Does Air New Zealand Have Wifi? Uncovering the Facts 2024 Does Air New Zealand Have Wifi? Uncovering the Facts 2024
Does Air New Zealand Have Wifi

Are you searching does Air New Zealand have Wifi? Most of the passengers found it tedious to fly on an aircraft that didn’t offer any inflight Wi-Fi or entertainment service. The same goes for Air New Zealand Airlines, which provides the inflight Wi-Fi service on some of its flights. But, it plans to expand the service this year in 2024, for free. The airline will offer high-speed Starlink Internet service across all their domestic flights. The all-new high-speed internet service allows travelers to check messages and connect with their loved ones. Further, we will see what Air New Zealand will be going to offer to the passengers. 

Air New Zealand Inflight Wi-Fi Overview

Air New Zealand Inflight Wi-Fi

Almost every passenger prefers the inflight Wi-Fi service before making a reservation for their travel. This can be why Air New Zealand is suddenly expanding its number of inflight Wi-Fi aircraft. Currently, the airline is offering the service on very few domestic flights. Passenger traveling with Air New Zealand can easily check whether their aircraft has Wi-Fi service available by simply downloading the Air NZ app. 

Click on the application to open, then click on the Wi-Fi icon next to the flight in the app. The Wi-Fi option in the app only shows the availability of the inflight Wi-Fi service. According to the airline guidelines, passengers must check the following information on the day of their flight to avoid any confusion due to a change of aircraft in the last minute.

Things to do in Free Inflight Wi-Fi

If you are on an Air New Zealand flight with inflight Wi-Fi, you’re probably not get bored inside the flight. You can use the free Wi-Fi service inside the plane, and there are a lot of online activities that can be done, such as:

  • Browse the web
  • Access to the Email and Messages
  • Scroll and post to social media

Blocked High Data Inflight Service

To make the internet accessible for all travelers, the airline restricts the bandwidth. In addition, all voice calls, even using an app, are strictly prohibited under aviation regulations. Along with this, the airline also blocks the irrelevant content available online. Here is a list of activities that are restricted while using the internet service in Air New Zealand: 

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Downloading or updating the apps
  • Streaming videos on the highest resolution
  • Trying to access cloud storage
  • Playing online multiplayer games
  • Watching offensive content

Steps To Connect When Flying

During your flight, passengers can easily connect with the Wi-Fi internet to access the online content. Here are all the possible steps that will help you understand how to connect with Air New Zealand Wi-Fi while flying:

  1. First, turn on your device’s Flight Mode after a few minutes of takeoff.
  2. Then, turn on your device’s Wi-Fi without turning off the flight mode. 
  3. You’ll be able to see a network with the name AirNZ_InflightWiFi network.
  4. Then, visit the link.
  5. Now, follow the onscreen connection prompts to connect properly.
  6. Once connected, you can enjoy the free internet service until the plane lands. 

Note: If you are having trouble following any step, you can ask the crew member to do the same.

Wind Up!

Inflight Wi-Fi Internet can make a flight experience more worthwhile. That is why almost every passenger is looking for an inflight internet service while making a reservation with any airline. Inflight Wi-Fi allows them to connect with their friends and family through social media, post real-time images, etc., even if no networks are available on their mobile phones. 

Air New Zealand currently offers some domestic aircraft Wi-Fi facilities but plans to expand the service in 2024. If you are flying with Air New Zealand, you can check your flight’s inflight Wi-Fi service availability through the official Air NZ app. 

FAQs on Does Air New Zealand Have Wifi?

Does Air New Zealand have screens?

Air New Zealand offers an inbuilt on-demand entertainment screen on each setback. 

How do I connect to Wi-Fi on Air New Zealand?

First, to connect with Air New Zealand Wi-Fi, wait for the flight to take off. Then, turn on your phone’s flight mode and Wi-Fi. Connect with the AirNZ_InflightWiFi network and visit to access the high-speed internet.

Are Air New Zealand flights comfortable?

Air New Zealand never disappoints its passengers regarding the service and comfort. The airline offers super comfortable slim-line seats with headrests to the passengers.

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