. The bag size should be appropriate enough to fit easily in the front of the seat. 

Basic: This fare of Volaris Airlines consists of permission for one personal bag item and one carry-on. The total weight of both luggage should not exceed the 44 lb capacity. Also, the maximum size limit is 22 x 16 x 10 in (length x width x height). 

Plus: The most flexible ticket type of Volaris Airlines allows two bags in the cabin (one carry-on and one checked bag). Additionally, one free bag is also allotted to passengers of this fare. The dimensional limit (size and weight) for the carry-on bags are 22 x 16 x 10 in (length x width x height) and 44 lbs. This size limit is applicable on both bags.

Whereas, the size and weight limit for the checked bag should be equal to or less than 62 inches(length + width +height) and 55lb, respectively.

Volaris Airlines Excess Baggage Fee

Volaris Airlines Excess Baggage Fee

According to Volaris baggage policy, there is an additional fees for items or  bags that exceed the dimensional limit criteria defined by the airline. The price differs for online and offline bookings. Also, the high or low season also influences the cost of adding extra baggage on Volaris Airlines flights. The prices increase during the peak or high season and remain standard at the Low season.

Furthermore,  the total cost of excess bags is also determined by the dimensional limit and weight limit.  There are sections with the highest limit and upon crossing the maximum range, the prices increase. It is always a good idea to book or add the extra bag via the website or mobile application which immediately calculates the cost. Also, there are more chances of discount for online bookings as compared to the other. Refer to the table for exact charges at the specific timings and the mode used for bookings.

ServiceLocationFare TypePrice (MXN)
First checked baggageBooking AllLSUp to $1,027
HSUp to $1,027
First checked baggagePre-flight AllLSUp to $1,365
HSUp to $1,365
First checked baggageAirportLSUp to $1,100
HSUp to $1,300
Extra checked baggageBooking AllLSUp to $1,319
HSUp to $1,560
Extra checked baggagePre-flight AllLSUp to $1,365
HSUp to $1,365
Extra checked baggageAirportLSUp to $1,200
HSUp to $1,500
Carry on (only Zero Fare)Booking AllLSUp to $702
HSUp to $910
Carry on (only Zero Fare)Pre-flight AllLSUp to $741
HSUp to $741
Carry on (only Zero Fare)Airport and boarding gateLSUp to $700
HSUp to $800
Excess baggage (26 to 35 kg)Airport and boarding gateLSLS
Excess baggage (36 to 45 kg)Airport and boarding gateLSLS
Airport and boarding gateHSHS
Sports equipment (max 25 kg, 250 cm)Booking Call CenterLSUp to $1,300
Booking Call CenterHSUp to $1,300
Pre-flight AllLSUp to $1,300
Pre-flight AllHSUp to $1,500
AirportLSUp to $1,300
AirportHSUp to $2,00

Special Provisions Carry-on or Checked Bags

Sports Equipment, pet travel, and a few other categories are allowed as carry-on or checked bags as per the airline policy. There are additional charges applicable for items that exceed the limitations. But, Volaris Airlines restricts a few items that are too huge that are not possible to transport. Here are the following weight and height limitations for the special items or belongings, including provisions for pet travel. 

Equipment: The length, width, and height of sports or musical instruments should be equal to or less than 98 inches. While the weight should not exceed 55 lbs. Additional charges will apply for the bags or items that cross the determined limits. Any sports equipment which will exceed 110 dimensions in total and 90 lbs of weight will not be accepted for transportation. 

There are additional norms for musical instruments. Refer to the website to know more about the carrying limit for your item or belonging. 

Pets: Volaris Airlines allows pets on board and as checked bag. If the domestic pet must be kept in a comfortable and secure carriage, it should be easily in front of the seat to be allowed as a carry-on. The total weight of both the carriage and the pet should be less than or equal to 100 lbs or 45 kgs. If not, then you will have to check in your pet separately for a smooth flight for your pet. Do make sure what pets Volaris airlines allow on its flights.


Prohibited items: Aerosol sprays, alcoholic beverages, powders, lithium batteries, smart bags, wheelchair batteries, sharp items, electronic equipment, barometers, and thermometers are allowed as checked baggage only. These can not be packed and carried as carry-on. Given, the limitations and the guidelines on how to pack or wrap them are followed exactly.  Check out the provisions for prohibited or restricted items in order to carry them. 

Steps to Check the Volaris Airlines Excess Baggage Fee 

Steps to Check the Volaris Airlines Excess Baggage Fee 

Visit and log in to the My Trips section to know about the exact prices for the extra checked and carry-on bags. Further, follow these steps and determine and pay the additional fee for the excess luggage or bags. 

  • Navigate the Volaris Airlines website or open its mobile application. 
  • Next, find the “My Trips” section.
  • Log in with your booking confirmation number and name. 
  • Resultantly, your flight details will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Select the ‘Add Extras’ button and choose bags from the various other options. 
  • Here, you need to specify the number of bags, type of luggage (cabin or checked), size, and weight of the same. 
  • The prices will be shown on the screen to purchase an excess bag. 
  • Calculate it and pay the total cost, accordingly. 

The charge of the Volaris Airlines excess bag is determined according to the weight and the number of bags along with some other factors. Calculate the total cost by the table mentioned above according to the Volaris new baggage policy.


Does Volaris charge for baggage very common amongst the passengers? It is actually very valid as you have already paid the ticket fee and must be looking for some additional benefits when flying with the airline. The details for free and paid bags are given in the above content. Based on the type of flight and the ticket booked, the policy will differ for the passengers. Refer to the rules that suit your current reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price for an additional bag on Volaris Airlines?

The price to add an extra bag is not fixed and is shown at the same time.

Do Volaris Airlines have checked free bags?

Volaris Airlines checked bags are free bags in different quantities for each fare and flight. 

How much does it cost to check a bag with Volaris?

Volaris Airlines checked bags are in a certain defined quantity, weight and size. The charges will be payable for additional bags.

Does Volaris charge for baggage?

Volaris does charge for extra bags only, the first few bags are free. 
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