Air Canada is among the 20 largest airlines in the world and flies to more than 250 locations across the globe. It started as the national carrier of Canada and slowly added international routes to its map. Millions of people choose the airline to fly to various desired destinations. If your travel plans include boarding the plane from Orlando Airport then chances are you must be curious about what terminal is Air Canada at MCO.

The content captures details about the same. Also, this clarifies that the MCO is not an airport but the code for Orlando MCO Airport. It is an international airport that earns the rank of the seventh busiest airport in the U.S. Yet, many netizens and travelers informally recognize it as the MCO airport. So, now you are aware that both the names are to recognize the same place. Air Canada uses this very popular airport in Orlando to fly passengers to various locations.

Air Canada Orlando (MCO) Airport Terminal Details

Air Canada uses terminal B at the Orlando Airport (MCO). There are three terminals, namely, A, B, and C. Each terminal is further divided into levels. Terminal B has Levels 1, 2, and 3, and all the services offered by Air Canada are located here. Also, this is home to many airlines. It could lead to confusion and some extra work if the travelers are not pre-informed about what gates does Air Canada use at MCO airport.

As the readers have already learned about which terminal is Air Canada at MCO, here are the exact details about the location of the offices and areas reserved for Air Canada services offered at the Orlando(MCO) airport. 

What Gates does Air Canada use at MCO Airport?  

Air Canada uses gates 70-99 at the MCO airport. All essential departments are here within the gates. After arriving at the airport, clear the security checkpoints and step by step complete the process to board the plane. The levels and the facilities at each are defined in the following points.

MCO Airport Level 1

Ground transportation and the baggage claim is present on level 1 of the Air Canada Terminal B, MCO Airport. Rental cars and personal vehicles passengers can move their way from here to other levels for the other process. 

MCO Airport Level 2

Baggage Claims is also present on level 2 which doors 20-42. These have other services like pet relief areas and nursing rooms. The map and signals lead the travelers to the right location.

MCO Airport Level 3

B-1 to B-4 on level 3 of terminal B accommodate facilities. Companion care, ATM, Restrooms, and phones are to name a few. The Police and security officers are also located here to offer any form of help and assistance required by travelers.

These are the basic services that are at Terminal B Orlando Airport(MCO). The general ones are used by passengers of all airlines that use this terminal. Whereas, Air Canada specifically must have tags, bulletins or boards to highlight it for the passengers. Visit the places in sequence to board the plane hassle-free.

Reminder! Reach Airport Early 

It is a gentle reminder to reach the airport early as the airline does not allow late boarding. Also, there are bags that contain items that require extra formalities to be carried on the plane. So, based on destination or route, verify when you can check in with Air Canada and plan accordingly. Rest of the time leaves, relax at the lounge, shop, dine or enjoy other services detailed in the following section.

Air Canada Ticketing

At B3 the ticketing counter for Air Canada offers assistance with various procedures. People can cancel the Air Canada flight or request some other formalities. These include a name change for Air Canada tickets and others.

Air Canada Security

Air Canada passengers clear the security from gates 70-129. Also, TSA security is also available at the Orlando (MCO) Airport. However, the curbside check-in is not present. The wait time for the specified security gates for Air Canada passenger screening is around 34-38 minutes. It is advised to reach on time to avoid last-minute chaos due to the heavy crowds during the busy days at the airport. 

Air Canada Boarding

After clearing the security, dropping the bag, and completing other formalities required to board the plane, rest in the lounge for the rest time if accessible. The United Club lounge is close to gate 43  at Concourse B. Holders of the Maple Leaf Lounge membership are eligible to use the lounge offered in partnership with one of the star Alliance member airlines. 

Similarly, all other services for Air Canada passengers are situated at the Terminal B of the Orlando Airport (MCO). Catch an airport shuttle bus, or cover the path by walking using the map to reach the desired location. 


The final conclusions intend on reminding a few extra points apart from what terminal is Air Canada at MCO. Firstly, it is essential to carry all documents to smoothly clear the security procedure. Also, the post-COVID era has been going through changes in protocols, so it is better to check if Air Canada requires COVID tests or any other mandatory documents. Even including items like razors or sharp objects can lead to some issues in the screening, so read and follow all the protocols well days before the scheduled departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Air Canada at Orlando International Airport?

Air Canada is at terminal B of the Orlando International Airport.

Is Air Canada terminal B at Orlando for International Flights?

Air Canada International flights are scheduled from terminal B at the Orlando( MCO) Airport.

Is there an Air Canada lounge in Orlando Airport?

Air Canada passengers who have a Maple Leaf membership, can use the United Club lounge.

What are the other Terminals that use the Terminal B of the Orlando Airport (MCO)? 

Air Canada, Aeromexico, American, Bahamasair, Latam, Silver, Sun Country, United, Volaris, and WestJet Airlines use the Terminal B of Orlando Airport.
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