Is Cabo San Lucas Safe To Travel 2023

The vacation town Cabo San Lucas is situated in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. It is a well-liked tourist destination recognised for its magnificent beaches, beautiful waters, and exciting nightlife. Cabo San Lucas city is a part of the Los Cabos region, which also encompasses the nearby town of San Jose del Cabo. 

The place is popular for water sports and activities like kayaking, scuba diving, and fishing. Moreover, it has some of Mexico’s most stunning beaches, notably Beach El Medano, the busiest and the most well-known beach in the area. 

Whilst like any well-known tourist site, Cabo San Lucas is generally considered to be safe for visitors, if you are wondering how safe is Cabo San Lucas? It is nevertheless advisable to use caution and pay attention to your surroundings. Pickpocketing, theft, kidnapping, gang violence and scams are examples of petty crimes that can happen, especially in the busy tourist attractions. 

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe

Also, it is crucial to stay away from any locations notorious for drug-related violence, sexual assault, or any sort of violent crimes. 

Safety Concerns in Cabo San Lucas

Although Cabo San Lucas is typically thought of as a secure place for tourists, there are several safety issues that travellers should be aware of. Providing you information about the safety concerns in the city can keep you from avoiding end minute disappointments and from unwanted encounters with crimes. The following are some Cabo San Lucas safety issues: 

1. Petty Crimes

Petty Crimes

Like any other tourist destination, Cabo San Lucas is susceptible to small crime including pickpocketing, theft, scams, and frauds, particularly in popular tourist attractions. Visitors are advised to keep a close eye on their possessions, refrain from bringing big sums of cash, and wear expensive jewellery while remaining alert to their surroundings. 

2. Violence Caused by Drugs

Although Cabo San Lucas is reasonably safe in comparison to other regions of Mexico, there have been incidents of violence brought on by drugs in the city. Tourists should stay inside the tourist zones and steer clear of any locations where drug use is known to occur, in order to keep themselves safe and secure from getting into illegal tasks. 

3. Water Safety

Not only should the visitors stay away from crimes done by others but also from other safety concerns such as water safety. Visitors to Cabo San Lucas should use caution when swimming or engaging in water sports. There have been incidents of drownings and other accidents involving water due to the strong current and waves. 

4. Transportation Safety

Transportation safety

Whenever the tourists are visiting Cabo San Lucas, they should be well aware of the transit they are using. It is advised to only utilise authorised taxis and stay away from unregistered or unofficial vehicles. This will help you get to your destination without being a victim to severe crimes, and will also keep you from paying extra to the taxi drivers. 

Also, if there lies a question in your head is it safe to drive to Cabo San Lucas? Then, just know that you can rent vehicles to explore the city, driving yourself can be one of the best options when it comes to transportation safety. 

5. Alcohol Related Issues

Alcohol related issues

Cabo San Lucas is vividly known for its vibrant nightlife, but tourists should be worried of the potential dangers of binge drinking in the city. It’s crucial to drink responsibly and to refrain from drinking from strangers or going for a nighttime stroll alone. As happy as it might sound, it is still dangerous stolling alone at night, in the streets of Cabo San Lucas

How safe is Cabo San Lucas? Not only Cabo San Lucas is littered with numerous safety concerns, but the neighboring cities such as Las Palmas, Santa Rosa, and Los Cangrejos too, are filled with the same safety concerns. So, whenever you are planning to visit the city, make sure you keep these safety concerns in mind and avoid getting introduced to the same. 

Tips To Avoid Potential Dangers In Cabo San Lucas

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to visit

We aren’t saying that you will necessarily get in trouble, all we are saying is that, when you are a tourist at some place, you aren’t much aware about your surroundings and behaviour of the people residing in the city, leading you to get into unforeseen trouble. 

If you are wondering, is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas? Then you are at the right place because the following tips can help you be safe in an unknown city or country. Following are the tips to avoid potential dangers in Cabo San Lucas: 

Stay in Groups 

Stay in groups and make sure that you are not walking down the isolated streets at night, especially if you are a woman. We hate that the world is this way, but it is, which is why you have to stay out of being a victim to the cruelty you could face. 

Don’t Showcase your Jewels

Don’t Showcase your Jewels 

Don’t be flashy with your jewellery, make sure you donne as minimal jewellery as you can, being flashy can attract armed robbers around the city, and can get you in unwanted trouble at the cost of your life. 

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Be cautious of your surroundings, as sometimes, if someone is trying hard to sell you stuff, their intention might actually be to steal from you. So, ensure to not accept any treats, drinks, or other offerings by any stranger. 

Watch out When Withdrawing Money

Whenever you are withdrawing cash from ATMs, make sure you are alone inside the ATMs and no one is distracting you, ensure to be around with your trusted ones, so that no one can reach you to steal money. 

Be Careful While Exploring

Be Careful While Exploring

The locals of Cabo San Lucas are often involved in smash-and-grab robberies downtown. Be careful while you are exploring the city, and make sure you are not carrying large sums of cash or jewellery in your bags.

Never Leave Your Essentials Unattended

Don’t leave your valuables unattended in any area and at any point of time, because we don’t know what the public is like. Within a blink of an eye, you can get your stuff stolen right in front of you. 

Don’t swim in Prohibited Areas

While swimming in the areas that might be prone to dangerous animals or water insects, watch out for yourself. Don’t swim in restricted areas or areas that are prone to danger, avoid risking your life for a few minutes of fun. 

Avoid Alcoholism

Even if you choose to drink during the day, don’t leave your drinks unattended, as someone might drug it, and try to steal whatever you have. However, avoid drinking in crowded areas is preferable as it makes you vulnerable to sexual assault as well. 

Connect More 

Familiarise yourself with the areas you are planning to visit on your trip, make connections to ensure that your vacation goes on smoothly. And, you don’t meet any unfortunate circumstances. 

So, if you follow these few simple tips, you can avoid getting into unwanted trouble in your trip and ensure that you are having a peaceful, fun, and adventurous time around the town. 

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe To Travel Solo?

Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas? Cabo San Lucas is one of the safest places to travel solo, but just like any other place, it has its own safety concerns as mentioned in the article. So, if you are travelling solo, you have to be extra precautious of your surroundings, and be amongst the crowd as much as possible.

Travel to destinations which are filled with tourists and avoid visiting isolated places. You can also choose nearby destinations to Cabo San Lucas, such as Costa Rica. You don’t even have to wonder if Costa Rica is a safe destination to travel, because it’s a safe, sound, and serene place to travel solo.

Many of the famous hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other tourist attractions are littered with people visiting to explore Cabo San Lucas, which gives you the opportunity to search for places online that aren’t isolated. However, to ensure that you are safe travelling solo, you can follow some of the tips mentioned below: 

  • Research the area before directly booking the place.
  • Stay in well-populated areas, particularly during the night. 
  • Don’t overshare with strangers, be aware of your surroundings. 
  • Keep your valuables in a safe place, before heading out to explore. 
  • Avoid walking alone at night, especially in the isolated areas of the city. 

Is Cabo San Lucas safe for Tourists During The Night?

Cabo San Lucas is generally safe during the night if you have a feeling, is it safe to go to Cabo at night. So, if you are travelling to places that are well-lit, crowded, and safe during the night, then exploring Cabo at that time might be one the best decisions you ever make because the vibrant city looks magical during the night, making you fall in love with it.

However, if you are a solo traveller, avoid loitering around the city during the night, as you might be prone to potential dangers due to the isolation in the city at that time, and even if you fall under an unwanted situation, you won’t be able to seek help to keep yourself safe.

Is Cabo San Lucas Mexico safe for Women Travellers?

Cabo San Lucas is jam packed with people experiencing the beauty of the city, with police officers monitoring the area for safety purposes, which makes it safe for female travellers to explore the city during the day and night as well. For people seeking an answer to how safe is Cabo San Lucas right now, whether I’ll be safe exploring Cabo San Lucas alone or not? Fret not! Go around and have fun, you are safe. 

It’s unfortunate, but women are at a higher risk of harassment, violence, and other crimes than men from hooligans and other potential attackers, which is why it’s important for us to learn a few tactics that can keep us from getting into trouble. So, here are some of the few tactics which you can follow: 

  • Be mindful of the people around you and try to avoid walking alone in isolated or poorly lit areas, in the city. 
  • Always trust your instincts, if something feels off or uncomfortable, trust your gut and remove yourself from that situation.
  • Walk confidently while exploring the city, don’t appear vulnerable or distracted, walk with confidence and purpose. 
  • Keep your phone charged always, in case of emergencies, you might need to make a call or two to seek help.
  • Use a self-defense tool such as a pepper spray or a personal alarm to defend yourself against the attackers. 
  • Learn self-defense techniques to defend yourself, make yourself feel empowered and confident in dangerous situations.
  • Seek help from someone nearby if you feel stalked or threatened, call for emergency services, if needed. 

It’s important to note that while these tactics are quite helpful during unfortunate circumstances, these are never foolproof. So, if you ever fall under a situation where your life is at risk, where you may get harmed, seek immediate help from people nearby, call the police, or call any emergency services, immediately. 

Is The Tap Water and Food of Cabo San Lucas Safe?

Is The Tap Water and Food of Cabo San Lucas safe?

No, the tap water of Cabo San Lucas isn’t safe to drink for people, as recommended by many health professionals including the U.S department of State. The water is not safe to drink because it’s contaminated with parasites, bacterias, and viruses that are a harm to human health and cause severe illness during the time. 

So, if you plan to visit Cabo San Lucas, sticking to bottled water is the right choice to stay safe during your trip, and to be able to enjoy other perks the city has to offer you. And, make sure you use bottled water only for brushing your teeth, washing your face, and for washing vegetables as well, avoid tap water as much as you can.

As far as it is concerned with food, Cabo San Lucas has some really great eateries and restaurants that offer top-notch varieties of food, which is extremely safe and delicious to eat. However, as with any travel destination, avoid eating food that is a harm to your health. Some tips for staying safe while eating in Cabo San Lucas include: 

  • Look for eateries or restaurants that are ranked high in terms of quality. 
  • Avoid eating street food, as delicious as it might taste, it is still not safe to eat.
  • Always stick to cooked foods, avoid eating raw meat, half cooked seafood, etc. 
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with bottled water only, before eating them.
  • Make sure to wash your hands before eating anywhere, to avoid bacterial encounters.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the travellers can travel safely to Cabo San Lucas if they exercise the appropriate prudence and pay attention to their surroundings. Tourists can lower their risks by avoiding high-risk areas, staying alert, using licensed taxis, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and drinking bottled water. 

The region has had some safety concerns related to crime and the quality of tap water. Tourists can take advantage of Cabo San Lucas’ stunning scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and entertaining activities by taking the necessary safety precautions.

We hope that this blog clears your doubt is Cabo San Lucas safe and now you can freely visit the welcoming city for more fun, more adventure, and more happiness. 

FAQs on Is Cabo San Lucas Safe To Travel?

Is travel to Cabo San Lucas safe currently?

Yes, Cabo San Lucas is a safe city to spend your next vacation at. As long as you are following the safety precautions and rules and regulations of the country, you are in the right place.

What areas to avoid in Cabo San Lucas?

Los Cangrejos and Las Palmas are tow of the major areas that you should avoid visiting, as the crime rate of these areas is quite high, you might get yourself at risk by visiting here. 

Is Cabo safe to swim?

Whilst some areas in Cabo are safe to swim, the others are not. Some water areas are more prone to unexpected tides, hard waves, current, etc, which makes it tough for swimmers to swim in the area. 

Is it ok to drink tap water in Cabo?

No, you should avoid tap water as much as you can in Cabo San Lucas, as it is contaminated with bacteria and other viruses that might cause severe illness.
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