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Avelo Airlines after being owned by Andrew Levy is expected to improve its performance. Currently, it offers average-quality services at very reasonable prices. Customer reviews about the airline suggest that there is no timely delivery of the required services like cancellation, refunds, baggage drop off, etc. 

Since it is a low-cost airline for an end-to-end journey and its features are also limited. It can be expensive if you will have to buy the extra baggage allowance, WiFi, and other extra services. But, Avelo is safe to fly and is ideal for those who don’t require any additional services. Look at the points why it is not termed as a good airline and how its future performance can be better than today. 

Avelo Airlines Features And Its Overall Performance 

Avelo Airlines Features And Its Overall Performance 
HeadquartersHouston, Texas

In 2018, Andrew Levy purchased Xtra Airways and renamed it as Avelo Airlines. After this rebranding and ownership change, the chances of the airline to grow and perform better are increased. Why? It is because he is an experienced personality and has previously co-founded and managed two popular airlines in the United States. 

The airline started its operations in 1989. But, it has undergone two name changes, Casino to Xtra and finally Avelo. It will be fair to judge it since it’s a new beginning for fact that the new owner will dedicatedly work to improve the standards. In this way, Avelo is comparatively a young airline and still has scope for growth. 

Avelo Airlines can be a great deal for passengers who are looking for no more than a safe trip on a budget with no additional services. As soon as you are willing to adjust to the features and quality, it is good to fly. However, certain aspects of it can not be unseen and must be thoroughly discussed before finally booking the flight. Here is a list of its current available features and its review based on customer experiences and feedback.

Avelo Airlines Destinations and In-Flight Experience 

Avelo Airlines Destinations and In-Flight Experience 

Avelo Airlines flies domestically in the United States, offering flights to and within sub-regions. It operates at smaller airports which helps maintain the lower cost and offers a variety of destinations that are generally ignored by large airlines that are focused on main-city travel.  This is surely a plus point about Avelo Airlines. 

Adding to this, it owns the Boeing 737 series with 189 passenger capacity. These aircrafts along with its past record can confirm that Avelo Airlines qualifies for the safety standards well. However, passengers have complained about the inconveniences that they suffered due to the low quality of seat covers and the in-flight experience.  The airline fails to maintain the aircrafts. 

Avelo Fare Prices and Staff Performance

Avelo Fare Prices and Staff Performance

Avelo Airlines fare prices can be expensive or cheap depending on the facilities required by an individual. The ticket charges are very less and cost-effective but the baggage allowance and other services prices are not included and must be paid separately. 

Hence, it is good for the passengers flying with no or least requirements on the trip. While due to the low ticket prices, its services are of low quality and the staff is inefficient in further maintaining their performance. Here, disappointment is a very common outcome for passengers flying with Avelo Airlines. 

Schedules, Cancellations, and Refunds by Avelo Airlines

Schedules, Cancellations, and Refunds by Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines is a bit infamous for canceling flights and giving technical issues as the most common reason for it. Moreover, it fails to offer an alternative flight for the same and refunds are hard to retain from the airline. Many people have complained that its refund and accommodation policy is merely on the papers and never implied. 

While it must be unfair to say that it has not offered any successful flights yet. Avelo does fly many passengers but sometimes when it is unable to recover the cost of the journey due to limited ticket sales, it cancels the flight and gives reasons for it. 

Overview of Avelo Airlines


A comparative evaluation is a must to evaluate is Avelo Airlines good. There are so many factors that make an airline good or not. It is surely safe but there are other reasons like the staff service and features of the aircraft. Here, Avelo Airlines lacks in many ways while in the rest others its performance is quite good. Given the new name and ownership of the airline, it is surely in the initial phase and has a lot to develop and deliver to its passengers. Yet, for now, its performance is not much appreciated by its passengers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Avelo Airlines a good airline to fly? 

Avelo Airlines is an average-performing carrier. 

How is Avelo Airlines rated? 

According to online records, Avelo is a 3-star rated airline. 

Who is the new owner of Avelo Airlines? 

Avelo Airlines is now owned by Andrew Levy. 

What types of planes does Avelo use? 

Avelo Airlines uses Boeing 737 series aircrafts to fly passengers. 
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