It is possible to get wheelchair assistance on Volaris flights on demand. If you’re travelling with a person with disabilities or a senior citizen who needs wheelchair assistance, you need to consider some important points to make sure your special assistance requirement is met.

Volaris Wheelchair Assistance

The following points explain how to add wheelchair assistance in Volaris flight to ensure convenience for people with disabilities and senior citizens:

Notify the Airline Staff

Volaris doesn’t charge any additional baggage fee for a wheelchair, but it is recommended to notify Volaris staff that you’ll travel with a wheelchair so the staff would consider user specific requirements for transporting the appropriate wheelchair on board.

While Booking Tickets You Must Request A Wheelchair

You can request a wheelchair while booking a flight or while you arrive at the counter. The staff offers you necessary assistance for transporting the person inside the airport, to the boarding area and inside the aircraft.

On Board Assistance

While on board, the airline staff offers you with all the required assistance for safe and comfortable air travel. While arriving at the destination, you’ll also get a user specific wheelchair until you get your wheelchair returned back with the checked baggage.

Requirements For Electric Wheelchair

Further we look the basic requirements to board flights with electric wheelchair and avail boarding and in flight assistance:

  • For an electric wheelchair, you need to arrive at the airport counter 3 hours prior to domestic flight departure and 4 hours before for international flights. 
  • You’re only allowed to board with electric wheelchairs operating on non-spilling dry batteries. Make sure to bring an instruction manual as the staff would ask you to disconnect the battery. 
  • Damaged, wet and lithium batteries aren’t allowed on the flight.
  • On boarding flights, Volaris allows disabled passengers using manual folding wheelchairs to pre-board the flight and store manual folding wheelchairs in Volaris designated wheelchair stowage space. 
  • Passengers can use the wheelchair up to the aircraft door, unless they relinquish the wheelchair at another location, like the check in or gate agent counter. 

Upon relinquishing the wheelchair, passengers get a receipt stating the name of the passenger, destination, and flight number with the agreed location where you return the wheelchair to the passenger. That’s it, you’re ready to conveniently travel to your desired destination with the differently abled person and their wheelchair. The aforementioned steps explain how to add wheelchair assistance in Volaris. Make sure to inform about any special requests to the airline staff in advance to avoid any further discrepancies.

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