Is Volaris a Good Airline

The budget air carrier Volaris airlines has maintained a positive reputation in all aspects making it overall a good airline service. It has got a 3 star overall rating certification in the category of low cost airlines with the premium hospitality of its onboard staff and product services in addition to its airport services. These ratings by Airlineratings help us evaluate whether Volaris is a good airline or not. The ratings are provided after an all round analysis of airlines by Airlineratings and its compliance with the international COVID-19 norms.

Customers can get a fair idea about the query whether Volaris Airlines is good or not with these ratings. The ratings are based on vital aspects such as analysis of aircraft services, delay and cancellation rates, safety ratings, seat/baggage charges, cabin comfort, cabin cleanliness, food and beverages, and the service rating of the ground and cabin staff. 

After considering the rating information by Airlineratings you can determine whether Volaris is good or not. As we move further we will know about how good is Volaris airlines and what are the reasons behind the budget air carrier gaining such a reputation.

Is Volaris Costa Rica a Good Airline?

Is Volaris Costa Rica a Good Airline

Volaris Costa Rica is considered a good airline with an average 3 star rating. If you wish to fly Costa Rica under a budget and have an overall pleasant flying experience, Volaris Airlines is definitely a go to choice with its ultra premium low cost ticket and the top notch hospitality of its ground and onboard staff. Additionally, you can avail, better seating options, and delicious food and snacks at reasonable costs on your journey. 

Overall Volaris Ratings

The low cost carrier is rated with safety rating of 7/7, product and service rating of 3/5, and COVID-19 Star Rating Breakdown of 7/7 making Volaris a perfect choice for long distance flying. While looking at ratings from different agencies some passengers can be confused about their safety features. Thus, before flying they can comfort themselves after clearing their doubts about Volaris Airline Safety. With a 7 star rating the fact is clear Volaris is one of the safest airlines to fly with and it ensures that passengers don’t spend their quality on board time while unnecessarily worrying about their safety.

Still if you’re unsure about whether Volaris is a good airline or not you can consider the airline rating data consisting of safety audits, COVID policies, service SOPs and delay and cancellation rates. Volaris Airlines has received the highest score on its safety policies and above average rating for traveler hospitality and service making it a good airline carrier to fly.

How Good is Volaris Airlines?

How Good is Volaris Airlines

Volaris flight products have an average 3-star rating with its great value features under the price of a low cost economy. Thus, Volaris airline is good to fly with all such passenger benefits and much more. 

The aircraft services include chargeable meals, carry on space, and additional services like holding fares, and combo package deals to add flexibility to your travel plans. These added services are explained as follows:

Holding The Fare

  • If you don’t know whether you’ll make the trip, you can hold it and make payment after 72 hours. 
  • You get combo Booking Options

Flexibility Combo

Under the flexibility combo you get the benefits of:

  • No fare difference
  • Unlimited changes in date or time

Business Combo

You can add it when booking flights or the application for:

  • Unlimited changes in time/date
  • Hold fare for more than 24 hours (only for flights that leave at least after 72 hours)
  • Selecting seats at zero cost. 
  • 22 lbs additional allowance for carry on for domestic flights or another extra bag for international flights (applicable only on Vuela Basic).

Other Combos

After adding such combos while buying flights, you get:

  • An additional carry-on (not available for the Plus fare) measuring a max of 22x16x10 in
  • Additional checked bag with a maximum 55 lbs with total dimensions of up to 62 in (length + width + height). 
  • A sports equipment piece or a musical instrument that complies with the weight and size needs. For flights to and fro Central America, passengers can switch for another checked bag.

After going through the aforementioned policies and information customers can decide for themselves is Volaris any good? The above stated information gives us a fair idea about what to expect. 


Overall, Volaris is a pretty good airline to fly with for the needs of an average  budget traveler. The airline is well known for offering many affordable travel options with traveler friendly onboard amenities and premium seating options. Passengers can expect a comfortable and enjoyable journey with many inflight entertainment facilities making it one of the most sought after budget travel airlines.

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