How to Change Avelo Flight

Change Avelo flight by using the “Manage My Trip” option on the official homepage. You can also call the customer support center. Online changes are more convenient as it saves time and money. Nevertheless, we still recommend using the same method the passenger used for purchasing the ticket. This brings smoothness to the procedure. Passengers changing Avelo flight online can follow the prompt displayed on the screen. Just log in with the booking ID and last name to make necessary itinerary modifications. Avelo Air has introduced a flexible Avelo Change Flight Policy that caters to passengers’ requirements. The rules and regulations are designed to ensure that passengers have a seamless Avelo Air Change Flight experience.

On this page, we have shared the Avelo Airlines Change Flight Policy to modify the flight date, selected destination, customer information, etc.

Avelo Change Flight Policy

Avelo Change Flight Policy

Passengers are allowed to make modifications to flight details up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure as per the Avelo Change Flight Policy. According to the policy, the passengers are liable to pay charges for certain modifications done to the flight details. In addition, passengers may have to pay increased fare difference as per the Avelo Airlines Change Flight Policy. The rules may differ according to the purchased fare type. Overall, Avelo Air is a good airline that lets passengers change flight details as per their preference. Passengers can change Avelo Flight details by visiting the official website, downloading the mobile application, or simply contacting the customer care agent. 

Avelo Airlines Flexible Options to Change Flights

Avelo Airlines is a safe option to fly when there is a probability of a change in plans. The airlines provide multiple flexible options to their customers to enhance the overall journey experience. The following are some of the important points that are covered under Avelo Air policy for flight change:

  • There is no limit to the number of changes, passengers can make changes multiple times by paying the fare difference.
  • In case the new booked flight fare is less than the originally purchased ticket then the remaining amount will be added to the Avelo Travel Funds (ATF). Passengers can use this when booking a future flight. 
  • On the other hand, if the new flight is costlier than the original flight then passengers are liable to pay the fare difference.
  • No request for flight changes is entertained once the flight has taken off. Passengers can request to Change Avelo Flight only for flights not taken and it should be within the permitted time period. 
  • It is advisable for passengers to make changes to Avelo Air flights online via the Manage Trip option. Why? Because the airline charges $20 per seat when an Avelo Airline Flight Change request is made through the customer care center. Hence, following the online procedure is more convenient as well as saving some money. 

Change Avelo Flight within 24 Hours

Avelo Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy states that a flight canceled within 24 hours after the original booking and at least 168 hours (seven days) before the scheduled departure can be changed without penalty. Under this, the travelers are given a day window to cancel the booked ticket without paying any charges and may get a refund as well. Similarly, if a passenger wishes to change Avelo Flight details then he/she can take advantage of this policy. But, keep in mind that you are still liable to pay the fare difference when you Change Avelo Flight within 24 Hours. 

However, group reservations cannot be changed under the 24-hour policy. Passengers cannot make free adjustments within this timeframe, they have to cancel the entire ticket and then book a new flight. 

How to Change Avelo Flight Online?

How to Change Avelo Flight Online

As mentioned earlier, passengers can change Avelo Flight online through the official website. You can follow these steps to change Avelo Flight quickly without a hassle:

1. Open Avelo Airlines Official Homepage

Start by opening the airline’s official website on your device through this URL

2. Find the “Manage Trip” Option

There will be several options on the homepage, find the “Manage Trip” option and open it. A new section will drop down and ask you to enter your last name and ticket confirmation number. Afterward, click on the “Manage” button to proceed further.

3. Select Flight to Change

Now, the page will load your recent booking with Avelo Air. You have to find the “Change Flight” provided next to the booked ticket. Choose this option given in next to the flight you wish to change.

4. Change Itinerary Details

The next step is to change Avelo flight details. The page will display the flight date, entered departure, and arrival location. Passengers can change cities and flight dates according to their preferences. After that click on the “Confirm” button.

5. Pay Fare Difference

In case there is a difference in airfare then click on the “To Payment” button and pay the applicable fare difference or charges. Otherwise, click on the “Confirm” button given at the bottom of the page. 

Avelo Airlines Flight Change via Phone Call

Avelo Airlines Flight Change via Phone Call

Passengers who aren’t familiar with the online procedure and prefer direct contact with the agent can make Avelo Airlines Flight Change via Phone Call. 

  • Dial a toll-free number (346) 616-9500 to connect with the customer care agent of Avelo Air. 
  • Now, follow the audio instructions and dial the appropriate keys to connect with the representative. 
  • Once the representative is on the line, provide your flight details like the ticket confirmation number, last name, date & place of departure, and reason for Avelo Airlines Flight Change Policy.
  • The agent will now proceed with the flight change request and provide the available flight options as per your modifications. 
  • Passengers will pay any fare difference, if applicable. Note that modifications done via customer care support leads to a $20 charge per seated traveler.
  • Avelo Airlines change flight procedures will be completed by the agent on your behalf and the confirmation details will be sent to you on the provided email address.

Change Avelo Flight via the Ticketing Office

Change Avelo Flight via Ticketing Office

Travelers can also visit the Avelo Air Ticket Offices at the airport to request flight changes. This option is best suited for individuals who prefer face-to-face interaction. However, the procedure will be the same. Passengers will be required to provide booked flight details and the representative will change the Avelo flight. In addition, passengers can also enquire regarding additional services and other available options. 

Avelo Air Change Flight Fee

Avelo Airlines Flight Change Fee may vary from $75 to $250 per head for each one-way trip for requests made after 24 hours time window. These charges are applied for any modifications done to the flight date, destination, or passenger information.
In addition to this, travelers are also liable to pay fare difference, if any. We would like to remind you that Avelo Air Change Flight Fees are subject to change based on the purchased fare type and selected destination. Thus, we suggest keeping track of the airline’s recent policies and news by visiting the official website. 

Avelo Change Flight (FAQs)

Can I change the name on my Avelo ticket?

Yes, you can change the name on the Avelo ticket by paying the applicable charges and providing the necessary documents. 

Does Avelo charge for ticket changes?

Yes, Avelo Airline charges from $75 to $250 per head for each way trip. In addition, passengers are liable to pay a difference in fare, if any. 

Is there any limit on how many changes a traveler can make on an Avelo ticket?

No, passengers can change Avelo Flight as many times as they want by following the concerned rules and guidelines. 

Is there a time limit on Avelo Airline Flight Change?

Yes. Passengers can change the Avelo flight up until 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. In addition, free changes can be made within 24 hours of the original booking. 

Can I change Avelo Airline Flight details via Customer Care Support?

Yes, you can change Avelo Airline Flight details by contacting customer care support. However, this service will cost $20 per seated traveler.
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