What is Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy

Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy states that flights can be canceled up to 15 minutes before the scheduled takeoff. It is designed to cater to passenger’ need in case of unexpected events. Moreover, the procedure to cancel Avelo Flight is quick and easy. Simply visit the “Manage Trip” on the official website and cancel your trip. In most cases, Avelo Airlines policy for flight cancellation also includes paying a small amount of fee. However, one can cancel a flight without a penalty with the 24-hour free cancellation policy. Keep on reading to learn how to cancel Avelo Airline flights online. 

Avelo Airline 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Avelo Airline 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Avelo 24 Hour Cancellation Policy lets passengers cancel flights without facing any charges. It is mandatory that the flight is canceled within 24 hours of the original reservation. However, the flight must be booked at least seven days (168 hours) before the scheduled takeoff. If the passenger qualifies for these requirements then he/she can cancel Avelo Airline Flight without paying penalty charges. In addition, the airline will also refund the paid fare amount to the original form of payment. 

Once the 24 hours are exceeded, the passenger is liable to pay a small fee to cancel the Avelo flight. There is no limit on the number of cancellations made by a passenger as long as he meets the required conditions. We have listed below some important points of Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy:

  • The cancellation policy is subject to change according to the origin of the ticket, booked destinations, and fare type. Passengers may contact customer support for in-depth information.
  • When a cancellation fee is levied, the amount is deducted from the fare price, and the remaining is refunded to the original form of payment, if eligible. 
  • If the passenger bought the ticket from a third party then the cancellation must be done through that channel only, no cancellation will be made via the airline’s official website.
  • Passengers can also opt to Change Avelo Flight if the cancellation is not convenient anymore.
  • The airline does not entertain any request for flight cancellation once the flight has departed. 
  • Passengers making cancellations via customer care support may have to pay an additional charge for this service. The airline will charge you $20 per seat passenger. Thus, make sure to choose the cancellation method wisely. It is advisable to use the same method used for booking the flight to maintain the seamless procedure. 
  • The airline will refund the amount after deducting the cancellation fee only for refundable ticket holders. All the other reservations are refunded in the form of Avelo Travel Funds which can be redeemed for future travel plans.

What If Avelo Airlines Canceled Flights?

What If Avelo Airlines Canceled Flights

Avelo Airlines may cancel a passenger’s flight due to unavoidable reasons. If the reason is controllable then the airline will compensate passengers by providing several options. Passengers may get the option to either re-route or reschedule the ticket. The airline may offer other benefits as well like meals and refreshments in waiting time, accommodation, etc.

How to Cancel Avelo Airlines Online?

Avelo is a good airline as it offers various ways to cancel Avelo Airline Ticket, one must stick to the more convenient option. We have discussed several ways to cancel an Avelo Airline flight ticket. Check the steps below on how to cancel Avelo Airline via the official website:

  • Open the official website using this URL https://www.aveloair.com/ and land on the homepage of the airline.
  • Now, start navigating the page to find the “Manage Trip” option. 
  • The new page will ask you to enter your last name and confirmation ticket number. 
  • After submitting the details, you have to select the flight you want to cancel.
  • Make the online payment if Avelo Airline Cancellation Fee is levied. The refund will be initiated after confirmation.
  • Lastly, the cancellation confirmation email will be sent to the passenger. 

Cancel Avelo Airlines Flight via Customer Care Service

Cancel Avelo Airline Flight via Customer Care Support

Passengers may cancel Avelo Airlines flights by contacting customer care support. This option is useful for those individuals who prefer more clarity in the process. However, the airline charges $20 per seat for this service. Travelers are required to keep their flight information ready to forward it to the customer care agent. The agent will assist you with the procedure and inform you regarding the Avelo Airline Ticket Cancellation Fee, if any. 

Toll-free Number(346) 616-9500
Email Addresssupport@aveloair.com
Write at Customer Care
12 Greenway Plaza, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77046

Avelo Airline Cancellation Through Ticket Counter

Avelo Airline Cancellation Through Ticket Counter

Passengers can also visit the nearby airport and can get their Avelo Airline Flight canceled via the ticket counter. The process is similar, however, face-to-face interaction enhances the flight cancellation procedure. The staff at the airport will ask for flight information and the reason to cancel the ticket. On successful interaction, the agent will cancel the Avelo flight for the passenger. 

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancel Fee

Avelo Airline Flight Cancel Fee

On its official website, the airline has stated that they do not charge any Avelo airline flight cancel fee when canceled under a given time frame. Otherwise, they may charge depending upon the booked reservation. Passengers will get to know the detailed Avelo Airline Cancellation Fee amount when completing the procedure. The fee amount is highly influenced by the timing of the requested flight cancellation. 

Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy (FAQs)

Does Avelo have cancelation fees?

Avelo Airlines may charge a cancellation fee depending on the booked reservations. 

How do I cancel my Avelo reservation?

You may cancel your Avelo reservation via the “Manage Trip” option available on the official website. 

Is Avelo cancellation free?

Yes, Avelo cancellation is free if the flight is canceled within 24 hours of reservation. 

Does Avelo Airlines have 24 hours cancellation policy?

Yes, Avelo Airline offers free flight cancellation up to 24 hours after purchasing the ticket. 
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