What Terminal is Aeromexico in Mexico City

Aeromexico flights can be boarded from terminal 1 and terminal 2 of Mexico city Airport. It uses Mexico airport to fly domestic as well as International locations. Thereby, destinations decide what terminal  Aeromexico uses Mexico city. 

Terminal 1 is for aircrafts flying to domestic destinations. Aeromexico uses Terminal 1 to fly to 14 direct destinations and interconnected routes within the 14 domestic destinations.  While terminal 2 is dedicated for international and domestic routes, both. Aeromexico travels through inter-connected routes to fly passengers to more locations. Based on your destination, check what terminal does Aeromexico use in Mexico city.

what terminal does Aeromexico use in Mexico city

What Destinations Aeromexico Flies From Terminal, Mexico?

Address: Calle Sonora 3​, Mayor Venustiano Carranza​, CP 15620, CDMX

Aeromexico centrally functions from Mexico. A total of 14 destinations are flown to and from Mexico through interconnected and direct routes. Terminal 1 is reserved for domestic routes’ passengers.  Locate the destinations where Spirit Airlines flies from Terminal 1 of Mexico Airport.

  1. Obregon City, Sonora (CEN)
  2. Culiacan (CUL)
  3. Durango (DGO)
  4. Los Mochis (LMM)
  5. Manzanillo, Colima (ZLO)
  6. Matamoros​ (MAM)
  7. Mazatlan (MZT)
  8. Minatitlan (MTT)
  9. Nuevo Laredo (NLD)
  10. Reynosa (REX)
  11. Tampico​ (TAM)
  12. Zacatecas (ZCL)
  13. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo (ZIH)
  14. Campeche (CPE)

Mexico City Airport: Terminal 1 Facilities 

Board the bus: Shuttle bus picks and drops passengers from Gate T of terminal 1. 

Check-in Counters/Kiosks:  Passengers can use check-in counters available at F3 section making their way through door 10. 

Lounges: Salon premiers and other lounges that are accessible to premium fare passengers are present close to the gate 9 of terminal1.

Where Does Aeromexico fly From Terminal 2 ?

Address: Eje 1 norte s/n​, Mayor Venustiano Carranza​, CP 15620, CDMX​

Terminal 2

From Terminal 2 travel to the destinations within Mexico and across Mexico. Moreover,  traveling  between international destinations from any of the domestic locations is equally possible due to the interconnected routes. The Countries that Aeromexico flies from Terminal 2 are:

  • Europe 
  • Asia 
  • South America 
  • Central America/Caribbean 
  • United States and Canada 

Signs located at the airport can be used to reach the respective  terminals which Aeromexico uses in Mexico city. Else, the map link is available for helping to  reach anywhere at the airport. See the facilities that the airport offers and their respective locations. 

Mexico City Airport: Terminal 2 facilities 

Board the bus: Passengers of terminal 2 can ride the bus from Gate 75 of terminal 2. 

Check-in Counters/Kiosks:  To use check-in counters of terminal 2 reach at L2 and L3 section of the terminal. Kiosks for terminal 2 are present almost everywhere at terminal2.

Lounges: Lounges for terminal 2 passengers are available close after the security check. The staff shall guide the premier fare passengers who have access to lounges.

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