Does Volaris Allow Pets

Does Volaris Allow Pets? Yes, Volaris Airlines allows pets on board given they must be in a carrier that can easily fit under the space in front of the seat. Only cats and dogs are permitted to travel. Other conditions like the weight of the pet and the carrier should not exceed 10 Kgs. Otherwise, they will be transported in the cargo section of the plane. 

Volaris has a list of terms and conditions for the passengers who are looking forward to traveling with their pet. As, this ensures neither the pet or the passengers and crew face any issue or trouble during the journey. A variety of breeds are not advised to travel as the temperature in the flight can cause respiratory issues and heat stroke. So, a careful read through to Volaris Pet Policy is a must. Continue reading for a detailed description. 

Volaris Pet Policy, Eligibility and Criteria

Volaris Pet Policy

Volaris Airlines allows pets that are 4 months or older in the flight if they are medical fit and will not harm  other passengers. Leash, or collar must be worn by the pet during the entire journey. Rabies and other certificates must be submitted according to the valid time period. Some destination specific should also be adhered to. 

As previously mentioned, the size of the carrier and the total weight of both must be within the defined dimensional limit. Else, it will be accounted as cargo.Here are the general provisions to carry pet on board. 

Volaris Pet Carrier Rules

Volaris Pet Carrier Rules
  • The weight of the pet and the carrier should not be more than 10 kg for on board travel. Also, the overall size should be equal to or less than (17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches)  to be able to fit in front of the seat. 
  • Sturdy plastic, fabric, and bubble pack pack materials are allowed for the carrier where the space is enough allowing free movement for the pet. 
  • The carrier can not contain any sort of holes, wheels or a padlock. It should be airy and comfortable for the pet. 
  • Careful choice of the carrier should be made in order to avoid harm to co-passengers and the pet, itself. 
  • One pet per carrier or container is allowed. Including the cargo and carry-on, the number of pets allowed on aircraft increases to 4.
  • In total, in an entire cabin, there can not be more than 2 pets. One passenger is permitted to travel with one pet. 
  • Pet carriers that are more than 158 cm are eligible for additional charges. 
  • Those weighing above 10 kgs will be transported as cargo. The limit can exceed up to 45 kg for it. 

Volaris Vaccination and Documents for Pet Travel 

  • These are very important criterias that you must strictly follow and submit in order to travel with your pet. 
  • Rabies vaccine must be administered at least a year before for 15 months or older pets. The date should be clearly mentioned in the certificate.
  • As per the return flight date, an anti-parasitic should be submitted not older than 6 months. 
  • Original and cop of the vaccine must be carried and shown to the customer service advisor or security at the airport. 
  • Another document by a licensed veterinarian must state that it is completely healthy to fly and shall not cause harm to the passengers and crew. This copy should be 5 days or less older. 
  • A new copy along with original stamped certification must be submitted if there is a scheduled return. The valid duration remains equal to or less than  5 days.  
  • Upon arriving at the airport, make sure to clearly read and sign the transportation form provided at the airport’ counter. 
  • The pet travel receipt must be carried at the airport. 
  • The staff requires the permit to check the health condition of your pet in order to verify the rules and conditions are followed. 

Destination Specific Rules 

As discussed in the earlier passage, some certain destination-specific rules and documents must be submitted.  Here is a list of such provisions. 

  • Copy and original certificate of  SAGARPA/SENASICA issued export zoosanitary must be submitted for routes to/from Central America and Mexico. 
  • Pet certificates are not compulsory for passengers flying from the United States. Instead, a SENASICA personnel will run a test on your pet qualifying it as safe and healthy. 
  • Mexico passengers who will travel under the Frequent Flyer Program need to submit only one Entry Register Form.
  • For Destinations like Peru and Honduras, certain specific vaccines must be administered on the pet. You can check the complete list on the official website. 

Pets Not Allowed on Board 

Breeds that are at risk of getting ill due to high altitudes and temperature conditions are not allowed or advised to travel. Here is a list of such breeds of dogs and cats respectively. 


American Staffordshire TerrierBoston Terrier
Boxer (all breeds) Griffon Bruxellois (Brussels Griffon) 
Bulldog (all breeds) Chow Chow 
Lhasa Apso Mastiff (all breeds) 
Pekingese Pit Bull 
Canary Mastiff Pug (all races) 
Shar-Pei Tibetan Spaniel 
Japanese Spaniel Cane Corso 
Dogue de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Mastiff) English Toy Spaniel 
Japanese Chin Shih tzu 

• Persian 
• Himalayan 
• Exotic Shorthair

  • Ill, violent, infected or pregnant pets are not allowed. 
  • The pets must be cleaned properly and should be odor free. 

Service Dogs and Cargo Transportation for pets

Service dogs are allowed to travel free if valid documents required for the pets are submitted and approved. The passenger flying with the pet must take complete responsibility of the pet and other size measurements for the carrier remain the same along with vaccination and documents required. You can refer to the official website in order to know under what circumstances when does Volaris allow pets.


If you are also concerned whether or not does Volaris allow pets, then relax and don’t worry. As the airline permits pets to travel in a carrier that are 4 months or older. A few breeds might not qualify to fly in the flight as they might be prone to respiratory problems at such a high altitude. 

Read the above content that has simplified the Volaris pet policy into points for a quick and better understanding. 

Volaris Pet Travel Policy (FAQs)

What is Volaris Pet Policy?

Volaris Pet policy allows only cats and dogs as pets to travel in the flight as carry-on or cargo depending on  the overall weight and size of the carrier and the pet.

Can I carry service animals on  Volaris Flight?

Volaris Flight allow service pets to fly for free if it qualifies the medical certification required and other rules.

Does Volaris allow pets?

Volaris Airlines allow pets to travel on board if they qualify the medical certification and a few other criterias. 

Does Volaris allow small dogs?

Volaris allow dogs and cats as pet that are more than 4 months older. 
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