How to add TSA Precheck to British Airways

Add the TSA number to the British Airways reservations or booking to save time at the airport. Log in to Manage my Booking and add the number.. Now, passengers will be able to clear the security lines in less than 5 minutes in the U.S. Airports. British Airways has successfully signed an agreement with the Transport Security Administration. 

It is a fast and secure screening line that does not involve passengers removing accessories like belts, socks, glasses and other items like the laptop, liquid bottles, etc. Only a few trusted passengers who qualify the TSA test criteria are allowed to access this security line. If you also want to cut short the time in security lanes, then read the next section to know about the British Airways TSA pre-check. 

A Brief Introduction to British Airways Precheck

British Airways Precheck

As the name suggests, precheck refers to a complete test of a passenger’s profile. It is a trusted traveler program where the TSA department officials will go through a comprehensive screening to tag the passengers as safe to fly. This will allow the passengers to enjoy the short and fast security lanes as these are already approved by the most trusted TSA.

The TSA lines are available for the United States airports. Earlier, it was only available for use via the printed boarding pass. But, now British Airways passengers can use the digital boarding pass to showcase the TSA attachment and join the faster security line. 

For this, you will have to add the Known Traveler number to the British Airways reservation. It is only provided  to the qualified individuals for identification and verification purposes at the airport. Look forward to the details on how to add TSA precheck to British Airways.

How does the British TSA Precheck work?

How does the British TSA Precheck work

The  Passengers who are already part of the United States expedited security can directly add the number. While others can apply for it as per eligibility criteria for the U.S. and U.K. citizens respectively. The standard membership is eligible for the U.S

passengers. Whereas, the Global pass is available for the U.K. and other foreign country passengers. The three step process beginning from application form, background screening and lastly face to face interview is applicable for all. 

The application fee costs 78 Dollars for a valid period of 5 years. Interested individuals should apply immediately after or even before if the trip is pre-planned. It takes up to 60 days for TSA pass renewal. So, it is always a good idea to  keep a backup time if it takes longer. 

The applications that qualify the standard eligibility criteria of the U.S. will be informed via email or phone call. 

Steps to Add and Use British Airways Precheck?

Known Traveler number will be sent to your email if the application is selected and approved for the precheck membership. British Airways passengers can add the KTN number to use TSA Precheck security at the U.S. Airports. The number will be reflected on the boarding pass for the security personnel to confirm your identity and allow access to the short and quick security lane. Follow these steps to add and use the TSA precheck for British Airways. 

  • Visit British Airways website or application
  • Log in to the account with booking confirmation and name.
  • Your details will show the flight reservations
  • Select the reservation in which you want to add the KTN number.
  • The information will be updated successfully. 

At the time of check-in, you can print or save the boarding pass. With the new updates, the mobile application pass also has the KTN code embedded for screening at the lane. If the TSA line is not available at your terminal, then the same features will be offered on the basic or standard line. Request the airline staff for expedited security as a TSA trusted traveler. 


To enjoy short and fast security lines in the U.S. Airports, follow the above mentioned steps to learn how to add TSA precheck to British Airways. It is one of the most preferred and trusted ways of clearing the security line without the need to stay in long queues and then spend another half hour removing and wearing the accessories and carry-on essentials. The passengers who are already members of the TSA or those who wish to be and the membership number to British Airways for a much faster screening can refer to the detailed content to note down all the necessary information regarding the British Airways TSA precheck. 

British Airways TSA Precheck (FAQs)

How to add TSA precheck to British Airways?

Log in to My Reservations section and add the TSA number on British Airways scheduled flights. 

Is British TSA service paid?

There is no fees charged by British Airways but the TSA application form is purchased for a fee to become a member. 

Does British Airways use TSA for expedited security?

British Airways now offers TSA security checks at the U.S.A airports. 

How Can U.K. passengers flying with British Airways apply for the TSA?

The U.K. or any other country passengers can apply for Global Membership to enjoy the fast and expedited TSA security.
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