Air Canada’s one hour Wi-Fi pass will cost you $6.50 CAD. Air Canada is one of the leading Airlines in the world and is also the largest air carrier in Canada. It flies to more than 220 destinations covering places across the globe. Wi-Fi is an additional expense for the passenger. However, the WiFi is not very expensive and can be purchased by paying a small amount.

Air Canada even offers one complimentary new reading app along with the WiFi purchase. The WiFi on Air Canada costs according to flight type, total distance and the usage. Browsing, downloading and streaming are different activities that require different internet speeds. The standard WiFi speed offered by Air Canada Airlines is 9.6 mbps. Additionally, speed and quality can be improved after paying higher prices.

Air Canada Internet Plans and Prices

Air Canada does have WiFi features that are worth the purchase. But it is not included in the ticket price. The airline has a monthly internet plan for $65.95 CAD. The airline provides 3 wifi plan passes to the passenger. The passes are as follows: 

  • Air Canada 1-Hour Pass ($6.50 CAD)
  • Air Canada 1-Way Pass ($21.00 CAD)
  • Air Canada Monthly Plan ($65.95 CAD)

Note: Prices may vary for passengers buying the service from outside Canada.

Also, payment may be done through the Air Canada Travel Vouchers, e-Coupons or other digital wallets. Air Travel Vouchers contain a refundable amount of the canceled flight ticket. Passengers can use it any number of times and at any time. There is no expiration date attached to it. While other vouchers can be used within a limited time period. In case you have any of the vouchers with the benefit to pay for additional services, use it instead of paying through cash or credit. The following are the data plans for specific time periods.  

Time Duration Price (Canadian Dollars)
1-Hour Pass $6.50 CAD
1-Way Pass$19.00 CAD
1-Day Pass$21.00 CAD
1-Month Plan$65.95 CAD

Choose any of the plans that suit your needs and buy Air Canada WiFi to enjoy connectivity with the world while flying. Enable the Aeroplane mode before connecting the WiFi in the flight. If you are unsure about buying the WiFi service. Wait and as per the situation, buy later during the journey. Frequent flyers and long-flight passengers can buy the monthly plan and per-day plan respectively to enjoy unlimited data.

How Many Devices Can be Connected with Air Canada Wifi?

Only 1 device can be connected by each passenger. Access to other devices will be given when the first one is disconnected. Air Canada does not have free WiFi for business class. Business class passengers also need to pay additionally for the service. However, for entertainment purposes, the airline has other options installed in its in-flight TV. Television with headsets offers a variety of shows from historical documentaries to popular dramas, music, audio, and videos. Also, charging ports are attached with the seats for charging the device. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to get Wi-Fi on Air Canada?

In Air Canada flights, Wi-Fi passes start from $6.50 CAD.

Is Wi-Fi on Air Canada worth it?

Passengers traveling with Air Canada in a short or even long-haul flight seeking entertainment can take a good advantage of the Air Canada wi-fi and it’s completely worth it for them.

Does Air Canada have free Wi-Fi?

Air Canada doesn’t provide free Wi-Fi service to passengers only on North American and international flights. Passengers have to purchase the Wi-Fi pass in order to use it.

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