Does Breeze Airways Charge for Bags

Breeze allows one free handbag and pet carrier on board for all its fare types. The airline has three travel classes, namely, Nice,Nicer and the Nicest. The baggage allowance entitles one free carry in bags on all its tickets. 

On the other hand, the Nicer and Nicest fares enjoy additional free bags. Given, the luggage must be within the size and weight limit determined by Breeze Airways. Charges are applicable on bags exceeding the quantity or dimensional limit. Let’s understand the baggage policy in detail. 

Breeze Airways Baggage Policy and Fees

Breeze Airways is a low cost airline that keeps the prices very affordable. Passengers flying in the Nicest fares get the permission to carry extra bags as compared to others for free. However, there are conditions on breeze airways baggage size and dimensions.

Personal Item on Breeze Airways

Personal Item on Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways passengers allow one personal item that can be a laptop, handbag, purse, small backpack or briefcase. The bag should be equal to or less than 17×13×8 inches. 

Also, the bag should be the right size to fit within the empty space at front of the seat. 

Breeze Airways Pet Carrier Policy 

The Breeze Airways Passengers can carry one more additional item for free in the flight. It is their pet carrier. The size should be not more than 17×13×8 inches and must fit easily under the seat. 

Breeze Airways Carry on Bag Policy

Breeze Airways Carry on Bag Policy 

The Breeze Airways Nicer and Nicest each passenger is entitled to 1 free carry-on bag. The dimensional limit is 24×14×10 inches and 35 pounds. 

The Nice or basic economy class passengers will have to buy the access to carry-on bags. The prices are calculated according to the weight and size of the bag.  Also, it is important to remember that the Nicest or first class fares of Breeze Airways are on a limited series of aircrafts. 

Breeze Airways Checked Bag Rules 

Breeze Airways has  different policies for each travel class when it comes to checked bags. The Nicest (first class cabins) are allowed two free bags. Whereas, the Nicer fare passengers can carry one bag for free, per passenger. Including the handle and wheels, the bag’s weight and size should not exceed the 62 inches and 50 lbs limit. 

Lastly, the Nice fare passengers will have to pay additional fee to purchase access to carry checked bags. Their checked bag fee for the Economy or Nice fares varies for online and offline purchase. Find the details below.

Special Baggage Allowance for Military Personnel 

The active members in the military are allowed to carry one carry-on and two checked bags for free. The weight limit for these bags are 35 lbs and 99 lbs, respectively. 

Members will have to carry their Military ID card as a valid proof to get the permit for additional free bag allowance. 

Breeze Airways Excess Baggage Policy 

Excess baggage charges are applicable on bags exceeding the dimensional bag or purchased beyond the free allowed limit. You can buy additional bags via the online website or offline at the airport. The norms are different for both the methods.

Breeze Airways passengers can buy up to 3 additional bags from the official website online. 

Whereas, the fourth and fifth  (other than the 3 mentioned above) extra checked breeze airways baggage fees is 50 dollars for offline purchase via the ticket counters.


Your query on does Breeze Airways charges for bags has been concluded in the above content. The airline does not charge fee on one personal item and additional pet carrier for all its ticket types. While, the policy varies for the checked and carry bags for the different travel class. The Nice fare passengers need to buy all other bags excluding the two (personal and pet carriage). 

Even more, in attempts to respect the active military personnel, they are also entitled to free bags. It is essential to remember to carry free bags with Breeze Airways, the dimensional limit must be strictly followed.

Does Breeze Airways Charge for Bags? (FAQs)

What are the baggage limits for Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways allows one free personal item and a pet carrier on board for free. The Nicer and Nicest fare passengers are allowed one free carry-on bag, each passenger

Does Breeze Airways allow bags?

Breeze Airways allows certain bags for free based on the travel class. Excess baggage fee is charged for over exceeding the prescribed limit. 

How much does Breeze Airways charge for excess baggage?

Breeze Airways allows passengers to book 3 additional checked bags online and 2 more offline for 50 dollars. 

How many checked bags can I carry on Breeze Airways first class? 

Breeze Airways first class passengers can carry two checked bags for free. 
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