How Do I Get My Air Canada Boarding Pass

Air Canada offers a variety of options to check-in online and offline. To get your Air Canada pass, choose any of the mentioned options, finish the check-in process and download the boarding pass. If you select the offline check-in option, then you need to print the pass for evidence purposes.

While if you finished the process online then there is no need to print the pass. You can simply add Air Canada boarding pass to the wallet and show it at the airport during security check. If you are wondering How Do I get my Air Canada Boarding Pass online ,then just refer to the steps to download the pass for later checking stages at the airport.

How to Download Boarding Pass Air Canada? 

Visit the website or the  mobile application and login using the last name and the booking reference number. After logging in, select the check-in option and confirm the upcoming flight details. As you confirm the details, a boarding pass will appear on the screen. Click on Download Boarding Pass option present  just beside the pass to download boarding pass Air Canada. 

Passengers can also get  a QR form of the boarding pass. This feature has been recently added and is available for most of the flights. Group reservations, unaccompanied minor bookings are not permitted to get an electronic QR coded boarding pass. Even these tickets  cannot get a boarding pass online for Air Canada. Yet, If you can get the online electronic pass, then download the same to ease the entire process.

How To Get Electronic Boarding Pass Air Canada?

Electronic Boarding passes can be scanned to get tags for the checked bags. While you will be able to add the number of checked luggage you will be carrying when filling and adding the online check-in details

Electronic Boarding Pass
Electronic Boarding Pass

Those passengers who are eligible to get the electronic boarding pass or complete the check-in online must download the pass using the respective options. There are no additional steps to get an electronic boarding pass Air Canada, the steps for online check-in remain the same. Only during the last step you will get the link of the Electronic pass on the mail, message or directly on the screen, click on it and save the pass. 


Air Canada online check-in and boarding pass allows passengers to finish half the process from the ease of home. Baggage drop, security checks and other procedures are only left to be completed. You can use the liberty to visit the airport a bit late as compared to the offline check-in passengers. However, it is must to remember the timings for when you can check-in on Air Canada are predefined by the airlines and must be followed to avoid missing the flight.

The scheduled flights to and from the Pearson airport in Toronto require passengers to visit  2-4 hours before the departure. So, it is better to be on time, rather than being late and getting stuck completing the immigration and the other security related formalities.


Do I need to print my boarding pass if I checked in online?

No, You can either download or add an Air Canada boarding pass to your wallet. The online check-in is not available for certain tickets and airports.

Is it better to print your boarding pass at home or at the airport?

It is better to download the printing pass and save a copy in the wallet. While for group reservations and a few others where only offline check-in is accessible, print the Air Canada Boarding pass.

When should we download an Air Canada boarding pass?

You can download an Air Canada boarding pass immediately after completing the check in process. The online check-in begins 24 hours prior and ends 1 hour prior  to the departure, finish the process anytime within the defined timeline to get a boarding pass.

How to get Air Canada boarding pass online?

Go to Manage my bookings, check-in following the instructions and the screen will finally reflect the option to download Air Canada boarding pass.
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