Is Air New Zealand a Good airline

Let’s go through the reviews and decide together whether Air New Zealand is worth all the hype or if you are squandering your funds on a basic flight. Air New Zealand operates domestically to 20 destinations and transports passengers to 18 countries in its 30 international destinations. With 108 Airbus and Boeing aircraft in its fleet, Air New Zealand won Airline of the Year in 2023. 

Discover features and facilities, stir up its honors and recognition, and squint at its customer services to determine the authenticity of Air New Zealand reviews. 

Air NZ Onboard Features Explained

Air NZ Onboard Features

Once you board the plane, the cabin crew tries to set a seal on your easement and solace. Air New Zealand reviews state that the crew keeps you company during your discomfort, checks on you for water and other needs, and makes certain you are hydrated and satiated. Here’s what’s more!

In-flight Entertainment Options

Flights have a varied list of over 1000 latest TV shows and movies for your amusement during the journey. The inflight entertainment system is enriched with Air NZ’s Spotify playlists so that you can tune into the music of your choice, reclining on your comfy seats. Features include:

  • Movies & TV shows
  • Live TV
  • Music
  • Radio shows 
  • Audiobooks
  • Games
  • Seat Chats

Inflight Wi-Fi Connectivity

Air NZ has in-flight Wi-Fi facilities in selected itineraries, mostly for international flights to Australia and the Pacific Islands. Most passengers accounted that downloading on the high-speed Wi-Fi was smoother compared to uploading. However, texting, browsing, and scrolling feeds in social media between the clouds is in itself a lavish experience. Posting on time and being connected with loved ones and colleagues during air travel is a privilege to be grateful for. 

Long Haul Flights and Comfort  

The first need during lengthy flights is comfort. Air NZ categorizes long-haul flights by the fact that they mustn’t be between New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands. Passengers praise Air NZ for its budget-friendly economy class, which offers only the facilities you need. Economy stretch, economy sky couch, and premium economy class with legroom, a better headset, and a comfy pillow are sound choices for slightly more comfort. With the ultimate flying experience comes the businesspremier of Air NZ with the widest range of food, entertainment, and lavish solace. 

New Zealand’s Vibrant Cuisine and Vintage Wines

The airline offers an extensive in-flight meal menu so passengers can savor New Zealand’s authentic delights. Businesspremier, premium economy, and economy have different menus from which to select delicious NZ cuisine. Passengers can pre-order special meals, take care of food allergies, and choose from children’s meal options while flying with the carrier. In Koru Hour flights, travelers get a chance to try additional cheese and crackers, savory snacks, wines, cider, premium beers, L&P, and No Sugar Coca-Cola.

Skytrax 4 Star Rating

Skytrax World Airline Star Rating is a recognized name in the industry. Their ratings range from one star to five (for the exclusively prestigious airlines) awards. Skytrax rated Air NZ four stars out of five in the recent listing. The ranking is based on various factors, such as airport and customer support facilities, onboard and pre-and post-flight assistance, cleanliness, food & beverages, cabin crew, ground staff, and In-flight entertainment. 

Air New Zealand is known for value for money and On-Time Performance. Choosing this carrier for your flight guarantees prompt landings and comfortable journeys. Other airline and airport rating sites have also patted Air NZ’s back for their world-class service and standards. 

A famous carrier and airport grading site, Airline Ratings, grants the following ratings to New Zealand’s flag carrier based on the governing body’s statistics, leading associations, and airline safety data. Airline was the site that ranked Air NZ number one in its 2023 ranking—praising its safety and in-flight services. 

Legroom4 Star
Seat comfort4 Star
In-flight entertainment (WiFi, TV, movies)4 Star
Onboard Experience5 Star
Customer service4 Star
Value for money4 Star
Cleanliness5 Star
Check-in and boarding5 Star
Food and beverage5 Star

Awards and Recognition

Through a span of 59 years, Air NZ has won numerous accords for its brilliant service- beginning with the Airline of the Year award in 2010 and the 2012 Air Transport World Global Airline Awards and again in 2023 by Airline Safety has been a paramount importance for this carrier. It has only suffered a single and most devastating accident in ‘79, when 257 on-board passengers lost their lives flying over Antarctica. Since then, the aviation company worked on its module to improve safety and precision with time-to-time maintenance and surveys. 

The list below shows the come popular accords won by Air New Zealand over the course of its trade.  

  •  Air Transport World Global Airline Awards: Airline of the Year 2010
  •  Air Transport World Global Airline Awards: Airline of the Year 2012
  • Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC): Safest Airline in the world in 2014
  • The best airline in Airline Excellence Awards 2020
  • Airline of the Year in 2023
  • Best Premium Economy for 2024
  • Best Economy Class For 2024
  • World’s Safest Airline For 2024

Amenities Offered by New Zealand’s Carrier

Except for the basic services of efficient online booking and reservation management with highly trained professionals at the city sales office, Air NZ offers some remarkable amenities for its customers. From prompt customer service executives’ responses to queries to lavish lounges at airports, the list below covers the amenities you can revel in at the airport and on board when flying with the Best Airline of 2023. 

Pre-and Post-flight At the Airport

Airline assistance does not stop after you complete your bookings. When you make reservations with Air NZ, they ensure that you get everything you seek in your flight. Once you reach the airport, representatives help you with check-in, upgrades, and travel guidance. Furthermore, premium ticketed customers can rely on the airline to provide a lounge during waiting hours and connecting flights. Scroll for details!

Check-In Option

For an ultimate customer satisfaction experience, the carrier offers three check-in options for pre-flight tasks. These include online check-in through the official site, mobile application, and airport check-in at kiosks and counters. Customers have appreciated the airline’s initiative to install numerous kiosks time and again. Besides, the Air NZ app is an effective method to book flights, compare prices, and avoid check-in queues at the airport. 

Air New Zealand Lounges

Passengers can access lavish lounges for their waiting hours at the airport during their domestic or international flights. Business Premier cabin travelers can reach out to the airport staff for admission into the lounges. A stay of 3-4 hours is accepted depending on the type of itinerary and the allegiance of the lounge partners with Air New Zealand. The categories include International lounges, New Zealand domestic lounges, New Zealand regional lounges, and Partner lounges. Speaking with airline representatives can clarify which lounge you can access at the concerned airport. 


Wondering whether Air New Zealand have Business Class? Stop Surfing! Because another enticing feature of this airline is smooth last-minute upgrades. Try out the premium cabins and experience the opulence that you can get even when you have already booked Premium Economy during your reservation. Elite or Gold Airpoints members of Air NZ are privileged to Airpoints membership upgrades. The comfort and proportional fare go in the following order: Business Premier> Premium Economy> Economy Skycouch> Economy. 

Air New Zealand Fleet Size and Maintenance

Air New Zealand Fleet Size

With a magnificent fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, Air NZ has a total of 108 planes and 15 orders. The oldest operating plane, the Q300, is approximately 17 years old, while the newest Airbus A320neo and A321neo have only been serving for three years. 

Boeing 777-300ER811.9
Boeing 787147.5
Airbus A320ceo(Domestic NZ)1710.2
Airbus A320neoAirbus A321neo173.8

Understanding Air New Zealand Safety Standards?

Recognized as the safest airline in 2024, Air New Zealand ensures maximum safety of all on board. The moment one reaches the airport and lands safely at the desired destination, they entrust their lives and livelihood into the hands of the carrier. This leaves them in complete charge of their safety. Therefore, Air NZ trains its employees (ground staff and cabin crew) to tackle any situation, leaving no stone unturned to guarantee each passenger’s safety. 

Aircraft maintenance is a top priority to ensure it meets global safety standards at all times. Every passenger can find a Safety Information card in their seat pockets with information about all exit gates and the position of their protective braces in emergencies. 

Only once has the airline experienced a major accident, that too in 1979, when Flight 901 was flying through Antarctica on a sightseeing flight. The deadliest accident in Air New Zealand’s history resulted in the loss of 267 passengers on board. After that, the carrier worked on its aircraft maintenance and passenger protection and, thankfully, did not suffer any major incidents ever again. 

Air New Zealand: The Basics!

The concerned carrier is a proverbial name in air transport, having won several awards and recognitions since it commenced its operations 59 years ago. Flying across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, Air NZ has loyal customers and efficient employees pulling out all the stops to ensure client satisfaction. Here’s a list of things you should know about the airline. 

Name of the AirlineAir New Zealand
Based fromNew Zealand
Founded on 26th of April 1940
HubsAuckland AirportChristchurch AirportWellington International Airport
Number of DestinationsApproximately 50
Fleet Size108
HeadquartersWynyard Quarter, Auckland, New Zealand
Average annual Passengers15 million
Official Website 

Long Story Short!

Now that all is said and done, you know that most luxury air carriers do not offer value for money like Air New Zealand does. Travelers’ most obvious dilemma is comfort and prompt landing at their destination. Air NZ is free of all such controversies. It offers the most spacious seats with sufficient legroom, scrumptious in-flight meals, and a promise of safety like no other airline. So now you most likely have the answer to your question, “How is Air New Zealand?”

Often Asked Questions

Is Air New Zealand a good airline to fly?

According to the latest ratings, Air NZ is the airline of the year in 2023, with the best Economy and Premium Economy class, and the safest airline in 2024. 

Is Air New Zealand Safe Airline?

Air New Zealand is the world’s safest airline for 2024.

Which airline is better, Air New Zealand or Qantas?

Both airlines are of high standards and recognized for their resources and amenities. However, Air NZ is not only rated a four-star airline by Skytrax for its prompt services and efficient ground staff and cabin crew but also offers a wider variety of facilities to customers at similar charges to Qantas. 

What rank is Air New Zealand?

Air NZ is the number one airline in 2023, as per the AirlineRatings.

Is Air NZ’s economy good?

Yes. With an ergonomic design for additional relaxation and personal space, NZ’s national airline stands out in the race for comfort in the economy class airline. 

Are drinks free on Air New Zealand international flights?

Long-haul passengers get complimentary tea, coffee, and beverages now and then on Air NZ flights. 

Are Air New Zealand seats comfortable?

Yes. The customers can relish in a six-inch seat recliner with legroom enough to stretch out even in economy class. 

What type of airline is Air New Zealand?

Air NZ provides passenger travel and cargo transport internationally as well as domestically. 

Which country owns Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand is the national air carrier of New Zealand. 

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