Premium Economy is a class presented by British Airways, an upgraded version of Economy class, offered to passengers on long-haul flights. Nevertheless, Premium economy stands between economy class and business class, and it is also popular amongst the passengers as a “world travel plus” class. The World Travel Plus or Premium Economy Class allows passengers access to premium amenities. It provides an enhanced experience throughout their journey on long-haul flights that they might not experience in the Economy Class. 

What Class of Service is Premium Economy on British Airways?

What Class of Service is Premium Economy on British Airways

Premium Economy is a class of service available for passengers looking for something better than Economy but much cheaper than Business Class to enjoy the facilities without paying extra. Premium Economy class service provides passenger comfort, like more legroom, separate cabins, and more. Below are the key benefits that come with a premium economy seat on British Airways: 

1. Wider Seats with Extended Legroom 

Wider Seats with extended Legroom 

The Premium Economy cabin in British Airways provides passengers with more spacious seats than the Economy class, allowing them to move around and relax during their flights. The passengers can also recline the seats back and use the adjustable headrests and footrests accordingly. Furthermore, these seats help the passengers get comfortable, get some rest, relax, and sleep more. This makes it a perfect choice for long-haul flights. 

2. Offers Private Cabin

Private cabins in British Airways refer to an enclosed space that offers the passengers more privacy than regular class seats. A separate cabin allows you to enjoy your time during your long-haul flights by relaxing, sleeping, or binge-watching your favorite shows.

These cabins are perfect for passengers who like to have extra and separate space during their flights. It allows them to do what they desire, either read a book or enjoy another sort of entertainment. 

3. Complimentary Bar Services

Complimentary Bar services

Complimentary bar service is offered to passengers on the Premium Economy, where they can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during their flights, including wine, spirits, soft drinks, and beers. The passengers are also served hot and cold beverages, hot meals and snacks, and entertainment. 

However, it is crucial to note that the specific bar offerings are subject to change depending on the route, duration of flight, and other such factors. All these services and perks are not available in the Basic Economy class.

4. Fuel Up with 2 Meals

British Airways offers countless meal options to its passengers flying in Premium Economy. As each passenger has different dietary preferences, the staff caters to the needs of each passenger, providing them with various cuisines and dishes. Meals could include a hearty breakfast skillet, grilled salmon, and more. Overall, if you are picky about what you eat, the Premium Economy is the best option for you to fly with, as it offers a wide range of selections that will boost your taste buds. 

5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancellation headphones are another popular amenity British Airways offers to Premium Economy passengers. These headphones reduce external noises and help improve the audio quality, reducing distraction, comfort, and the risk of damage or fatigue. 

British Airways provides high-end models with different and advanced features to block out external noises and create a soothing environment for the passenger to listen to anything, enjoy in-flight entertainment, and more. 

6. Personal Entertainment System

A personal entertainment system is provided to passengers on their Premium Economy seats, usually consisting of a personal monitor. You don’t have to worry about British Airways providing Wifi on their flight because it does. This allows the passengers to choose from a wide range of entertainment options, such as movies, TV shows, music, etc, to find the content that matches their needs and play on to pass the time during the flight.

This feature is specifically perfect for long-haul flights as it is a great way for passengers to stay entertained and comfortable during their flights.  So, if you travel with British Airways premium economy, you are eligible to get a personal entertainment system. 

7. Modern Amenity Kit

A modern amenity is a self-pampering kit for the passengers who wouldn’t want to miss even a day of their skincare routine. The modern amenity kit ensures that the passengers stay refreshed and comfortable during their flights, as it contains all the essential items one needs, for instance, moisturizer, lip balm, tissues, facial wipes, etc.  

So, whenever you fly with British Airways and in Premium Economy, you can expect a modern amenity kit, which may also contain some luxury items and other essential skincare products. 

8. Extra Baggage Allowance 

World travel class passengers are allowed extra flight baggage to pack more for their destination, especially for vacations. This helps you a lot with packing your essentials and some extras. You can pack more in your cabin bag, laptop handbag, or two bags in hold. 

9. Priority Boarding 

Passengers flying in a Premium Economy can take advantage of this facility in numerous ways, such as boarding before other members, stowing luggage before the aircraft gets crowded, and easily settling into their seats. Priority boarding allows passengers to access these things before the Basic Economy passengers. 

It’s worth noting that priority boarding allows the passengers to board the aircraft specifically, as they are directed to board ahead of the other passengers. You can arrive at the gate early to ensure you have enough space available.

Overview of British Airways Premium Economy

British Airways Premium Economy Seats

Premium Economy on British Airways is a more spacious cabin class that offers passengers more comfort. Premium Economy seats cost less than the Business Class seats but more than the Basic Economy of British Airways. Premium Economy seats are often equipped with separate cabins that help passengers during long-haul flights. 

The seats are built to present extra legroom and are equipped with adjustable headrests, footrests, and additional padding for extra comfort. Furthermore, the cabin class also offers complimentary services to the passengers, such as bar services, two meals, increased baggage allowance, and access to other such facilities.

How To Upgrade To Premium Economy on British Airways?

How To Upgrade To Premium Economy on British Airways

British Airways offers its passengers several ways to upgrade their cabin class, depending upon the availability and the ticket type of the passengers. If the passengers shift from business class to premium economy, they do not have to pay for the cabin class downgrade. However, if the passengers upgrade from economy to premium economy, they must pay the remaining amount. Furthermore, this will allow the airline to book them their desired class. Here are some of the ways through which you can upgrade your seats to the premium economy: 

  • While Making The Reservation

If you are planning your trip with British Airways, you can purchase your ticket online or offline and select the premium economy seat as your class of travel, you can choose to book your reservations through the official website of British Airways or any third-party travel agency. 

  • Using Avios

Using Avios is another way to upgrade to a Premium Economy. Suppose you are a member of the Executive Club of British Airways. In that case, you can use Avios to upgrade your seat by logging into your Executive Club account or by selecting the “Upgrade using Avios” option on the official website of British Airways. 

  • Bidding an Upgrade

Bidding for an upgrade is a fun way to upgrade your seat to Premium Economy, as it offers an auction-based opportunity to get the seat. You can bid by logging into your account and entering your bid amount.

It’s worth noting that British Airways does not guarantee the upgrades, as it entirely depends upon the availability of the class. So, if you are interested in any seat upgrade with British Airways, in that case, you can contact the airline directly and contact their customer care executive to get clear information about seat availability. 

Why should you fly in British Airways Premium Economy?

Why should you fly in British Airways Premium Economy

Countless reasons will convince you why you should fly with British Airways premium economy. The standard class is designed to cater to passengers who don’t want high-standard services in a Premium Class but not as basic as the basic economy class. 

Premium Economy, between both the classes, offers a wide range of services and benefits to the passengers, ensuring they are having a good time during their flights. Modern amenities in the premium economy make every penny spent worth it and give the passengers a bang for their buck.

Everything is already covered, including what is Premium Economy on British Airways, Premium Economy benefits, and other related information. Premium Economy is one of the best options to fly in for passengers who look forward to saving money and having comfort and relaxation at the same time.

The basic economy doesn’t provide the passengers with advanced features and facilities like the Premium Economy class. It’s inexpensive, more comfortable, more spacious, and has advanced entertainment options. So, choose wisely whenever you fly with British Airways to be satisfied with your money spent. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is included in the Premium Economy on British Airways? 

Premium economy class includes priority boarding, a personal entertainment system, extra baggage allowance, delicious meals, complimentary bar services, and spacious seats. 

Does premium economy with British Airways get lounge access?

No, British Airways doesn’t provide lounge access to the passengers flying in premium economy, but other perks are attached. 

Can you sleep in the premium economy at British Airways?

Premium economy seats are not equipped with flat beds. However, it is spacious enough to provide extra legroom and wider seats, which are fair enough to relax during your flight. 

Which aircraft have British Airways premium economy?

British Airways premium economy class can be found in all long-haul flights, including aircraft like Airbus A350-1000 aircraft, Airbus A380-800 aircraft, Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 aircraft, Boeing 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft.

Can I upgrade to British Airways premium economy class?

Passengers can upgrade to British Airways Premium Economy class by cash or Avios. However, once the passenger is on board, they cannot upgrade their seats. 

Does British Airways premium class earn more miles?

The Premium Economy on British Airways earns passengers more miles than the basic economy class seats. 
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