How to Use Air Canada Travel Voucher

Passenger are eligible to redeem the Air Canada Travel Voucher at the official website of the airlines. Visit or call the Air Canada Reservation number to use Air Canad travel voucher. The travel voucher is not a discount coupon or award points but a form of a digital wallet to receive the amount for cancelled tickets. 

Also, the airline provides a facility to use the travel voucher a number of times until the balance becomes zero. Apart from travel vouchers, there is an expiry date for the eCoupons AcCredit and electronic vouchers. This page will help you know how to use air canada travel voucher, and other related information.

How Long to Get Air Canada Travel Voucher?

how to use  Air Canada Travel Voucher

It takes 5-7 business days to get an Air Canada Travel Voucher. First, apply for the ticket cancellation and refund to be transferred as an Air Travel Voucher. After the application, Air Canada Airlines verifies the ticket and the individual details. Further, it confirms if the ticket can be refunded and if any deductions will be applied. As, under some circumstances of Air Canada Cancellation Policy, the original amount of the booking will be refunded after deductions.

After the final calculation, the airline informs via an email or message about the final amount and confirmation to the application requesting for a Air Travel voucher. Within 5-7 days of the confirmation, another mail with the link of the Air Travel voucher and its following terms and conditions will be sent to the right individual. 

 Air Canada Travel Voucher

Finally, now the voucher is now available to make future payments to buy the ticket, hotel or a travel combo for specific locations like the Caribbean and Hawaii.


The above two passages have more than sufficient details to teach you how to get an Air Canada Travel Voucher. Travel vouchers can be a great tool if you will be booking a flight in the future. The travel voucher specifically has no expiry date and offers the flexibility to book even after a decade. 

So, even if you cancel and request a refund in 2022 and rebook in 2024, the voucher can be used as a mode of payment. However remember, you will have to pay the fare difference separately. Also, not all vouchers have an unlimited deadline and must be used within the timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long to get Air Canada Travel Voucher after cancelling the ticket?

First, request a refund and ask to transfer it as a voucher after cancelling the ticket. Post that Air Canada will take at max 24 hours to approve your request and 5-7 business days more for the money to enter your account. 

How to Get an Air Canada Travel Voucher for Basic Tickets?

Tickets that are non-refundable like Basic, Standard, and Flex are not eligible to get an Air Canada Travel voucher. 

Where do I get my Air Canada Travel Voucher? 

No, you get your Air Canada travel voucher in your mail. Always check your spam or junk folder if you don’t receive the mail. 

How to use Air Canada travel voucher?

To use Air Canada travel credits, visit the official website Click on the “Flight Pass” option, select “Manage Your Flight Pass” and log in using the plan number and password. Then, select the flight pass to use, and click the “Book a flight” option.
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