What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at Sky Harbor

Sky Harbor International Airport is situated in Arizona and is popular for being the largest commercial airport in the United States. Alaska Airlines flies from this port terminal to offer flights to various international and national destinations. 

If you are wondering what terminal is Alaska Air at Sky Harbor, then you are at the right place. This content shares important updates on the terminal and the location of its other services. Sky Harbor PHX International is a hub for many airlines and it could lead to chaos and confusion. Read about the boarding gate, check-in counter, and other facilities offered by Sky Harbor PHX International Airport.

Sky Harbor International (PHX) Airport Contact Details

Airport NamePhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport(PHX)
Airport IATA CodePHX
Airport Address3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States
Twitter Pagehttps://twitter.com/PHXSkyHarbor
Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/PHXSkyHarbor/
Youtube Account https://www.youtube.com/user/PhoenixSkyHarbor
Pinterest Account https://www.pinterest.com/phxskyharbor/

Alaska Airlines Gate at PHX Sky Harbor International Airport

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Generally, the E gates are used by its flights. Confirm from the boarding pass as there are changes at times due to various operational reasons. 

What Is Alaska Airlines Gate At PHX Sky Harbor International Airport?

Sky Harbor International Airport has two terminals, namely, 3 and 4. Furthermore, these are divided into four levels each. The Alaska Airlines services at the terminal are located on the different floors or levels of terminal 3. Keep reading to know where you will have to visit to avail the facilities and what are the means of transportation at the airport. 

Location for Alaska Airlines Departures and Arrivals

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 3 for departures and arrivals from Sky Harbor International Airport. Those who are traveling with their bags, pets, or any special reservation including international flights passengers must visit the airport at least 2 hours prior to the departure. Additional formalities for these ticket types can cause delays and hence a considerable amount of time must be kept in spare to avoid denied entries.  

Checked Baggage Counter at the Alaska Airlines 

Checked Baggage Counter at the Alaska Airlines 

Level 1 of the Alaska Sky Harbor terminal is where you will find the baggage counter. Drop your checked bags after clearing the security. Do remember to tag the bags and count the number so that you claim the loss or damage (if any). Also, pack the items according to the airline policy so that the screening becomes easy without any additional steps to remove the unacceptable items. The airline will never allow products or items that can hamper the journey for you and other flying members. 

Alaska Check-in Counters for the Passengers 

The Sky Harbor Alaska Terminal offers two ways to check in at the airport. It is also located at the level 1 of the terminal. There is a kiosk and a ticket counter for the same. The kiosks are available throughout the day, fill in the confirmation number and the last name to log in, confirm the flight details and get the boarding pass. Whereas, the ticket counters of Alaska Airlines are available between 4:00 am–8:45 pm.

Set the accurate time to be able to use the ticket counter and board the plane without a large hour gap. Moreover, the airline even accepts bags at max 4 hours prior to departure. 

Spend Time at Shops and Food Stalls at Sky Harbor Airport 

Spend Time at Shops and Food Stalls at Sky Harbor Airport 

A must-have feature at the airports is the food and shopping stores to keep hunger and boredom miles away. Sky Harbor does not disappoint here even. Level 4 of Alaska Terminal 3 is loaded with a variety of shops. The renowned food outlets spread the amazing appetizing smell of their delicious food. Hop on to the floor by the elevator or the escalator after completing formalities to spend some good time before boarding the plane. 

Sky Train Floor at Alaska Sky Harbor Terminal 

Sky Train Floor at Alaska Sky Harbor Terminal 

From level 5 of terminal 3, the Sky Train service of the airport drops and picks up passengers of this terminal. It is a free transportation service for travelers. Every 3-5 minutes, it visits each of the following stations. 

  • Rental Car Service 
  • 24th Street Express Pay Parking 
  • West Economy Garage
  • 44th Washington Streets
  • PHX Sky Train Station
  • Airport Terminals (3 and 4)

There is a connected route to these stops. Check out more details on the airport’s official website. Wait a bit patiently as the train timings shift a bit during peak seasons. 

Other Rental and Transportation Services: Ride shares, taxis, cars, and other shuttle services are also available for booking at the airport. The prices for these vary and can be confirmed via the airport helpline number or the official website. Due to heavy traffic, it is advised to book the service in advance. 

Parking Area for Alaska Passengers 

Economy, premium, and corporate parking are the three main classifications of parking lots at the Harbor Airport in Arizona. The rates also vary according to the additional benefits and features. While the total cost is calculated on an hourly basis. 4 Dollars to 39 Dollars is the maximum and minimum price range for per hour to a day (24 hours). 

Alaska Passengers traveling to Terminal 3 can use the garage located close to the terminal. The daily charges are 39 Dollars. Whereas, for the first hour it is 4 Dollars. Valet parking is also available to get the car parked easily.

Overview of Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 3


Alaska Airlines is an American carrier that flies to 100-plus destinations. It uses many international airports to fly from the domestic regions to outside the border regions. You can find what terminal is Alaska Airlines at Sky Harbor from this airport and board the flight easily. All essential information related to the airline is mentioned in the above passage. Use it and the interactive map to find the location of the service you wish to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at Sky Harbor?

Alaska Air is at Terminal 3 of Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona. 

Is Sky Harbor an International Airport?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is majorly used by international airlines. 

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at Phoenix Sky Harbor for international routes?

Alaska Airlines is at the same terminal 3 for the international flights at Harbor International Airport. 

How many airlines use PHX Sky Harbor International Airport?

PHX Sky Harbor International Airport is used by 23 plus airlines. 
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