Does Aeromexico Have WiFi

Yes, Aeromexico has WiFi on board on all its domestic flights. Free messaging on various social media apps like Whatsapp, twitter, and others is offered by the airlines. Its WiFi service enables the freedom to work or stay entertained during the boring hours of flying. 

In flight entertainment covers various channels from music, tv shows to movies and news. The TV screen installed for the passenger has something to suit and please each and every  individual’s taste. 

Unfortunately, the price of the WiFi is not inclusive of the ticket prices. Additional charges are subject to WiFi availability to each passenger.  Certain first class and business class passengers might be able to enjoy the WiFi services for free. Others will have to purchase the data package. 

There are data packs for using the WiFi on Aeromexico Airlines. The data pack for 1 hour begins costs around 11.95 USD. The charges differentiate at different timings and the current prices are specified in the additional services section of the manage and booking tab.

How to Connect with Aeromexico WiFi? 

  • Passengers once boarded and settled in the plane can connect with Aeromexico via two methods in some quick easy steps.
  • Firstly, switch on airplane mode. Next up is turn on the WiFi in the phone for it to detect and present the list of available WiFi.
  • Select the Aeromexico WiFi shown in the list and stay connected while flying in the sky.
  • Else, 
  • Open any browser and type  and log in with the requested credentials and connect to the Aeromexico WiFi. 


Aeromexico WiFi is an additional service and can be purchased online. There is a dedicated page to purchase anything online. Evenmore, these days passengers can  check-in online and experience an absolute touchless digital check-in. The ease is a sure shot promise with Aeromexico. Readers who have not yet purchased the flight can book Aeromexico Airlines with points.

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